Person:Hugh C. Jackson (1)

Hugh Cy Jackson
b.15 Dec 1842 Texas
Facts and Events
Name Hugh Cy Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[2] 15 Dec 1842 Texas
Death[1][2] 4 Feb 1918 West, McLennan, Texas, United States

The article/obit was written by Columbus J. Jackson and it appeared in the Belton Journal. It is taken from Nannie's Scrapbook on the Bell county website. Somewhere in the transcribing, it appears the first initial was mis-transcribed.

Trees Continue to Fall in the Forest
N.C. JACKSON is dead. Died at West in McLennan county on the 4th of February 1918. He was a member of Company G, in 5th Texas regiment, Hood's Brigade. He enlisted at Cameron, Texas, in J.C. ROGERS Company in 1861. This Confederate soldier has a record that no other Confederate soldier can give. He was in every battle fought by Hood's Bridged during the four years of its history. Never was absent from his command; never sick a day; never in a hospital, and never received a wound, and surrendered at Appomatox court house with the Army of Lee. There was no other soldier that accomplished such a feat. I have inquired for forty years for such a one, and I do not believe that there ever was. I asked him once, at my house in Belton, if he could give any reason why the bullets did not hit him. He answered at once and said yes, that he always stayed out in the open. You see, a battle line comes up in line, and is supposed to stay in line, as near as practicable, and of course the Yanks would shoot at the line, and never at a single man out by himself, and this accounts for his escape. At the surrender we had twenty-six men out of one hundred and fifty we began with. I was in Ft. Delaware, a prisoner of war.

But the question I want answered is: "Where is the reward for a patriotic soldier?" If there ever was a patriotic soldier, this man, N.C. JACKSON, was. He died a tramp in his native land without a place to even lay his head.
C.J. JACKSON, Killeen, Texas.-February 8, 1918.

Hugh C. Jackson shared a grave marker with several other Jacksons in the Bold Springs Cemetery in West, McLennan County, Texas. His d/o/d agrees with the d/o/d in the above article.

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