Person:Henry Honnyng (1)

Henry Honnyng
b.11 Feb 1553
d.22 Jan 1635 Eye, Suffolk, England
m. c. 1542
  1. Jane Honnyng1542 - 1557
  2. Elzabethe Honnyng1544 -
  3. Catterin Honnyng
  4. Franncis Honnyng
  5. Anne Honnyng1548 -
  6. Edward Honnyng1550 - 1609
  7. William Honnyng1552 - after 1610
  8. Henry Honnyng1553 - 1635
  9. Nicholas Honnyng1555 - after 1585
  10. Joan Honnyng1556 - 1556
  11. Captain John Honnyng1557/8 - 1585
  12. Thomas Honnyng1559 - 1572
  13. Franncis Honnyng1560 - 1618
  14. Jemes Honnyng1562 - after 1605
  15. Charles Honnyng1563 - 1589
  16. Roger Honnyng1564 - after 1566
  17. Robert Honnyng1566 - after 1588
Facts and Events
Name Henry Honnyng
Gender Male
Birth? 11 Feb 1553
Death? 22 Jan 1635 Eye, Suffolk, England

Born 11th February 1553. Inherited lands in Brent Eleigh, Suffolk from his father in 1569, aged only 16. Matriculated to Christ's College Cambridge in May 1572; admitted to Gray’s Inn in 1574, and was chosen as an Utter Barrister by Gray’s Inn in June 1583, aged 30. Some time circa 1575, but certainly before 1585, he married Frances DYER, the daughter of Lawrence DYER of Round Hill, Somerset, and sister of Sir Richard DYER. Lawrence DYER was born in 1527, married Jane SOUTHE, and died in 1578. Pictured in a ruff and black striped gown, holding a roll in his right hand, signifying a lawyer. His shield is HONING, differenced by a mullet, the five-pointed star traditionally assigned to third sons, impaling argent a chief indented gules - DYER.


Henry and Frances had two daughters: Mary, baptised at Darsham on 5th June 1586; and Frances, baptised at Eye, 11th March 1587. One of his daughters married Thomas DAYE. A Henry HUNINGS is listed as the lieutenant of Sir William STANLEY in April 1595, when STANLEY was based in the Netherlands and betrayed the English forces to the Spanish.

Ulster Plantation

In 1610 Henry petitioned the Lord Treasurer for the plantation of lands in Ulster recently seized by the Crown. He later took up the offer of land in Ulster under this Jacobean plantation scheme, along with his fellow Darsham resident (and niece's husband) John ARCHDALE. By 1613 he had started the construction of a limestone bawn on his 1000 acre allocation in Lurgh, county Fermanagh. He is on the Fermanagh muster rolls of 1618 and 1631. In 1634 Henry petitioned King Charles I for payment of several debts: he had inherited a debt of £126 13s 4d from his brother William; he lost £230 in his Ulster venture; and lost a further £30 in costs when appearing before the Council relating to his brother James’ ventures against the Spanish. Henry, then aged 81, was too old to travel, and got his son-in-law to petition the King and comiserate his “distressed estate”. Henry died aged 82 and was buried at Eye, Suffolk on 22nd January 1635.

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