Person:Isaac Turner (30)

m. 17 Sep 1821
  1. George TURNER1822 - 1877
  2. James TURNER1826 - 1828
  3. Isaac TURNER1827 - 1888
  4. Mary Ann TURNEREst 1830 - 1870
  5. Rachel Catherine TURNER1831 - 1911
  6. Sarah Rebecca TURNER1833 - Bef 1860
  7. John TURNER1836 - Aft 1880
  8. Francis TURNER1839 - Aft 1870
  9. Elizabeth Jane TURNER1843 - 1897
  10. Joseph B. Turner1845 - Bef 1920
  11. William Jasper TURNER1848 - 1918
m. 29 Mar 1855
  1. Martha J TURNER1856 - 1873
  2. Bettie TURNER1857 - 1858
  3. Francis Lee Turner1859 -
  4. William C TURNER1861 - 1888
  5. Annah Eliza TURNER1862 - 1896
  6. Sallie TURNER1867 - 1867
  7. Isaac T TURNER1868 - 1900
  8. Daniel Vance TURNER1870 - 1888
  9. John Joseph TURNER1872 - 1933
  10. Edna Lenora TURNER1874 - 1907
  11. Zora Belle TURNER1876 - 1941
  12. Hattie S TURNER1878 - 1888
  13. Mary Tennessee TURNER1879 - 1971
  14. James Bowie TURNER1881 - 1938
Facts and Events
Name[1][3][9][10] Isaac TURNER
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 Dec 1827 Wilson, Tennessee, United States
Census[4] 7 Aug 1850 DeKalb, Tennessee, United StatesCivil District 2
Occupation[4][5][6] 1850 Tennessee, United Statesfarmer
Marriage 29 Mar 1855 Cannon, Tennessee, United Statesnear Woodbury
to Sarah Sharpe VANCE
Census[5] 9 Aug 1860 DeKalb, Tennessee, United States10th District, Smithville PO
Military[3][8][9] 23 Sep 1864 Liberty, DeKalb, Tennessee, United StatesCo E, 4th Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment, USA
Census[6] 1 Jul 1870 Cannon, Tennessee, United StatesDistrict 6, Woodbury PO
Census[7] 26 Jun 1880 Hill, Texas, United States
Occupation[11] 1880 Hill, Texas, United Statesfarmer
Other[10] 1887 Hill, Texas, United StatesHill County tax records
Death[2][3] 20 Sep 1888 Abbott, Hill, Texas, United StatesCOD: typhoid fever
Burial[2] Est 21 Sep 1888 Hill, Texas, United StatesChatt-Jessie Cemetery

one of the original settlers of Abbott, Hill, TX in early 1880's; moved to Texas sometime between 1876 & 1878 4th TENNESSEE MOUNTED INFANTRY REGIMENT Organized September 29, 1864; mustered out at Nashville, August 25, 1865. Capt. McAdoo Vanatta, Co. "E". Mustered at Nashville, October 26, 1864, and December 9, 1864. Men from DeKalb County. Isaac Turner enlisted on Sept 23 64 and mustered on Oct 26 64 in Company E as a Privt. Age 36

HISTORY OF DEKALB COUNTY TENNESSEE By WILL T. HALE LIEUT. COL. JOSEPH H. BLACKBURN'S Fourth (Union) Regiment of Mounted Infantry Company E, officers: Captain, Macadoo Vannata; first lieutenant, M. C. Vick; second lieutenant, James Williams; first sergeant, Bove Oakley; second sergeant, W. J. Crook; third sergeant, J. M. Johnson; fourth sergeant, George Turner; fifth sergeant, G. W. Martin; corporals, C. Booker, A. C. Cox, Virgil Ray, J. Ricketts, H. McCork, A. Blythe, C. Manners, F. A. Right; bugler, Len R. Scott; smith, G. W. Lanier. Privates: J. N. Alexander, H. C. Bennett, J. Y. Bennett, T. Beadle, J. Crook, Tilman Crook, S. M. Christian, Leonard Cantrell, J. Capshaw, William Conley, F. Culwell, J. W. Carroll, W. F. Craven, Berry Driver, H. H. Eskin, H. M. Fite, S. L. Gay, Leman Hale, J. Hickman, J. C. Huchens, Thomas Hass, T. Harris, J. Harden, A. Harris, W. R. Hill, J. Hill, J. Hodges, Francis Hollandsworth, S. Hughes,B. Hill, W. Jenkins, T. P. James, James Keaton, William King, J. L. Kenard, J. Lawson, A. Lack, J. Manners, J. Maxfield, W. F. Metcalf, H. W. McGuire, Dous, John, James, and Joseph Oakley, A. Pack, Barn Page, W. R. Parris, S. H. Patterson, P. Roberts, J. H. Rany, J. F. Scott, R. Stewart, J. P. Smith, Manson Scott, Isaac Turner, "My grandpa Isaac Turner said he used to visit his grandparents often when a boy. The parents of his mother, Elisabeth Turney Turner, lived to a very healthy old age. The old man chopped his stove wood and the old lady did her housework until their deaths within 6 weeks of each other. He was 115 years old and her 105. They were healthy and sound to their last day. They died in Doweltown, TN, but were born somewhere in North Carolina of Holland Black Dutch parents. The Turner plantation was not more than 1 1/2 miles up on a hill from Doweltown, TN. Governor Pete Turney of TN was my grandfather Ike's (Issac Turner) first cousin." Information provided by Sarah Starr.

Isaac Turner is listed as one of the first settlers of Abbott, TX. Abbott was a neat little village, ten miles south of Hillsboro, it was a creature of the "Katy" railroad, starting with it in 1881-82, and named in honor of the present congressman, Hon. Jo Abbott, of Hillsboro. It is beautifully situated on high land, in a good agricultural section of the county.

Isaac Turner Family Bible Transcription Turner Family Bible Page 1 This certifies that Isaac Turner and S. S. Vance were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony????????? 29th day of ????? in the year of our Lord 1855 in presence of Signed: Samuel Vance, J. B. Ellerge, S. A. Vance, M. A. Ellerge Page 2 Births Isaac Turner was born December 28, 1827 S. S. Turner was born Feb 25, 1838 Mattie Turner was born M???1856 ???? Turner was Born Nov 26 1857 ??????? ??????? ? E. Turner was born Dec 13th 1??? Sallie Turner was Born Feb 14th 18?? I ? Turner was Born Feb 4th 18?? D ? Turner was Born Aug 27 18?? ? ? Turner was born May 26 18?? E. L Turner was Born June 22nd 187? J B Turner was Born Aug 21st 187? ????? M T Turner was Born Nov 15th 187? (written across bottom edge of page) ? ? Turner was Born ? 25th 18?? Page 4 Marriages ? ? Turner & Jinnie Melton was Married May 21st 188? E ? Wells & A E Turner was Married Decmber 23 rd 18?? (different handwriting from previous entries) ? Arthru Matthews & Edna Lea? were Married Jan 20th 1895 at First Baptist Church Abbott Tex ?? Rev. John Milton Glass John Joseph Turner & Annie Victoria ???d were Married April 14th at the home of ??? Parents By Rev. Joe Q Hearne Page 4 Deaths Bettie Turner departed this life????????? Sallie Turner departed this life?????? Mattie Turner Departed this life Dec????????

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    acres- 200
    value- $1600
    horses & mules- 6
    value- $175
    cattle- 8
    value- $50
    hogs- 6
    value- $5
    total value- $1850
    state taxes
    ad valorem- $4.55
    school- $2.27.5
    total- $6.82.5
    county taxes
    ad valorem- $5.46
    poll- $3.64
    total- $9.10
    total state and county taxes- $15.92.5
    amt received- Abbott

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