Person:Heinrich Haeger (1)

m. 3 Dec 1678
  1. Agnes Haeger1697 - 1725
  2. Anna Catherine Häger1702 - 1728/29
Facts and Events
Name Johann Henrich Haeger
Gender Male
Birth? Aug 1644 Antzhausen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Other? 27 Aug 1644 Netphen, Nassau-Siegen, GermanyChristened
Marriage 3 Dec 1678 Siegen, Nassau-Siegen, Germanyto Anna Catherine Friesenhagen
Death? Mar 1738 Germantown, Fauquier County, Virginia
Occupation? Minister

Heinrich Haeger (Hager) was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Immigration to Germanna Colony

Heinrich Haeger and his family are listed among the first group of settlers to Germanna Colony in Virginia in April 1714:

  • Henrich Haeger, 70, former pastor, his wife Anna Catherine Friesenhagen, and their daughters, Agnes, b. 1697, and Anna Catherine, b. 1702. The two daughters were 16 and 11 while the parents were 69 and 50 when they arrived. This definitely made Rev. Hager the senior citizen in the group.

Information on Heinrich Haeger

Reverand Henry Haeger and his wife, Anna Catharine Friesenhagen, cameemigrated America in 1714 with their two daughters. He was born inAntzhausen in the Catholic part of Nassau-Siegen in 1644, and waschristened on August 27, 1644 at Netphen.

Henry attended the Gymnasium or Latin School at Siegen as a young man,and from there went to the Herborn Paedogogium for further training,being admitted there April 16, 1668. He became a teacher in the SiegenGymnasium in 1678, and married at Siegen December 3, 1678.

Henry continued as a teacher of the third class in the Siegen Gymnasiumuntil 1689, when he was promoted to the position of Conrector, orassociate director of the school. He continued to hold this positionuntil 1703, when he was appointed to the pastorate at Oberfischbach.Just before this date he published a book, a translation from the French,which is discussed in the Fishback genealogy.

Henry's family were shown at Oberfischbach in May, 1708 in a census listof the District of Freudenberg (Siegener Landesarchiv, 16, No. 4),consisted only of himself, his wife, and his son Johann Friedrich, andhis daughters Agnes Catharina and Anna Catharina, besides a manservantand two maids.

On April 3, 1711 he received permission to retire from the pastoratebecause of ill health, but this did not prevent him and his family fromleaving Oberfischbach in the summer of 1713, and emigrating to the NewWorld.

Henry Haeger's full name was Johann Henrich Haeger. Reverand HenryHaeger died in 1737 in Prince William County, Virginia, leaving hisproperty to his wife, Anna Catherine, and to his Fishback and Huffmangrandchildren. His wife was still living in 1733, when the will waswritten, but it is uncertain whether she survived him.