Person:Hugh Morrow (5)

Hugh Morrow, of Abbeville
b.9 Aug 1764
  • HHugh Morrow, of Abbeville1764 - 1837
  • WAnn Ritcheyabt 1762 - ABT 1846
m. ABT 1797
  1. Robert Morrowest 1797-1807 - 1856
  • HHugh Morrow, of Abbeville1764 - 1837
  • WJane Brownlee1787 - 1847
m. abt. 1806
  1. Sarah Ann Morrow1809 - 1879
  2. Samuel Robinson Morrah1813 - 1882
  3. David B. Morrah1821 - 1890
Facts and Events
Name Hugh Morrow, of Abbeville
Alt Name Hugh Morrah
Gender Male
Birth[1] 9 Aug 1764
Marriage ABT 1797 to Ann Ritchey
Marriage abt. 1806 to Jane Brownlee
Death[1] 4 Feb 1837 Abbeville County, South Carolina


Identifying and ordering his children


WC listing lists following children

  • David Brownlee m. [Rebecca] Jane Bradley - David Morrah listed on 1860 slave schedule,
  • Jane Caroline m. Johnson Sharp
  • Elanore m. L.T. Jones
  • Samuel robinson m. Nancy Scott
  • George B. m. Lou Pruitt.
  • John
  • Ella m. Jones
  • Mary b. 1821 m. Edward Murray


Hugh Morrah has will in Abbeville, No. 445. - HUGH MORROH (Or Morrah) will sg. 2 Feb. 1837 pr. 9 Feb. 1837....Wife, Jane Morroh and to her I will the home plantation on Long Canes ...Children and no surnames & several of the hcildren were minors :

  • Eleanor Sarah w. of John Richardson
  • Jane
  • Robert Sarah (A second Sarah)
  • Mary
  • Samuel David
  • John
  • George (See #37)

Ex : Son, Samuel with Patrick Noble & Aaron Lomax. /Wit. William Hill, Wesley G. Norwood & M.T. Stewart 43 Mrs. JANE MORRAH will sg. 12 June 1847 pr. date not given...Children Sallie Barmore Jane Sharp Eleanor Jones Mary Murray John Morrah Samuel P. Morrah Ex. David Morrah George Morrah /Wit. William Robinson, George W. Robinson & James S. Robinson. [No Robert or Sally]

List of 96 & Abbeville marriages listes Hugh Morrah & Jane Brownlee “83 B[ef]”

Public records


  • In 1838, Samuel B. Morrah suied Eleanor & John Scott, execs of Hugh Morroh, dec. Samuel wanted to buy land. Another record for John Scott calls Samuel his brother in law.
  • Another 1838 dispute, Aaron Lomax et al. v. Jas Morrah et al.: “Hugh Morrah, dec. Complicated. Seems he left part of his estate to an illigitimate daughter, while cutting out his wife and two legitimate kids. 6 of his leg. kids inherited: Sarah A. H. Richardson, Sally A. Morrah (wf of Enoch Barbour), Eleanor, John B. Morroah. John B Sharp and wf. Wid: Jane. Robert and George excluded. David Morrah, Sam R., Mary Morrah.”
  • An 1844 dispute discusses “Jane Morrah and her son George.”
  • Detail from Johnson Sharpe v. Jane Morrah et al, 1844: Jane wf of Johnson Sharpe; Enoch Barsum(?) wife Sarah; Pinckney Jones and wf Eleanor; Hugh Morro dec Jane wid; “life interest to 4 dtrs: Sarah, Jane, Eleanor, Mary;” Jane’s son, David, John B. Will of Hugh has daughters Sarah Jane, Elianor, Mary, Son: Robert, John, Samuel, David, Jane, Elenor, Mary? , George, Sarah, Sarah (wf John Richardson).
  • 1838 case: Samuel R., son of Hugh, m. Nancy A. Scott, daughter of John.
  • 1838 case Aaron Lomax v. Jane Morrah: “Samuel R. Morrah, Patrick Noble. Hugh Morrah T Feb 1837. wid: Jane. Kids: John B, David, Robert, Samuel R, Jane Caroline, Eleann, Sally Ann, Mary and George. And a NATURAL (out of wedlock) dtr: Sarah Ann Henderson Morrah. Hugh recvd large fortune from will of George Brownlee in right of wife, Jane. Sarah Ann H Morrah (md John Richardson), Sally (md Enoch Barmore), Jane (Johnson Sharp). Slave names. John B and Robert. Estate accounts. Book list. Sales names inc: Taggart, Barmore., Pressly, Sims, Adams, Peter Downey (bought a spinning wheel f 461). Inventories.”

More will analysis:

Father-in-law's will

In the will of James Richey Sr. GRANDCHILDREN named as : Margaret dtr. of John....Margarte dtr. of James....Mrs. Maregarte Seawright dtr. of Robert..Margaret dtr. of Andrew.......James son of William. EXS : Sons John & James Richey.....A PORTION of thier deceased mother (Ann Morrah) was given to her FOUR children : John Wilson Margaret Ann Wilson James Wilson ROBERT MORRAH. [also has will of Hugh]


  • 1790 Abbeville Co, SC: 1 rec w/ 1 m 1 f, 1m 2 f other rec.
  • 1800 Abbeville Co, SC: Hugh Morrah [idx Honah] 3m u10, 1m 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45; 1f u10, 1f 16-26, 1f 45+ (p. 38)
  • 1810 Abbeville Co, SC: Hugh Morrow 1m u10 [Robert], 1m 26-45, 1f u10, 1f 16-26 (p. 100)
  • 1820 Abbeville Co, SC: Hugh Marrah 2m u10 [Samuel, ?], 1m 45+, 3f u10, 1 26-45 (p. 9)
  • 1830 Abbeville Co, SC: Hugh Morrow 1m 5-10 [David], 1m 15-20 [Samuel], 1m 60-70, 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15, 1f 40-50 (p. 31)


  • Jane in her will named 4 sons - Samuel, David, John, George - and excluded those children that were demonstrably not hers - Sallie and Robert. The most logical inference then is that the 4 are her sons, and were thus born after 1800. That means that either this entry with 7 children in 1800 is not the right Hugh, or he had another family living with him, or most of the children died young.
  • Robert is just about 10 in 1810, so must be the lone son in the 1810 census. He is out of the house by 1820.
  • Because only Robert, David, Samuel and one other are accounted for by 1830, one must have been born after that. That would be George, living with Samuel in 1850 at age 18. That leaves John as the other son born 1810-1815.
  • Hugh b. 1765-1770.
  • Jane b. 1784-1790 m. 1800-1810


A descendant of Hugh tested in 2006 and does not match any other North Carolina Morrows. See participant list for relationships that excludes.

  1. 1.0 1.1 Tombstone, in Find A Grave, Hugh Morahe.

    "Hugh Morahe ... who departed this life the 4th d. of Feb A.D. 1837 Aged 72 years 5 months 26 days"