Person:Hubert Petty (1)

Hubert Petty
b.abt. 1640 Yorkshire, England
  1. Theophilus Petty1630 - 1685
  2. Hubert Pettyabt 1640 - 1687
  • HHubert Pettyabt 1640 - 1687
  • WRebecca Unknownest 1640-1649 - bef 1680
m. abt. 1666
  1. Thomas Pettyabt 1674 - Bef 1750
  • HHubert Pettyabt 1640 - 1687
  • W.  Faith (add)
m. Bef 1687
Facts and Events
Name Hubert Petty
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1640 Yorkshire, England
Marriage abt. 1666 Essex County, Virginiato Rebecca Unknown
Marriage Bef 1687 to Faith (add)
Death? 1687 Lanncaster County, Virginia

Will of Hubert Petty (Patey)

Will of Hubert Patey 3/17/1686, 6/1687 Lancaster Co.
Executor Walter Welch
home and personal property to wife Faith
real estate in Lancaster County to son Thomas Patey. If he died without heirs then Hubert's Estate is to go to Richard Welch, the son of Walter Welch.
Richard Welch is appointed to care for Thomas Patey.
Estate Appraisal for Hubert Patey was by Randolph Miller, John Hill (was this the Job Hill mentioned in Abe Bush's Will?), Robert Younge and Henry Stoneham.


Information on Hubert Petty

Hubert Petty was born Abt. 1640 in Yorkshire, England, and died 1687 in Lanchester County, Virginia1. He married (1) Rebecca Abt. 1666 in Esses, Virginia. She was born Abt. 1642 in England or the Colony of Virginia, and died Abt. 1679 in Lanchester County, Virginia. He married (2) Faith Abt. 1680 in Virginia. She was born Bet. 1645 - 1650 in England or the Colony of Virginia, and died Aft. 1687 in Lanchester, Virginia.

Hubert Petty was transported from England in 1650 at the age of about 5 years of age as an indentured servant to William Turner. Hubert was mentioned in William's will dated 1652 but William did not die until 1664 and by that time Hubert had won his freedom in court dated 1655. He married his first wife Rebecca in 1660 and purchased land in Lanchester, Virginia. His son Thomas was mentioned in his will as to receive land in deed book 7. page 36. Also a wife Faith was mentioned in his will but except for that no proof of this marriages exist. Many believe Hubert had 6 sons and 3 daughter's from Rebecca and Thomas was the child of Faith. Thomas was a minor when Hubert's will was probated and the other children not mentioned but Faith his wife was and Thomas did name his first daughter Rachel [sic, should say Rebecca].


Land Records of Hubert Petty

  • Hubert Patey, Planter sold to Rowland Rowley of Rappa. , Co., Planter a parcel of land formerly purchased of Abraham bush of 150 Acres, 7 Mar 1667/8, Wit: Raleigh Travers & ? , recog. 8 July 1668; Rebecca Patty P/A to James Phillips for the sale, Wit. Michaoll Miller. 12 May 1668 & recog. 8 July 1668. [Lancaster, VA Deeds: 975.5 N2fb ser 2 v 2, pg 47]
  • Hubert Petty for 73 Acres in Lancaster County, Virginia. North Side of Rappn: River [Land record. 7116 pt 16 (now # 29323) Deed Vol. 6 page 394, Grantor: State of Virginia, Grantee: Hubert Petty of Lancaster Co., Va., Date of Document: 20 Mar 1672 Date Recorded: Not Granted, Acres: 73 Acres]
To all people. Where as thus Now know yee this I ye sd. Sr. Wm. Perkeley Rect. Governor of the do give and Grant unto Hubert Petty, 73 Acres of Land in Lancaster County, beginning at a marked Corner Red Oake and running North 146 poles by marked trees to a marked Chestnut, Thence West 80 poles by marked trees to a marked Spanish Oake Standing by the Side of a River branch that comes out of a great Swamp the belongs to Morattion Creek, Thence down the sd branch Southerly 146 poles thence East 80 poles to a line of Marked Trees of … Dividends of Pine belonging to Jno Mott formerly sold by Coll. Carlyn to sd. Mott being for the Ranssors ? and of Motts Order whose names are on the Revends Mem..ed under this Parish. To have & to hold to be held .. eld… and paying or provided, Date 20th March 1672, Court record. P. 109, Hubert Patey and Rebecca, his wife, PLT. Vs Rowland Rowley.


  1.   If he was born in 1640 and arrived in Maryland in 1651 it would make him about 11 years old. Perhaps he became an indentured servant in England at 5 yrs of age which would be closer to his completing his servitude in 1654. LP