Person:Henry Bowyer (5)

Henry Bowyer
b.Est 1700-1710
m. Est. 1685-1700
  1. Henry BowyerEst 1700-1710 - 1760
  2. Michael Bowyer, of Hanover and Augusta County, VirginiaEst 1704 - Bef 1761
m. est. 1755
  1. Col. Henry Bowyer1760 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name Henry Bowyer
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1700-1710
Marriage est. 1755 to Mary Harrison
Death? 1760 Lost at Sea

Information on Henry Bowyer

Henry Bowyer has been identified as either the son or brother of Michael Bowyer, who died abt. 1761 in Virginia. Evelina Gleaves Cohen in "Family Facts and Fairy Tales", identifies Henry as Michael Bowyers brother, both sons of Henry Bowyer of Colonial Virginia. Other sources, including Familysearch (questionable) places him as Michael's son. Since we do not know when Henry was born, it makes his placement problematic. He has been placed as Michael Bowyer's possible brother until additional research becomes known. If he WAS Michael's brother, he was certainly much older than his wife, Mary Harrison, who was born abt. 1733. The fact that Henry Bowyer was apparently a ship's Captain seems to support him being older and a probable brother of Michael Bowyer.

From "Family Facts and Fairy Tales" By Evelina Gleaves Cohen:

Henry Bowyer, who married Mary Harrison of Shenandoah, Virginia, was a seaman and was in command of a ship sunk by Captain Kidd - he and nearly all of his crew lost. His son Henry entered the revolution at sixteen and became a daring young officer in General "Light Horse Harry" Lee's Legion of Picked Men. He married Agatha Madison, a great niece of President James Madison. Col. Henry Bowyer and his first cousin Thomas Bowyer (son of Michael Bowyer), were original members of the Virginia Society of Cincinnatti - the only two members of one family to be so honored.

From "Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: some Pioneers to Old Augusta County", pg. 209:

Mary, the daughter of Daniel Harrison, married Henry Bowyer or Bowyers. He was lost at sea in 1760. Their son Henry married Agatha Madison, their daughter Emiline married Judge Eliu Johnson, and were the grandparents of Mary Johnston, the novelist. Following Henry Bowyer's death, Mary, his widow married William Kavanaugh.