Person:Helen Peabody (2)

Helen Jean Peabody
d.12 MAY 1993 Skowhegan, Maine
m. 26 AUG 1922
  1. Helen Jean Peabody1931 - 1993
Facts and Events
Name Helen Jean Peabody
Gender Female
Birth? 13 FEB 1931 Rumford, Oxford, Maine
Death? 12 MAY 1993 Skowhegan, Maine

Hi all of you: I guess we're relatives! You just never know. I was puttering about with a trial database here at our library and found on it. I've been trying to track down some information about my Gram and Gramp's background -- they are, or I should say were, Sabon Roosevelt Peabody and Elizabeth ('Bessie') Gladys Enman, because I want to build a family tree for my two little squirts. I was, to put it mildly, THRILLED to find the names of Gram's mother and father…I new that Great-Grampie was George, but there are a million George Enmans out there. I found that some of the information on 'Grammie Bessie' is a bit sparse, as well as their kids. Here's where I can supply a bit of information if anyone cares to fill it in. (I don't have an account…yet) Gram was born -- according to her own reports, although I have no physical proof of it -- in Summerside, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The last time I was there I intended to see if I could track down something real, but didn't have a chance. She died in May 1989 in Midlothian, Virginia, where she was living with my Aunt Marion. Aunt Marion, who I believe was the middle child of the three 'Living Peabody' kids listed, is Marion Peabody McBean. Alive, well, and enjoying a whole slew of grandchildren. Her middle name escapes me at the moment. I have her email address at home if you're interested. My mother, Helen Jean Peabody LaVoie, died May 12, 1993 in Skowhegan, Maine. (My eldest daughter Elizabeth, born 5/13/95, is Elizabeth Jean, named both for her Great-Grammie and her Grammie. Oh yes, and the E in my name is Elizabeth. 'Bessie' has a long shadow. I believe some of Uncle Bud's kids were named for her too.) Uncle Bud -- whose real name I believe was George Sabon, died within two weeks of Gram, in May 1989. We actually had a joint memorial service for the two of them in Rumford, Maine at our old church a few weeks later. :-) What a treat to find some of this information!! Thanks! And if any of you wants to pass along some hints as to how I might get involved in this more, I'd love to have them! Kay Kay E. Lowell, M.L.S. Associate Professor, University Libraries Manager, Catalog Dept. James A. Michener Library Campus Box 48 University of Northern Colorado Greeley, C0 80639 (970) 351-2183