Person:Henry Hudson (1)

  1. Henry Hudson1500 - 1555
m. 1525
  1. William Hudson1528 - Aft 1570
  2. Henry Hudson
  • HHenry Hudson1500 - 1555
m. 1525
Facts and Events
Name[1] Henry Hudson
Gender Male
Birth? 1500 Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Marriage 1525 Tamworth, Staffordshire, EnglandSt. Editha Church,
to Barbara Watson
Marriage 1525 Tamworth, Staffordshire, EnglandSt. Editha Church
to Unknown
Death? 20 Dec 1555 Tamworth, Staffordshire, Englandof malignant fever
Burial? London, EnglandChurch of St. Dustans in the East,

I.D./E-Mail: Place: 895

Henry HUDSON I - b. about 1500, England; d. 1555. One source styles the father of Henry and William HUDSON as 'Henry HUDSON, Gent., Alderman of London, Lord of Manors, etc.' Henry was probably a member of the Muscovy Company, or Association of Merchant Adventurers, which Sebastian CABOT founded by 1553. The Company, chartered in 1555, sought a northern route to China, either easterly or westerly.

Although the Hudson Coat of Arms has changed over the years, the oldest known Hudson Coat of Arms consists of Three Lions in the Rampant position with three boars heads as supporting badges. The symbolism of the lions signifies rearing with strength, courage and loyalty as character traits. My research into heraldry did indicate that three lions on a coat of arms is very rare but to date I have not uncovered the significance. The boars' heads were badges that suggested allegiance to the royal arms of King Richard III. King Richard III utilized boars heads as his identifying badges to signify bravery and perseverance. Possibly, the three lions rampant is significant in identifying with King Richard III also.

The arms of Gentleman Henry Hudson (1st generation recorded here) are described as "argent, semee of fleurs de lis gules, a cross engrailed sable. The early Hudson colonists in Virginia utilized a variation of this arms to mark livestock, lending credence to the relationship to Henry.

SOURCES: Virtually all the information on the Hudson family has been received, either directly or indirectly, from the Hudson Family Association (South) of Longview, TX. Refer particularly to the lineage in BULLETIN No. 39 (p. 69), with addition in No. 51, and the HUDSONS OF CHESTERFIELD chart in BULLETIN No. 50. Much of the information on the HUDSONS OF HANOVER ancestry and the Hudsons of Dickson Co., TN received from Mr. Van. A. Hudson via the internet. Information on the HUDSONS OF AMELIA has been received from too many sources to list here. Please see each individual for Source information (if any listed). Thank you.

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