Person:Henry Tibbetts (2)

Henry Tibbetts 1596 14 Feb 1675/76 and 27 Jun 1676
m. BET 1572 AND 1623
  1. Henry Tibbetts1596 - bet 1675/76
  2. Remembrance Tibbetts1607 -
m. bef 1631
  1. Jeremiah Tibbetts1631 - 1677
  2. Samuel Tibbitsabt 1633 -
  3. Rebecca Tibbettsest 1635 - 1680
Facts and Events
Name[1][3] Henry Tibbetts
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] cal 1596
Marriage bef 1631 to Elizabeth Unknown
Emigration[1] 1635 On the James.
Residence[1] 1635 Unknown
Residence[1] 1642 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Other[1] 5 Apr 1653 Admitted freeman.
Death[1][5] bet 14 Feb 1675/76 and 27 Jun 1676 Between (tax) assessment and date of probate.
Probate[1] 27 Jun 1676

He probably located first at Boston, though there is no record of him there. He was one of the first proprietors of Dover Neck, NH in 1642, receiving a 20 acre grant on the west side of the Back River. He also was granted a 3 1/2 acre house lot on High Street. The house later served as a garrison during Indian attacks. He later moved to Low Street, near his son Jeremiah.

Henry was active in civic life, serving as constable, fence viewer, etc. He was also taxed in Dover from 1648 to 1675.

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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    MIGRATION: 1635 on the James (on 13 July 1635, "shoemaker Herny Tybbot," aged 39, "Elizabeth Tibott," aged 39, "Jeremy Tybbott," aged 4, "Samuell Tybbot," aged 2, and "Remembrance Tybbott," aged 28, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the James [Hotten 108]).
    OCCUPATON: Shoemaker (in England) [Hotten 108]. Planter [NHPLR 2:19b, 9:126].
    FREEMAN: 5 April 1653 [NEHGR 4:247; GDMNH List #355a].
    On 27 June 1676, the "last will and testament of Henry Tibbetts [was] brought into court & proved by Mrs. Judeth Rayner allowed John Roberts an inventory amounting unto £207 5s. unto which he took oath" [NHPLR 5:18; NHPP 40:332; TAG 17:55].
    BIRTH: About 1596 (aged 39 on 13 July 1635 [Hotten 108]).
    DEATH: Between 14 February 1675/6 ("Henry Tibit" assessed at Dover [GDMNH 51, List 359s]) and 27 June 1676 (probate of will [NHPP 40:332]).

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    At Court 10 September 1645 John "Awlte" and Remembrance his wife sued Capt. Thomas Wiggin for wages due to his wife before she came to Pascataquack, New England. Henry Tybbets witnessed that her time of service "did begin the first of March before she came to New England" [NHPP 40:18].

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    Henry Tibbetts, Dover 1643, came in the James from London, 1635, aged 39, with Elizabeth 39; Remembrance 28; one of wh. may perhaps have been his w. and one sis.; Jeremy 4; and Samuel, 2. In the ship's clearance he is call. shoemaker. Where he first sat down is unkn. He support. jurisdict. of Mass. in 1665; by w. Mary [Elizabeth-there was no second wife] had Rebecca wh. m. Thomas Nock; also Thomas; and perhaps others; [only the three children] d. prob. 1678 [1676].

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James (1635)
Two ships called the James sailed from England to New England in 1635, the first in April, this one in July.
Sailed: Jul 1635 from Unspecified port, England under John May
Arrived: Sept 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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