Person:I Henry (1)

I "Hudsons of Maryland" Hudson Henry
b.1632 England
d.23 May 1707 Somerset Co, MD
m. Bef 1632
  1. I "Hudsons of Maryland" Hudson Henry1632 - 1707
  2. Robert HudsonAbt 1633 - Abt 1680
  3. Edward Hudson1638 - 1710
  4. Violetta Hudson1640 -
  5. Henry Hudson1642 - 1710
  6. Nicholas Hudson1644 - 1676
  7. John Hudson1646 -
  8. Robert Hudson1646 - 1707
  9. Charles Hudson1652 -
  10. Richard Hudson1658 - 1669
Facts and Events
Name I "Hudsons of Maryland" Hudson Henry
Gender Male
Birth? 1632 England
Death? 23 May 1707 Somerset Co, MD

For identification only, this researcher sometimes calls this group of Hudsons and their descendants, the HUDSONS OF MARYLAND. This title isnot recognized by the Hudson Family Association.

Richard I's sons' NICHOLAS and HENRY moved to Maryland which was a refuge for Quakers. There was a dispute over land on the cape between Maryland and VA. Lord Baltimore and William Penn were in the midst of organizing their Quaker colonies at this time and causing this boundry dispute with VA. It is suspected that Nicholas and Henry were Quakers through Elizabeth Freeman and the move to Maryland. A look at Henry's grandchildren through William and Sarah Hudson also supports the Quaker connection. Source: Van Hudson. Henry might have been born in England. Some reports show him as being born in Accomack County but this cannot be as Richard emmigrated to America 1633/34. The possibility exist that Henry was left behind in the care of others when Richard left England. Charlie Smith, a Hudson decendent, states in her research that Henry did not arrive in Hungars Creek, Va. until he was 17 years old. Sometime between 1662 and 1665 Henry married Lydia Smith and soon thereafter moved to Somerset County, Maryland. They lived in Morumscoin Somerset County. On Sept. 4, 1666 Henry registered his cattle mark which was a Fleur-de-Leis the same mark that his Father richard had used for his livestock. Upon registering his cattle mark Henry spelled his last name as "Huttson" and used this spelling for many years. This information is from "They lived in Somerset", 17th Century Marylanders" by WilmerO. Lankford. All of Henry and Lydia's children were born in Somerset County, Maryland, starting with Lydia on Mar. 8. 1666. Henry was the owner of many acres of land and in his will he left half of "Mentmore, where I now live" to Jonathan. John received the other half. Henry Jr. received "Jones adventure", Richard received "Harrogate", David to have "Poplar Ridge", Sarah to have six cows and household items, Elizabeth and Rachel to share with their mother. Above information and all their decendant information generously obtained from: Bill Hudson <> at . Please contact him with any direct questions concerning authenticity. Thank you. ;o)