Person:Isaac Smith (74)

Isaac Smith
d.1 APR 1747
m. ABT 1689
  1. Jacob Smith1690 - Bef 1757
  2. Micah Smith1709 - Bef 1747
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 1657 Hempstead, Long Island, Queens County, New York
Marriage ABT 1689 Hempstead, Long Island, Queens County, New Yorkto Elizabeth Underhill
Death? 1 APR 1747
  1.   Information about Isaac, secondary in nature, is somewhat confused.

    Source:Mather, Frederic G. Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut, p. 564, mentions an emigrant Abraham Smith with sons Abraham, William and John, Abraham settling in Hempstead and had a son Isaac who, in turns, had sons Micah and Jacob. But the account is confused as the last Jacob is said to have made his will in 1657, while Micah made his will in 1747, suggesting some sort of error was made.

    On the same page, this source mentions emigrant brothers Isaac and William. Isaac left three sons John, Abraham, and Uriah when killed by Indians in 1640. Abraham had sons Abraham, and Isaac b. 1657 d. 1745. This last Isaac settled in Hempstead Plains and had sons Jacob (1690-1787) and Uriah. The birth of Jacob in 1690 matches the son attributed to Issac Smith and Elizabeth Underhill.

    Source:Flint, Martha Bockee. Bockee Family (Boucquet), 1641-1897, p. 54-6, starts out promising, quoting a family Bible, but it quickly becomes clear that the information was added long after the fact, and to make it feasible the author must insert an extra generation to account for years and ages. The authors conclusion is tha William Smith came from England, was killed by Indians leaving three sons John, Abraham, and Morris. The author presumes Abraham had a son Abraham. Abraham had two sons Isaac and Abraham. Isaac b. 1657, d. 1746, m. Elizabeth Underhill, and had two sons Jacob b. 8 Dec 1690 and Micah.

    The genealogy of the Smiths of Long Island is very confused. In both of these sources, the Smith line that contains Isaac appears to be in addition to the Blue Smiths, the Wright Smiths, the Rock Smiths, the Tangier Smiths, the Bull Smiths and the other Smith lines of Long Island. The dates for Isaac (1657-1745/6) and the birth of Jacob in 1690 appear to match well with Elizabeth's birth in 1669, but there are so many shared details mixed up in different ways in these two sources, it is hard to have confidence in either.