Person:Isaac Moore (20)

Isaac Moore
b.Bef 1768
m. Abt 1765
  1. Platt Patterson Mooreabt 1758 - abt 1835
  2. Samuel Moore - 1826
  3. Elizabeth Moore
  4. Isaac MooreBef 1768 - Bef 1833
  5. Moses Moore
  6. John Jackson Moore1783 - 1860
  7. Benjamin Moore
  8. Nancy Moore
  9. Martha Moore
  10. Abigail Moore
  11. Sarah Moore
  • HIsaac MooreBef 1768 - Bef 1833
  • WHannahBef 1770 - Bef 1833
m. Bef 1788
  1. Jacob Moorebef 1789 -
  2. Susan MooreBef 1793 -
  3. Elizabeth Moore
  4. Jane Moore
  5. Mary MooreBef 1795 -
  6. James J MooreBef 1803 - 1853
  7. Martha Moore1805 - 1880
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Moore
Gender Male
Birth[2] Bef 1768
Marriage Bef 1788 Albemarle, Virginia, United Statesto Hannah
Other[1] 1817/1826 Charlottesville, Virginia, United StatesWorker in the construction of the University of Virginia
Death? Bef. 28 Aug 1833 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesAdmin. appointed



FHL Film Deed Book, Page Date Grantor Grantee Description
0030355 33:202 23 Sep 1805 W [William] Graham and Isabellahellena his wife Isack Moore Lot No 4 in Waynesboro
0030355 34:312-3 28 Mar 1808 David Coalter and Jane his wife Isaac Moore of Augusta 149 acres of "south river of Shennandoe"
0030357 40:52 8 Apr 1815 Isaac More and Hannah his wife Jacob Fisher Lot No 4 in Waynesboro
0030362 53:90 7 Jun 1831 Enos McKay & Eleanor E his wife Isaac Moore & Benjamin Grove Lot No 3 156 acres
0030362 53:90 13 Jun 1831 Isaac Moore Benjamin Grove 112 acres of tract purchased from Enos Mckay
0030362 55:249 14 Sep 1833 John Thomas & Elizabeth his wife James J. Moore & Jane his wife William Estis & Martha his wife John Zimbro & Mary his wife Peter Lowry & Susanna his wife Thomas Harris & Jane his wife & Jacob Moore & Issabella his wife, heirs at law of Isaac Moore (dec'd) Henry Grove 149 acres "on the waters of the South river" plus another tract of 30 acres [remainder of Enos McKay tract]
0030363 57:228 22 Nov 1834 James J Moore and Jane his wife Peter Lowry and Susan his wife John Thomas and Elizabeth his wife Thomas Harris and Jane his wife and William Estis and Martha his wife heirs and representatives of Isaac Moore decd late of Augusta County Benjamin Grove confirm western 80 acres of parcel purchased from Enos McKay


Augusta County Court Order Books, FHL films 30389 and 30390

p. 44:85: 28 Aug 1833: James J Moore posted bond and letters of administration on the estate of Isaac Moore dec'd is granted

p. 45:42: 13 Sep 1834: Judgment for Benjamin M Sims against James J Moore (apparently unrelated to estate). Takes "oath prescribed by law for the relief of Insolvent Debtors" and files intention to recuse himself as administrator

p. 46:149: 27 Jul 1835: James J Moore petitions that he may render accounting to Lewis Wayland Esq, who is appointed commissioner to administrate the estate.

Moores v. White, July Term 1846, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia: In 1833, Matthew White filed his bill in the Superior Court of Augusta county against Jacob Moore as an absent defendant and James J. Moore as the administrator of Isaac Moore deceased, and the other heirs and distributees of Isaac Moore, in which he charged, that Jacob Moore was indebted to him in four several sums of money; and that he had removed from the State of Virginia. That his father Isaac Moore had departed this life intestate leaving a large real and personal estate, of which the said Jacob was entitled to a part as heir and distributee. ... The administrator and heirs answered the bill, and insisted that Jacob Moore had received from his father in his lifetime his full share of his father's eatate; and they relied upon a receipt given by the said Jacob to Isaac Moore. This receipt bears date December 30th, 1830, and says, "Settled and received this day in full of my father Isaac Moore, the full amount of my portion of legacy from him, including all former receipts and settlements. And I hereby renounce all claim against him forever. Witness my hand and seal the day and date above written." Signed, Jacob Moore (seal). The original court had ruled that this, the only receipt produced at the first trial, covered only $400, and Jacob's share was considerably larger, directing the estate to pay Matthew White. An appeal presented additional receipts adding $1600, not accepted by the court. The ruling of this appeal allowed the additional $1600, reversed some technical points involving court costs, and remanded the case back to the original court. [Presumably, since now the receipts were indeed larger than Jacob's share, there was no payment to Matthew White and the estate was divided only among the remaining six heirs.]

Other Legal References

Isaac Moore is among the buyers of the estate of Jacob Spott of Augusta County in 1812. Augusta Co., Will Book 11, pp. 112-118. Sale of Estate of Jacob Spotts [#3/1], deceased, dated 1812. Excerpt of document in Kiser Family Genealogy Notes by Mark B. Arslan ( Note the allied familes of Koiner and Zumbro.

Buyers: John Spotts, George Spotts, John Gilkerson, Philip Dull[?], David Henderson, Jacob Bowman, George Putt?, Joshua Hizer, Stephen Riddle, John Paul, Andrew Hunter , Wm. Willson, John Alexander , Mrs. Powers,Jacob Doome, Peter Hughs, Jacob Clingerfield, Enos Swink , Adam Shipe (1 Bible), Isaac Moore, George M. Coiner, Geo. Zumbow, George A. Coiner, Jacob Moore, John Coiner, Mr. Shewry , Samuel Kizer [Daniel Keiser, #A ???], Gilbert Ray, Matt Young, John Marshall, Benjamin Imboden, James Tate, John Imboden, George Teaford [#31/1], F. Imboden, Joseph Harvey, James Marshall, James Wilson, James Imboden, Wm. Davis, Henry Shewry, Wm. Brooks, Isaac Smith, George Pepperley, Jacob Gregory, John Best, Michael Cline.


Isaac Moore, b. 1771 in Timberidge, Rockbridge, Virginia, d. 30 Oct 1845. Parents: Moses Moore and Susan Ewing. Spouse: Margaret Wilson, marriage 9 Jun 1812.

  1. Richard Guy Wilson. The Builders and Workers of Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village, 27 Feb 2009, Secondary quality.

    Blog detailing workers and tasks for construction of the original buildings of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. List includes Ben Moore and Isaac Moore, tasks and dates of work unidentified.

  2. Son Jacob married in 1809, giving estimate of Jacob's birth bef. 1789, suggesting Issac was born by 1768.