Person:Harriet Wardwell (16)

Harriet Wardwell
b.17 MAR 1803 Frankfort, Waldo, ME
d.12 NOV 1881
m. 20 SEP 1801
  1. Margaret Wardwell
  2. Harriet Wardwell1803 - 1881
  3. Joseph Wardwell1804 - 1871
  4. Jeremiah Wardwell1805 - 1892
m. 6 JAN 1823
  1. George Stinson1823 - 1854
  2. Mary Jane Stinson1825 - 1900
  3. Asenath Stinson1827 -
  4. Eliza Stinson1829 -
  5. Sylvanus Stinson1831 - 1838
  6. Harriet Amanda Stinson1833 - 1886
  7. Margaret Ann Stinson1836 - 1838
  8. James Andrew Stinson1838 - 1932
  9. Margaret Ann Stinson1841 -
  10. Horatio M. Stinson1844 - 1848
  11. Isaac Stinson1845 - 1864
Facts and Events
Name Harriet Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth? 17 MAR 1803 Frankfort, Waldo, ME
Other 1 JAN 1823 Clinton, Kennebec, Maine, United StatesMarriage Intention
with Isaac Stinson
Marriage 6 JAN 1823 Clinton, Kennebec, Maine, United Statesto Isaac Stinson
Death? 12 NOV 1881

Called Harriet Wardsworth in her marriage record, but there are no Wardsworth in Maine at the time with a woman her age in the census records. Her birth place is found in her daughter Mary Jane's death certificate Fond du Lac Wisconsin County Register

She filed this declaration to seek a Civil War pension which was denied, apparently because she was determined not to be in need.

"State of Wisconsin County of Fond du Lac On this 30th day of July, A.D., one thousand eight hundred seventy nine personally appeared before me, a Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court, a court of record within and for the county and state aforesaid, Harriet Stinson, a resident of the town of Fond du Lac county and state aforesaid, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that Isaac Stinson, who was enrolled on or about the tenth day of June, A.D., one thousand eight hundred and sixty four in Company "G" of the thirty ninth Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers commanded by Colonel Butrick, was her son. That he, the said Isaac Stinson, while in the service of the United States and stationed on picket duty near Memphis Tenn at the time of 'Forest's Raid' into said Memphis, was shot and killed instantly while engaged, aforesaid, at his post. That he was dependent upon her said son at the time of his enrollment, he being her only son living, and but eighteen years of age. That she is a widow. That she therefore, in consideration of the facts as above stated, makes this declaration for the purpose of having her name placed upon the pension roll of the United States. She hereby appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation, C.W. Pinkham of the city and county of Fond du Lac, state of Wisconsin, her true and lawful attorney to prosecute her claim. That she has never received nor applied for a pension. That her Post Office address is town of Fond du Lac, County of Fond du Lac, state of Wisconsin. Harriet Stinson (her mark)"

Her attorney wrote this appeal:

"Fond du Lac, Wis Sept 24/81

Dear Sir, Since the opening again and allowance of Mrs. Laura Clark's claim, I am constrained to ask you to examine in detail that of Mrs. Harriet Stinson. You will observe the ground upon which it was rejected, but the conclusions are entirely erroneous. The property owned by applicant's husband, at the time of the death of the soldier, asside (sic) from the homestead was entirely unproductive, and a burden upon his hands, he being an invalid and only able to labor a part of the time. The family subsisted upon a very small sum. Further, the evidence shows that the soldier being their only son, had arranged with the parents to take the homestead and care for the parents during their natural life. They never saw him after entering the service, the father subsequently died, and the mother a confirmed invalid, and dependent upon charity for subsistance, to a large extent. Now, my dear sir, I ask that in simple justice to the aged mother that her application be reconsidered. I ask the favor upon the absolute merits of the case. I have great confidence in your desire to deal justly with all, and can but believe you will entertain my request favorably. I certainly would not press any claim which I did not regard as a valid one and entitled to the benefits provided by a considerate government. Hoping to receive a favorable reply. Truly yours C.W. Pinkham"