Person:Harvey Couch (3)

Harvey Joel Couch
b.31 Dec 1882 Elmira, NY
m. 28 Oct 1874
  1. LeGrand Turner CouchAbt 1878 -
  2. Harvey Joel Couch1882 -
  3. Clara Couch1885 -
  4. Anna Couch1891 -
m. 27 Jun 1906
Facts and Events
Name Harvey Joel Couch
Gender Male
Birth? 31 Dec 1882 Elmira, NY
Marriage 27 Jun 1906 to Helen Louise Hubbell
Death? Odessa, NY

The History of Catharine, NY says that Harvey Joel COUCH was the son of Charles H. COUCH and Mary TURNER. He married Helen HUBBELL on Jun 27, 1906. Harvey & Helen resided on "Cacklemoor Farm" in Odessa and had 4 daughters, Jane (b. 1908); Mary Louise (b. 1910, Mrs. James H. HERENDEEN, lived in Virginia); Chari (b. 1913, Mrs. Richard SMITH of Grand Gorge, NY); Helen J. (grad. Cornell in 1944). Harvey's father Charles H. COUCH owned considerable property around the Town of Catharine, Schuyler co. and several farms in Veteran, Chemung co., NY.

Harvey is listed in the 1914 American Agriculturalist Farm Directory under Schuyler County, Town of Catharine, in full capital letters as follows:

COUCH, HARVEY (HELEN), 2 CH., BANKER & REAL ESTATE (POULTRY), 0 10A, ODESSA. (His wife was Helen, he had 2 children at the time it was written, he lived in Odessa.)

On page 137 of the book he took out an ad that reads as follows:

Harvey J. Couch Odessa, N.Y. Breeder of Single Comb White Leghorns Day Old Chicks and Custom Hatching. I have installed a 3000 Egg Incubator and am therefore prepared to give excellent service. Day Old Chicks, 10c each. Write or 'phone for prices on hatching.