Person:Henry Trewren (5)

chr.2 Feb 1822 Camborne, Cornwall
m. 23 Jun 1816
  1. George TREWREN1817 - 1893
  2. William Dunkin TREWREN1818 - 1889
  3. John TREWREN1820 - 1889
  4. Henry TREWREN1822 - 1882
  5. Martha Dunkin TREWREN1823 - 1827
m. 1846
  1. Thomas Matthews TREWREN1847 - 1847
  2. Thomas Matthews TREWREN1848 - 1864
  3. William Duncan TREWREN1849 - 1849
  4. Mary Duncan TREWREN1850 - 1851
  5. John TREWREN1851 -
  6. Mary TREWRENABT 1852 - 1935
  7. Henry TREWREN1853 - ABT 1860
  8. John TREWRENABT 1855 - 1927
  9. Fanny TREWREN1856 - 1935
  10. George TREWREN1858 - 1858
  11. Martha Dunkin (or Trescothick?) TREWREN1859 - 1935
  12. Henry TREWREN1860 -
  13. Catherine TREWREN1864 - 1945
Facts and Events
Name Henry TREWREN
Gender Male
Christening[1] 2 Feb 1822 Camborne, Cornwall
Marriage 1846 Redruth, Cornwallto Fanny MATTHEWS
Other[4] 24 Oct 1846 Port Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaArrival
Death[2] 9 Aug 1882 Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Occupation? Miner
Reference Number? P1
Other? Ship
Burial[3] Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australiacemetery

Henry TREWREN was christened on 2nd Feb 1822 at Camborne, Cornwall. His parents were Ephraim Trewren, a carpenter born in Ludgvan near Penzance, and Mary DUNKIN from Camborne. Known siblings were George who was christened in 1817, William Dunkin (1818), John (1820), and Martha Dunkin (1823, died 1827).

Henry married Fanny MATTHEWS in early 1846 at Redruth, Cornwall . Fanny's parents were Thomas and Fanny Matthews and she was christened on 14th April 1822 at Uny-Lelant, Cornwall , although her death registration states that she was born in Swansea, Wales and married at St Ives.

Shortly after their marriage, Henry and Fanny emigrated to South Australia. It is probable they came on the Britannia under Captain W. Robson, departing London 6 June 1846 and arriving at Port Adelaide on 24 October, a voyage of 110 days . Exact details are unknown but the birth of their first child Thomas Matthews Trewren was registered in Adelaide as 27 Feb 1847. Of their 13 children, 6 died in infancy or early childhood, one died at 16, while at least 5 of the other 6 lived to their 70s or 80s.

Henry and Fanny were buried at Kangaroo Flat cemetery, Bendigo.

Henry and Fanny had the following children:

         1. Thomas Matthews TREWREN was born on 27 Feb 1847 in Adelaide but died on 5 Dec 1847 in Adelaide.
         2. A second Thomas Matthews TREWREN was born on 22 Feb 1848 in Adelaide. He died in 1864 in Victoria, aged 16. 

In 1848 or 1849 they probably moved to the copper mining town of Burra in South Australia's mid-north.

         3. William Duncan TREWREN was born on 29 Mar 1849 in Burra but died there on 27 Dec 1849.
         4. Mary Duncan TREWREN was born on 16 Apr 1850 in Burra but died there on 19 Mar 1851.
         5. John TREWREN was born on 11 Aug 1851 in Burra. He probably died before 1855

By the 1850s Burra's mine was waning and they were no doubt seeking some relief from the hardships of life in Burra. Around 1852 or 1852 they joined thousands of others on the Victorian goldfields. They moved around there for the next ten years or so, where their remaining children were born.

         6. Mary TREWREN was born about 1852. She married Charles MacKENZIE in 1870, with whom she had 5 daughters before his death in 1879. In 1881 she married Thomas (or John) STAGG and bore another 4 daughters and 3 sons. They lived in Inglewood, Richmond and Newmarket. She died in Bacchus Marsh in 1935, aged 83.
         7. Henry TREWREN was born in 1853 in Forest Creek, Castlemaine. He probably died before 1860.
         8. John TREWREN was born about 1855 in Ararat. He left home at the age of 14 or 15 for Wagga Wagga, NSW, and was not heard of for many years.  He did not marry and spent 48 years farming in Queensland before returning to Bendigo where he died on 29 Jan 1927, aged 72. He was buried on 31 Jan 1927 in Kangaroo Flat cemetery.
         9. Fanny TREWREN was born in 1856 at Buninyong. In 1883 she married Frederick John ALLEN. They had 3 children and in 1892 was living in Richmond. She died in Bendigo in 1935, aged 78.
         10. George TREWREN was born in 1858 in Campbell's Creek, or possibly Pleasant Creek, Stawell. He died in 1858.
         11. Martha Dunkin (or Trescothick?) TREWREN was born in 1859 at Pleasant Creek, Stawell. Her birth registration gives her 2nd name as Trescothick, whereas her marriage and children's births indicate Dunkin.She married George William FORREST in 1883 and lived in Bendigo where they had 5 sons and 4 daughters. She died in 1935, aged 75.
         12. Henry TREWREN was born in 1860 at Kingower. He married Mary Ann SAUNDERS in 1890 and they moved to South Australia. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters in S.A. and Northern Territory. In 1892 he was a minister of religion at Johnburg, S.A.
         13. Catherine TREWREN was born in 1864 at Inglewood. In 1889 she married Thomas Henry PYVIS, son of Richard Waddle PYVIS and Eleanor DAVIDSON. Thomas was born on 2 Mar 1864 in Black Lead, Ballarat and died on 3 Dec 1920 in Armadale. She died in 1945 in Malvern, aged 81. Catherine Trewren and Thomas Henry Pyvis lived in Maffra and then Melbourne and had 4 children:

Henry died in a mining accident which was extensively reported in the Bendigo papers over several days. On Tuesday 7th August 1882 at 7 am, Henry went with Richard Andrews to work their tribute at the 170 foot level of the New Union Jack Company mine in Golden Gully. They bored a hole in the face and fired it. Henry wheeled out three barrows of dirt and filled part of the a fourth. He went to put down a board when a block of sandstone weighing about 3 cwt (150 kg) fell from the roof, pitched onto the stull, then to the footwall and finally struck him. Henry suffered a broken collarbone, fractured pelvis, a large wound on one foot, cuts to the head and internal injuries. He was carried back to his house but never rallied from the shock and died the next morning. Both the mine manager and the Inspector of Mines considered Trewren and Andrews to be good practical miners, and that the accident was not due to poor mining practice. The jury in the inquest returned a verdict of accidental death.

After the accident, a fellow miner helped Henry put together a will written on a scrap of paper, leaving Fanny as his executor and sole beneficiary. He was too weak to sign his name, able only to make a mark. After his death Fanny put the will along with other documents in a tin can which she buried under the house. Possibly she did not feel or understand the need to get probate on the will. After she died a year later, the tin was dug up but the damp had obliterated the writing and all but destroyed the paper. A copy had been made at the time of signing, but it was 10 years before probate was obtained, delayed no doubt by the damaged will, Fanny's failure to gain probate and her dying intestate. Their son Henry, who gained powers of administration in 1884, went to South Australia after his marriage in 1890 without having finalised matters, and daughter Martha Trewren (now Forrest) eventually obtained probate in 1894. In her affidavit of administration she explained the delay in finalising the matter as due to "difficulties experienced and expenses involved" in Henry's previous application and that since then "the members of the family have been much separated." The need to obtain funds to "defray the cost of proceeding with the application" was also mentioned. Henry Page Saunders, clerk, and Robert Saunder, draper, (presumably brothers-in-law of the son Henry Trewren) stood surety. The estate consisted of a house and land in Booth-street, Golden Square, valued at 120 pounds and furniture valued at 30 pounds.

Other family members who came to Australia include:

• nephew Henry Trewren, possibly the only one of of George Trewren and Jane Sampson's children to come to Australia, who emigrated in 1874, and worked as blacksmith at the New Chum Consolidated Mine in Bendigo. He died in Bendigo in 1919 leaving property worth 470 pounds. Surviving children were George (1883-1955) and Florence Jane (1889-1979, married William Dober). George Trewren who lived at Broken Hill in the 1890s (m. Hannah Maria Clinch) may also have been a son of George and Jane.

• brother William Dunkin Trewren, who emigrated in 1852 to Adelaide with his wife Elizabeth Dunkin James (who was also his cousin, their mothers being sisters) and first 3 children. They settled in the Castlemaine - Bendigo area. One son Thomas James Trewren settled with his family at Yass, NSW, while another, William Dunkin Trewren remained with his at Raywood, north of Bendigo.

• brother John Trewren who emigrated with his wife Anne Willoughby in 1857. One daughter Martha Dunkin was born at sea. They settled at Maldon, near Bendigo. John's will describes him as Gentleman, so maybe he struck it rich on the goldfield and lived a life of leisure, having assets worth 1040 pounds at his death. Martha Dunkin married Finlay Panton McKay and Mary Dunkin married John Jewell.

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