Person:Isabella Montgomery (11)

Isabella Montgomery
d.22 March 1821 Mahoning County, Ohio
Facts and Events
Name Isabella Montgomery
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1778 County Donegal, Ireland
Marriage bef. 1798 to John McCorkle, of Trumbull County, OH
Death[1] 22 March 1821 Mahoning County, Ohio
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    Isabella Montgomery McCorkle
    BIRTH 1778
    County Donegal, Ireland
    DEATH 22 Mar 1821 (aged 42–43)
    Austintown, Mahoning County, Ohio, USA
    BURIAL: Rider Farm Cemetery
    Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio, USA

    Isabella was born about 1778. Her parents may have been Alexander Montgomery and Mary Dalway though I haven't seen any evidence of her ascendants. According to different accounts Alexander and Mary had four children: Henry Conyngham, James who was a famous writer, Martha and Anne. Isabella is not mentioned.

    Alexander was born to Alexander and Anne Phillips Montgomery in 1727 in Bonnyglen, Donegal County, Ireland and died 11 May 1792.
    Mary Dalway was the daughter of James Allen of Castle Dobbs, County Antrim, Ireland.
    They married 19 Nov 1762 in Aldersgate, Ireland at St. Botolph Church.

    The following is taken from Charles E. C. Oswald 1904-1905 compilation. His mother was Margaret Cartwright Oswald, the daughter of Margaret McCorkle Cartwright, the eldest daughter and 3rd child of John and Isabella McCorkle.

    "According to these (family) traditions John McCorkle was a tenant on the lands of the Montgomerys, having been at one time a resident of Londonderry. He admired and loved Isabella who returned his affection. Eventually she obeyed the dictates of her heart, leaving her father's house and family and becoming to them as one dead. She arrived in America with her husband about the year 1795. They were necessarily in straitened circumstances, but she accepted her chosen part and made the best of it.

    A glimpse of her situation is given in a letter from Mary Ellen (Gorrell) Hatfield, who received it through her mother, Mary Cartwright Gorrell. Our own grandmother Margaret, Isabel's eldest daughter was her mother's comfort and companion. Isabel did not know how to work and grandmother's life as a child was very hard. They were poor, and she had to do the work for the constantly increasing family long before she was out of her childhood. Great grandmother was very proud in a good way. She held herself aloof from many of the people with whom her poverty threw her. She had a horror for vileness and meanness. She filled her children with a desire to be somebody; to hold themselves up and to be as good as the best. I think we can see in our own mothers her deep respect for those who are to be respected and who often hear mother speak of her horror of Sabbath-breaking, swearing and all the things of an impure life. She felt that when one commenced to use the Sabbath for the transaction of business, to visit or in any way break it, they were sure sooner or later to be overtaken by spiritual and moral disaster.

    According to Margaret Cartwright Oswald's recollection of her mother's statement, John and Isabella Montgomery McCorkle lived for a number of years at Philadelphia, Pa., where their first five children were born. They removed to Austintown, Ohio, where she died and is buried. The entry in the family record is as follows; Isabella McCorkile, consort of John McCorkile, departed this life 22nd March, 1821. Children: Joseph, William, Archibald, John, Andrew, James, Margaret, Deborah, Sarah.

    After the death of Isabel Montgomery, his wife, John McCorkile married Polly (?) Cline, a widow with one child, there were no children by this second marriage. It is not known where Polly Cline lived.

    John McCorkile is buried by the side of Isabella, his first wife, at Austintown, Ohio."

    According to a relative they are buried in Mahoning County; Cemetery is on Thom. McDonald Land.