Person:Hugh Fulton (2)

Facts and Events
Name Hugh FULTON
Gender Male
Birth? 1659 Lisburn, Antrim, , Ireland
Death? Y

2. Hugh Fulton and his wife Elenor Johnston. Hugh and Elinor's marriage is documented and the birth of six children in order William, Robert, Jane, James, John, and Thomas. All these people disappear from known Lisburn area records sometime after 1715. In 1739 a Fulton Family shows up in Augusta County, VA. Adult Fulton's James and John show up in the area in 1742, very likely brothers. James Fulton died here in 1752. He names his eldest son Hugh and a daugther Elliner. James Fulton's will indicates time spent in New England before Virginia and he names children: Hugh, James, William, Elizabeth, Elliner, Jane, John, and "young boys" David and Thomas. It was very common for children to be named after Grandparents. James would have been about the right age and the names of his children suggest he was the son of Hugh and Elinor Fulton of "Deriaghy", a place just north of Lisburn. A Thomas Fulton died in Augusta VA in 1755 and a John Fulton who married Sarah Ramsey (not the John son of James) had an adult son Hugh by 1752 and dies there in 1764. There is a reference in the book Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry by Clarence Leonard, NY. 1923 to his ancestor being Robert Fulton son of Hugh and Ellinor Johnson of Deriaghy. He is aware of Hope and quotes his early entries. When you add these clues up it seems highly likely that Hugh and Ellinor of Deriaghy and probably all his children migrated to American, probably stopping off in New England for a while and then south likely through SE PA with sons James, John, and Thomas likely the ones of this name who died in Augusta County, VA. in 1752, 1764, and 1755 respectively leaving many, many descendents that spread south to South Carolina, west to Tennessee and Kentucky and north to Gallia County, Ohio. Norma Jennings has published a great deal about the Augusta Virginia Fultons on her web site at:

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