Person:Henry Anno (1)

Henry Anno
b.28 OCT 1775
d.AFT 1830
m. ABT 1767
  1. Sarah AnnoAbt 1770 -
  2. John AnnoAbt 1770 - 1844
  3. Henry Anno1775 - Aft 1830
  4. Elizabeth AnnoAbt 1777 - Aft 1834
  5. William Anno, Sr.1781 - 1853
  6. Rebecca AnnoAbt 1785 -
m. 8 JAN 1798
Facts and Events
Name Henry Anno
Gender Male
Birth? 28 OCT 1775
Marriage 8 JAN 1798 Mason , Kentuckyto Elizabeth Arrowsmith
Death? AFT 1830
Other? Notes

The earliest reference for Henry Anno in Mason County, Kentucky is being the b ondsman for the marriage of Ezekiel Arrowsmith and Elizabeth Keton in 1797. H is marriage to Elizabeth on January 1, 1798 is also listed in Mason County. T he Anno family(s) moved to Kentucky prior to 1797. Ebenezer Zane requested p ermission and was authorized by Congress in 1796 to open a 'road' accross the Ohio country from Wheeling to a point on the Ohio river opposite Limestone, Ke ntucky. Thus, Zane's trace was blazed through the wilderness during the summe rs of 1796 and 1797. This provided a trail between Virginia and Pennsylvania with Kentucky. This may have been the route the Anno's used to reach Kentuck y. Henry Anno and family moved to Ross County, Ohio ca 1800. Bennett's 1902 H istory of Ross County, Ohio "states that the Anno family were members of the B ethel Methodist Episcopal church organized in 1804. The first meetings were h eld in a log cabin on the Arrowsmith farm. Among the early members of the ch urch were the Delays, Crouches, Annos, Arrowsmith, Ritter, Hugh, Andrew, and S amual Little., Timothy Brown, John Beattie, the Buns, Senffs and others." Hen ry Anno is listed on the Ross CO., tax lists for 1807 to 1818. The 1820 US ce nsus for Green Township, Ross County, Ohio list a Henry Anno (4 family members ) and John Anno (6 family members). The 1830 US census for Ohio lists both He nry and John as living in the same place. There are two people living in th e Henry Anno household and four people living in John Anno household. The 183 0 US Census also lists a Thomas Anno with a household of four people. Among t he early settlers of Green Township, Ross County, Ohio was Samuel Little who c ame about 1800. John Anno settle on the southwest corner of section 27, about 1810, and inproved a lot, which he later sold, and with family moved North. Henry Anno settled next north of John Anno, where he made a clearing, which a fterwards he sold, and with family moved to Illinois about 1840. John Ritter settled at the same time in the same section. John stayed on the farm until hi s death. His son Richard bought the land, and he also died there.


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