Person:Howell Wardwell (1)

Howell Cobb Wardwell
m. 1 JUN 1854
  1. Susan Isabel Wardwell1855 - 1856
  2. Howell Cobb Wardwell1857 - 1934
  • HHowell Cobb Wardwell1857 - 1934
  • WIda L. DavisABT 1858 -
m. 19 NOV 1902
Facts and Events
Name Howell Cobb Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 AUG 1857 Stoneham, Middlesex, MA
Marriage 19 NOV 1902 Boston, Suffolk, MAto Ida L. Davis
Death[2] 1934 Winthrop, Suffolk, MA
Occupation? Clerk in 1890, Salesman in 1902, Dry Goods Salesman in 1910

A 13 year old "Howard C. Wardwell" is attending Farm School on Thompson's Island in Boston at 1870 census. Listed as a Clerk at 27 Winter Street in Boston City Directory in 1890. Living in Winthrop at 1910 and 1920 census.

"BRUTALLY BEATEN AND ROBBED. ' Howard C, Wardwell of East Boston Attacked on the Common. Howard C. Wardwell, a clerk at 27 Winter St, whose home is at 24 White St, East Boston, was attacked by robbers on the common early yesterday morning, The robbers broke Wardwell's nose, cut his right eye and kicked and pummeled him in a brutal manner. They stole from him a gold hunting-case watch and a fine gold link chain. The robbery occurred just before 3 o'clock. Mr. Wardwell was coming across the common from Park Sq. and was on his way to Washington St to take a car home. Two men sprang out from behind trees and struck Wardwell in the face. The blow was dealt with such force that Mr Wardwell was knocked down. He got to his feet quickly and grappled with one of the men just as he was about to strike. The other robber kicked and pummeled Wardwell and finally got him on the ground again. Three sailors were coming across the common. They heard Wardwell's cries for help and ran to his assistance. The robbers became frightened and ran away. They had gotten his watch and chain and were about to rifle his pockets when they heard the sailors coming. An attempt was made to catch the robbers, but they got away in the darkness. The sailors accompanied Mr Wardwell to the emergency hospital, where the broken nose was set and the other injuries were dressed. Later Wardwell went home, accompanied by the sailors. On the way home Mr. Wardwell stopped at station 7, East Boston, and reported the robbery to the lieutenant in charge. He described the robbers as being between 23 and 26 years old." -The Boston Globe 22 September 1899

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