Person:Henry Grimke (2)

Henry W. Grimke
m. 1784
  1. Henry W. Grimke - 1852
  2. Thomas Smith Grimké1786 - 1834
  3. Sarah Moore Grimké1792 - 1873
  4. Angelina Emily Grimké1805 - 1879
  1. Archibald Grimke1849 - 1930
  2. Francis Grimke1850 - 1937
  3. John Grimke1852 - 1915
Facts and Events
Name[1] Henry W. Grimke
Gender Male
Death[1] 1852


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    "After becoming a widower, Henry Grimké moved with Nancy Weston to his plantation outside Charleston in order to live with her without social oversight. They appeared to have a caring relationship, Grimke freed Nancy or his children: Archibald, Francis and John (born a couple of months after his father's death), before his death, in his will. When the boys were young, he taught them and Nancy to read and write. He entrusted them in his will to his son Montague to be treated as "family".
    Montague overturned his father's will and separated the boys from their mother, first taking Archibald as a boy to serve him. Later he hired out Archibald and Francis, both of whom rebelled. He never provided well for them or their mother."