Person:Isaac Lockwood (2)

m. 14 Aug 1707
  1. Ephraim Lockwood1708 -
  2. Joseph Lockwood1710 -
  3. Ruth Lockwood1714 -
  4. Daniel Lockwood1716 -
  5. Mary Lockwood1720 - 1763
  6. Elizabeth Lockwood1721 -
  7. Sarah Lockwood1723 - 1727
  8. Isaac Lockwood1726 - 1772
m. 3 September
  1. Hezekiah Lockwood1755 -
  2. Mercy Lockwood1757 -
  3. Ruth Lockwood1759 - 1840
  4. Isaac Lockwood1761 -
  5. Jeremiah Lockwood1764 -
  6. Josiah Lockwood1766 -
  7. Samuel Lockwood1769 -
  8. Sarah Lockwood1772 -
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Lockwood
Gender Male
Birth? 24 Dec 1726 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 3 September Wilton Congregational Church, Fairfield Co., Connecticutto Ruth Whitney
Death? 12 Oct 1772 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
  1.   Isaac Lockwood, in Will of Isaac Lockwood of Norwalk
    24 November 1766.

    Fairfield Probate District Files
    town of Norwalk #3844
    Will of Isaac Lockwood
    dated 24 Nov 1766, filed for probate 12 December 1772

    being sick and weak of body but of sound mind
    my body to be decently buried
    to my well beloved wife Ruth Lockwood, one third of the moveable estate to be her own forever; also the use and improvement of one half of my homestead land and buildings thereon during her life; also use and improvement of one third of the remainder of my real estate during her life;
    to my eldest son Hezekiah £10;
    the remainder of my estate both real and personal to my six children viz. Hezekiah, Mercy, Ruth, Isaac, Jeremiah and Josiah to be divided so my four sons shall have double shares, my daughters to have half as much, to their heirs and assigns forever;
    said wife and Samuel Grumman to be executors
    witnessed by Jonathan Fairchild, Jehiel Ketchum and Samuel Fairchild

  2.   Isaac Lockwood, in Estate of Isaac Lockwood of Norwalk
    12 December 1772.

    Fairfield Probate District Records
    town of Norwalk #3844
    Estate of Isaac Lockwood

    Witnesses appear with executors 12 Dec 1772

    Inventory taken 23 Dec 1772


    to Hezekiah Lockwood, eldest son:
    1 beaver hat, 1 broken gun, shoe maker's tools
    1/5 of bark mill & tan yard undivided with heirs of Joseph Lockwood and John Lockwood 3rd
    E half of dwelling house, E half of barn, N half of stable adj. barn, use of 1/2 barn yard, a small shop on the homestead land, 1/2 the land including meadow and orchard

    to Isaac, second son:
    1 gun and land

    to Jeremiah, third son:
    N part of land at Toilsome

    to Josiah, fourth son:
    1 old sword, a scythe & cradle, a narrow axe
    land at Cranbery Plain

    to Samuel, fifth son:
    1 bull calf, an ox chain, a worsted coat, flax hetchels
    shoes & buckles, bags, a wooden bottle

    to Mercy, eldest daughter:
    pillow cases, napkins, bedding, curtains
    beds & furniture, best great wheel, red chest, crackle ware, land

    to Ruth, second daughter:
    bedding, chek trousis, worsted stockins
    blue & white calico quilt, blankets, a table
    a large puter platter, sundry books, old great wheel
    8 sheep, old pied cow, 2 white shirts, crow bar

    to Sarah, third daughter:
    bedding, looking glass, desk, clothing
    flax in the barn, old sword, white mittens
    pitch fork, old ox sled, etc

    real estate includes
    some adj to heirs of Joseph Lockwood
    some adj Rebeckah Lockwood
    some adj Hezekiah Whitney

    amount set out to widdow & relict

    some of her expenses were paid to the estate of Joseph Lockwood

  3.   Isaac Lockwood, in Holden, Frederic Augustus, and Elon Dunbar Lockwood. Descendants of Robert Lockwood: colonial and Revolutionary history of the Lockwood family in America from A.D. 1630. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1951)
    p. 93.