Person:Henry Jordan (6)

b.BET 1665 AND 1675
  • HHenry JORDANBet 1665 & 1675 - Abt 1710
  • WAnn STUBBSBet 1665 & 1675 - Aft 1710
m. BEF 1690
  1. Thomas Jordan, Sr.Abt 1700 - Aft 1765
Facts and Events
Name[1] Henry JORDAN
Gender Male
Birth? BET 1665 AND 1675
Marriage BEF 1690 to Ann STUBBS
Death? ABT 1710 Henrico, Virginia, USA

1705-April- Henry Jordan listed on rent roll- owning 100 acres of land. Henrico County Wills & Deeds of 1710-1714, pg 31. Died 1710. to sons Henry and Thomas my plan tation to be equally divided. The part with the house to Thomas. To each a cow ands a feather bed. The rest to my wifes discretion. To each daughter, one shilling. Dated Nov 4 1710. He is also mentioned in several other wills and deeds Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds, 1688-97, p. 596; 20 Aug. 1695 Timothy Allen toWilliam Soane...lan d...wit: John Bowman, Robt. Huttson, Isaac Burton, Edw.Bowman, Thos. Hobbs, Henry [+++] Jord an, Gilbert Elam Jr., Wm. HutsonHenrico Co. Wills & Deeds, 1697-1705; p. 240 10 Nov. 1701 J oseph Bullington...Ð Henry Jordan, planter...tract north side James River...140 acr es...part of a patent to Robt. Bullington Sr. 10 Mar. 1678; wit: John Wortham, JamesCocke Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds 1697-1705, p. 398; 1 Jun. 1705 will of Thomas Stubbs; dated 26 Oct . 1703; to godson Thomas Rabon, livestock and items; to Henry Jordan's four daughters, each 2 0 shillings, to buy mourning rings; all rest of estate to wife Ann for life, and then to my s on Henry Jordan, Henry Jordan to be executor; wit: Henry Jordan, John HaskenHenrico Co. Wil ls & Deeds 1697-1705; 1 Jun. 1705 Probate granted Henry Jordan on will of Thomas StubbsHenr ico Co. Wills & Deeds, 1706-09, p. 174; 1 Aug. 1709 Inventory of the estateof Jacob Ware...b y Abraham Womack, Hen. Jordan, Rach. Raybone; presentedin Court by Susannah Ware, the relict Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds 1710-14, p. 31; will of Henry Jordan; to two sons Henry and Thoma s, my plantation I live on to be equally divided, the part with the house to Thomas; to eac h a cow and a featherbed; all the rest to my wife's discretion; to every one of my daughters , one shilling; wife to be exec.; dated 4 Nov. 1710; wit: William Wathers, William Whitler [W hitlow?]; probate granted to Anne, relict of Henry Jordan[camara92903.FTW]

  1. Ann Avery Hunter. Ann Avery Hunter-Fellow Researcher & Cousin. (4th cousin once removed-John Sr. JORDAN-common ancestor).