Person:Hendrick Hendricks (4)

Hendrick Hendricks
Facts and Events
Name Hendrick Hendricks
Gender Male
Birth? 1679
Christening? 18 Feb 1679 Flatbush, New York
Marriage Bef 1706 Holmedel, Monmouth County, New Jerseyto Willemptje Thys Laen Van Pelt
Death? Bef 9 Oct 1735 Holddahl Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Named for his paternal grandfather, he was also known as Hendrick JACOBSEN. He seemed to use his father's patronymic HENDRICKSEN as a surname, a common practice at the time. Was a twin brother to Catalyntie.

The relationship between Hendrick JACOBSEN HENDRICKSEN and Jacob Hendricks HAFTE has yet to be fully proven, but until contrary evidence proves otherwise the Henry Hendricks Family rganization is assuming a father-son relationship between these two individuals.

Howard S. F. Randolf, in his Ancestors and Descendants of Barent Hendrickse Spier and His Wife Catalyntje Jacobs Hendricks, in THE NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD, 1924, Vol. 55, pp. 314-330 accepts this relationship by citing EARLY SETTLERS OF KINGS COUNTY, LONG ISLAND, N. Y., by Teunis G. Bergen, pp. 140-141, who lists Hendrick HENDRICKS as the third husband of Helena Cortelyou. He also lists a Hendrick as the son of Jacob Hendricks HAFTE, but no connection is made between the two.

The largest problem with accepting this connection is the age difference between Hendrick, son of Jacob Hendricks HAFTE, who was baptized 18 February, 1679 and Helena who was born about 1665-67 at the latest. This would put her about 13 to 15 years older than her third husband.

Nevertheless this connection cannot be ruled out on this basis alone. Helena was a wealthy woman and a prominent one. Hendrick Hendrickson had been associated with her husband Denyse Teunnissen and with other of her relatives for some years. Also, Helena died about 10 years before Hendrick di d.

Based on what circumstantial evidence is available it appears that the Hendrick Hendrickson who married Helena was probably not married previously. If Hendrick Hendrickson Sr. had a son older than Hendrick Jr., it seems likely that son would would have come forth at the time the estate of his father was settled. Hendrick Sr. had land at Middletown which probably passed down to Hendrick Jr. and his wife Aeltje Couwenhoven, and then through them to their two sons Albert and Hendrick (Henry) who married Sarah Thompson. Deed records for Monmouth County for this period have been lost, so this is conjectural but consistent with other evidence.