Person:Isaac Mayfield (3)

Isaac Mayfield
m. 1716
  1. Southerland Mayfield1720 - 1790
  2. John W Mayfield1721 - 1782
  3. James MayfieldAbt 1722 - 1780
  4. George MayfieldAbt 1724 -
  5. Isaac Mayfield1726 - 1795
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Mayfield
Gender Male
Birth? 1726
Death? 1795


The information is taken from the "Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky. Soldiers of the War of 1812. Printed by Authority of the Legislature of Kentucky, Frankfort, Ky., 1891" and from local Barren Co records.

Captain James HALL's Company, 3rd Regiment, Kentucky Detached Militia. My additions will not show enlistment or discharge dates. All shown in this regiment are Privates unless otherwise noted. They were all appointed or enlisted on 1 Sept 1812 and were discharged 25 Dec 1812 unless otherwise noted. I believe that some of the records are still missing as there are but few in command shown. According to Franklin Gorin, in "Times of Long Ago" (he the son of John Gorin cited below) this company was raised for a period of six months in 1812; there was no fighting; the men served their term and at termination, returned home. It appears that they were discharged in about 3 ½ months however. LR indicates local records. ADAMS, Wm. LR. ALLEN, Elisha LR. ANDERSON, Samuel, Sgt. LR. BARNETT, William LR BEARD, John LR BERRY, Jesse, 2nd Sgt LR. BERRY, Moses LR.

 BIRD, William, Cpl. LR.  BISHOP, Samuel LR.  BISHOP, Thomas LR.  BROWNING,

Samuel LR. BUTLER, James LR. BUTLER, Peter LR. CANN, John LR CHAPMAN, Neal LR CHASTEEN, John - deserted LR. CODDINGTON, Jacob LR. COLE, Richard, P. CONLEY, Alexander LR CONLEY, Preston LR. COOK, George LR. COOK, William LR. CULLINS, William LR CURRY, William M, 10 Sept 1812, deserted. DEWEESE, John, 24 Dec 1812. DICKERSON, William, 30 Sept 1812, on furlough - sick. DICK, William, 24 Dec 1812. DRANE, Thomas, 30 Sept 1812, died at Vincennes. EDWARDS, James, 18 Sept 1812, absent without leave. ___, William, 18 Sept 1812, on furlough. FLETCHER, George W. FOREY, Elijah. GARRISON, David. GIDDENS, Francis. Also shown as GEDDENS. GREEN, William, 25 Dec 1812, on furlough - sick. GRINSTEAD, Jesse. HALL, Edmund, Ensign LR. HALL, James, Captain LR HARLOW, Jesse, on furlough. HARLOW, Thomas, 9 Sept 1812 - unreadable. HARRIS, Kysis? LR shows Essex. HINDMAN, Matthew, 15 Sept 1812 - unreadable. HINDMAN, William, Sgt - LR. HINDS, William, on furlough - sick. JAMESON, George, on furlough - sick. JAMESON, Samuel. JONES, Aquilla, on furlough - sick. JONES, John, 9 Sept 1812, on furlough, substitute for HARLOW, Thos. KERTLEY, Abraham. LOCK, Richard, on furlough - sick. LORD [LARD), Hezekiah, on furlough - sick. LOWRY, Andrew. MANSPILE [MANSFIELD], James, on furlough - sick. MARSH, William LR. MARTIN, Samuel, Cpl LR. MARTIN, Uriah, Cpl LR. MATTHEWS, Pleasant. MAYFIELD, Isaac. McCLELLAND, Mastin. McMURRAY, Washington. MELTON, Jesse, Cpl LR. MUNROE, James, on furlough - sick. MONROE. NEWLAND, John A, on furlough - sick. PEDIGO, Joshua, Musician LR. PULLIAM, Charles, on furlough - sick. RICHARDSON, John, Sgt, LR. RUDE, Elijah. SANDERS, Archibald. SAUNDERS, Isaac, SANDERS. SEMPLE, Samuel, on furlough - sick. SMITH, James, in hospital. SMITH, John. STOCKTON, James P. THACKER, Turner. TONEY, Elijah LR. WALKER, Andrew, Later LT LR. WALTERS, John. WHITSON, Thomas LR. WILBURN, Aquilla, on furlough - sick. WILBURN, Elias.

 WILLIAMSON, Thomas.  WILLIS, George.  WILLIS, Lewis.  WHITSON, Thomas.

YANCEY, Joel. ___, John, Substitute for HINDMAN, Matthew. Enlisted 15 Sept 1812.

Captain Henry YAKEY (YEAKY) Co. 3rd Regiment, Kentucky Detached Militia. Enrollment and discharge dates same as above except where noted. ALLEN, Merrel, substitute for PACE, Willliam, on command. Also shown as ALLEE. ALLEN, William, 1 Sept 1812. Also shown on LR as ALLEY. BARNETT, John, Cpl. BAYLESS, Joseph, 29 Dec 1812. BIBB, Walker, on furlough. BRANSTETTER, John, 29 Dec 1812, on furlough. BRENT, James. BULY, Jesse, on furlough. BUSHONG, Andrew, substitute for HARDIN, Jacob. CAMPBELL, Matthew, Sgt. CARSON, Edmund, Cpl, substitute for MEHANY, Oct 2, absent, sick. COLVERT, Samuel, 2 Oct 1812, discharged. Shown LR COLBERT. DAWSON, James, substitute for BERRY, Ephraim. DAWSON, John. EMBERSON, Walter, 29 Dec 1812, substitute for BELONGLEY, Thomas. Shown LR EMERTON. EVANS, Thomas, Ensign. FIELDS, James, Discharged same day as enlisted. GENTRY, Thomas, 29 Dec 1812. GILLICHAN, Clement. Shown LR GILLIAN. GOODMAN, Michael, discharged same day as enlisted. GREATHOUSE, Samuel, substitute for GOODMAN, John. GRIDER, Jacob, 6 Oct 1812. HAMILTON, John. HART, John, discharged same day as enlisted, on furlough. HAYS, Claybourn. H___, Johson, discharged same day as enlisted, on furlough. KELLY, Daniel. KEY, Bennett, discharged same day as enlisted, substitute for COLBERT, Samuel - on command. KEY, William, substitute for MILLER, Henry - on command. KINGERY, Joseph, sick. LANORE, Tilmon, on furlough. LEEPER, James. LEEPER, John. LEEPER, Robert, Lt. LEEPER, William, Ensign, LR. LEMON, Elisha, discharged same day as enlisted. LEMON, Stacy, discharged same day as enlisted. LEWIS, Jesse. MARTIAL, Hugh. McALLISTER, James, Cpl. McCARTY, Monzy. McHANEY, James, 2 Oct 1812. McPHERSON, Joseph, Sgt. MERRYFIELD, Samuel, substitute for SHIPLEY, Nathaniel. MILLER, Henry, 6 Oct 1812. MITCHEL, James S, discharged same day as enlisted. MITCHEL, Moses. MOORE, Alexander, substitute for PENINGTON, Daniel. OSBORN, Jonathan, discharged same day as enlisted. RAY, Daniel, Sgt, 4 Sept 1812. REDMON, John, Musician. RICHEY, Andrew C, discharged same day as enlisted.

 ROBERTS, Joseph, 6 Oct 1812, substitute for GRIDER, Jacob on furlough.

RUSH, John, discharged same day as enlisted, on furlough. RUSSELL, Aaron. SAFFLER, Wilcomb, 5 Oct 1812 - substitute for HOUSER, Warner - and deserted. SLAVEN, Samuel, substitute for SPENCER, John - on command. SMITH, Absolom. SMITH, Wiley, discharged same day as enlisted, substitute for ENGLAND, Elisha. SORREL, William, substitute for WOOD, Pleasant - sick. SORRELS, Samuel, substitute for TINSLEY, Wm. SPENCER, John, 6 Oct 1812, discharged. SPENCER, Moses, substitute for HOWARD, Wm - absent, sick. STINSON, Joel. STINSON, John L, discharged same day as enlisted, substitute for ROBINSON, Joel. STINSON, Lawson. STINSON, Marma D, on furlough. VICONER, George, Sgt, 9 Sept 1812, substitute for SMITH, William. WOOD, Pleasant, 2 Oct 1812, discharged. Y(E)AKEY, Henry, Capt. . John GORIN'S KY Mounted Volunteer Militia. No copy of this was found so all names shown below are from local records. All are privates except where noted. Called in 1813. BAILEY, Jacob. BAKER, Abraham. BENNETT, Gabriel. BERRY, Jesse, 2nd Sgt. BISHOP, Carry. BISHOP, Thomas. BOON, Isaac. BROWN, Isaac. BUSH, William. CHAPMAN, David. CLARK, Drury. CLARK, John. CLARKE, Reubin. CLARKE, William. COOK, Thomas, 3rd Sgt. COSBY, Achilles. CRADDOCK, Zerrel. DAVIDSON, Elijah. DAVIDSON, James. DISHMAN, William. EUBANK, Richard. EVANS, William. FITZGERALD, William. FLETCHER, George. FOSTER, Barnett. FOSTER, David. FOSTER, James. FRANKLIN, Joel, Orderly Sgt. FRANKLIN, Martin. GOODALL, Loddonick. GOODWIN, James. GOODWIN, John. GORIN, John, Captain. GRAY, William. HALEY, Maximillian. HALL, Joseph. HALL, Mahlon. HAMILTON, Adam. HAMPTON, Amos. HAMPTON, Joshua. HARDIN, Martin. HARDY, Thomas. HARVEY, Charles, Lt. HUMPHRIES, Thomas. JAMES, David. JENKINS, Richard. JOLIFF, James. JONES, David. KIRTLEY, Abraham. LASWELL, William. LOFWELL, William. LOWE, Samuel B. MATTOX, Ignatius. MATTOX, Samuel, 3rd Cpl. MAYFIELD, Isaac. McCULLUM, John. McKINNEY, Charles. McMURRY, Samuel. MELTON, Isaac. MELTON, Jessee, Cpl. MOSS, William. NEWELL James. PENTON, John (DENTON). PERKINS, Tarleton. PIERCE, Richard. POINTER, Edmund. POINTER, John. RAY, James. REED, James. RENICK, Henry. ROBERTSON, Thomas. ROBERYTSON, William. ROWSEY, William, SHELTON, Dais. SUTER, John. THOMPSON, Berry. TURPIN, Elisha. WAGGONER, Reubin. WALKER, Andrew, Lt. WATERS, Jacob. WILKERSON, Richard.

Captain James FORBIS' KY Mounted Volunteer Militia. Again, all data is from local records. Called up in 1812 to serve for 60 days. His name also shown as FORBES. ALLEN, Elijah. ALLEN, John, Sgt. ANDERSON, John. ASHBY, Francis. BAKER, John H., Sgt. BEAUCHAMP, Thomas. BISHOP, William. CANE, Arnold, CARTER, James. CLARKE, William. COOKE, William B. CREEK, Abraham, Sgt. CRENSHAW, Garland. CUSTER, Reed, Cpl. DAVIDSON, Jesse. DEPP, Joel. DODD, Lewis. DOUGLASS, William. FORBIS, James, Captain. FORBIS, William W. FRANKLIN, Joel, Orderly Sgt. GARNETT, William. GORIN, Henry. GREER, Isaac, Cpl. GREER, John. GRINSTEAD, Henry. HALEY, Maximillian. HALL, Tharp. HAMILTON, John. HARP, Claiborn, Lt. HOLLIDAY, John A. HOWELL, John. HUGHS, George. JONES, Sampson. KINSLOW, Reuben. MATTOX, Samuel, 3rd Cpl. MAXEY, Phillip. McCANDLESS, Alexander. McKAY, Angus. MURRELL, Samuel Sr, Ensign. OLDHAM, John. PRIEST, Nathaniel. PULLIAM, John. RENFRO, Jesse. RENICK, Henry. RICHARDSON, George. RITCHEY, Robert, AWOL. ROBINSON, James. ROGERS, Elijah. ROGERS, George. SANDERS, James. SHARP, Absolom M, Quarter Master Sgt. SHAW, John. STOCKTON, Newberry. THOMPSON, William, Ensign. TRABUE, George. TRIGG, Alanson. TRABUE, Haiden, Cpl. WAGNON, Thomas P. WALKER, Daniel Jr., Sgt. WARDER, Joseph. WARDER, William. WHITE, Simeon.

Captain Jobe GLOVER, KY Mounted Volunteers. Called in 1812. ALLEY, Nicholas. ALLEY, William. AMOS, Erasamus. ANDERSON, Joseph, Sgt. BURKS, Thomas H. BUSHONG, George. BUSHONG, Henry. CLARK, Obadiah. COLEMAN, Grief. DALE, Isaac. DENHAM, Isaac M. EDWARDS, Thomas. EDWARDS, Thomas. GLOVER, James. GLOVER, John, Sgt. GLOVER, Richard. GLOVER, William. GRIDER, Martin. HAGIN, Arthur. HAMILTON, Robert. HARDY, George. HELMS, Martin W. HINDMAN, Robert. HOLMES, George W. HUFFMAN, Albert. HUFFMAN, Ambrose Jr. HUFFMAN, Thomas, Sgt. JAMESON, James. JAMESON, John. JOLIFF, James. JOLIFF, Richard. LEMONS, Elisha. LOREY, John. MARTIN, Owen. MAYFIELD, George. McKEY, Thomas. NATION, Lanbon. NEVILL, James. NEVILL, Joseph. NEVILL, William, Sgt. OWENS, John. PIERCY, John. REED, George. REED, Leonard K. SHIRLEY, Nimrod. SHIRLEY, Thomas. SHIRLEY, William. SMIYTH, James. STOCKTON, John. STRAM, Thomas. SUMMERS, John. THOMPSON, Waddy. VINZANT, Abraham. WATT, Samuel. YANCEY, Joel.