Person:Henry Snider (1)

Henry Snider
d.BEF 26 MAR 1747 Orange County, Virginia
Facts and Events
Name Henry Snider
Alt Name Hans Heinrich Snider
Alt Name Henry Snyder
Gender Male
Birth? 4 DEC 1667 Botenheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Marriage 10 MAY 1692 Cleebronn, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germanyto Dorothea Schilling
Death? BEF 26 MAR 1747 Orange County, Virginia

Heinrich 'Henry' Snider was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Immigration to Germanna Colony

Heinrich 'Henry' Snider and his family are listed among the second group of settlers to Germanna Colony in Virginia in April 1717:

  • Heinrich Schneider (Snyder) and Dorothea

Early Land Acquisition in Virginia

Henry Snider is listed among several Germanna settlers that patented land on the Robinson River (later Madison County) on June 22, 1726:

The name of the Germans who first patented land on the Robinson River and White Oak Run are: Zachrias Fleshman; Henry Snider; John and Michael Tower or Tomer; Matthias Blankenbaker; Nicholas Blankenbaker; Belthaser Blankenbaker; John Brial (Broyles); George Utz; George Sheible; Christopher Zimmerman; Michael Smith; Jacob Crigler; Michael Clore; Michael Cook; George Mayer; George Woodroff; Matthias Beller; Michael Kaifer; William Cimberman (Carpenture); Michael Bolt; all patented land on June 22, 1726. [Source: Germanna records, Spotsylvania & Orange County, Virgina records,]

Will of Henry Snider

  • Pages 106-07. Will of Henry Sneider of the Parish of St. Mark's and County of Orange, being sick and weak in body, dated 30 Nov. 1742.
Unto my daughter Ann Magdalena Aler, widow, one young black cow with her calf.
Unto my grandson Henry Aler all my lands, that is a tract of about 77 acres and but 200 acres of that tract of 400 acres which I have in Shannondore.
The other 200 acres I give unto my grandaughter Elisabeth Tanner.
Unto my grandson Henry Aler all my goods and chattles excepting one red mare with her horse colt which I reserve to my one proper use as long as God shall spare my life and my helth in this workd, but after my decease to my grandson Henry Aler.
I have been moved to make this my will in consideration that I am old and infirm in body as is my dear wife Dorothea Sneider and on my grandson promising to honour and respoect me and my dear wife Dorothea during our lives and to find us due food and clothing and other necessarys of life as also to do the same unto Ann Magdalene Aler widow during her life.
My beloved friends Michael Smith, Andrew Gare executors.
(signed) Henry (*) Smeider.
Wit: Michael Smith, Andrew Gare, Michael (M K) Kafer.
26 March 1747. Presented in Court by Michael Smith and Andrew Gare. Proved by Michael Smith and Michael Kafer. On motion of Michael Smith and Michael Kafer certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate with George Utz and Michael Kafer their securities. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, Dorman, pg. 21].
  • Page 111. Henry Sneider. Inventory. Total valuation [£7.10.0]. (signed) John (J Z) Zimmerman, Peter (H) Fleshman, John (J T) Tomas. 28 May 1747. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, Dorman, pg. 22].

Records of Henry Snider in Augusta County, VA

  • Pages 78-83. 24-25 Aug. 1737. Robert Tanner of Orange County to Christopher Tanner of same. Lease and release; for £30 current money. 200 acres at the Great Mountains... corner to Henry Snyder on the south side of the Robinson River... crossing the Robinson River... three cows, one horse, one mare and colt, nine head of hoggs old and young, and all personal estate. (signed) Robt. (R) Tanner. Wit: D. Bryne, Willm. Pendleton. 35 Aug. 1737. Acknowledged by Robert Tanner. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 40].

Information on Henry Snider

From "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography" Volume 13, by Virginia Historical Society, William Glover Stanard", pg. 365:

A third colony, numbering forty families, came to Germanna or its immediate vicinity in 1719 or 1721, as evidenced by the importation Orders of John Broil, (2d), and William Carpenter. These two colonies were of the Evangelical Lutheran faith, and probably in the year 1726 removed to the Robinson River section, in the present Madison County, Va., where they built Hebron Church in 1740.
Other certified Court Orders from Spotsylvania show that Mr. Henry Conyers was attorney for the Germans, and Col. William Robinson for Col. Spotswood. These Orders also show that on July 6, 1725, upon petition of Michael Cook, Henry Snyder and other Germans, leave was granted them to clear a road trom the ferry at Germanna to Smith's Island up the Rapidan. This indicates that these Germans were then living in the neighborhood of Germanna.