Person:Hans Heller (1)

Hans Jacob Heller
m. Abt 1662
  1. Hans Jacob HellerAbt 1662 -
  1. Johan Christoph Heller1688 - 1778
Facts and Events
Name Hans Jacob Heller
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1662 Pfeddersheim, Pfaltz
Marriage to Anna Sarah STRICKER
LDS Event? 3 Jun 1994 Dallas, Texas, United StatesBaptism
LDS Event? 18 May 1996 OaklaBaptism
LDS Event? 3 Jul 1996 OaklaEndowment
LDS Event? 18 Oct 1996 OaklaSeal to parents
LDS Event? 18 Mar 1999 South Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, United StatesBaptism
LDS Event? 15 May 1999 South Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, United StatesEndowment
LDS Event? 27 May 1999 South Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, United StatesSeal to parents
LDS Event? 5 Jun 1999 Dallas, Texas, United StatesEndowment
LDS Event? 18 Sep 1999 St. Louis, Missouri, United StatesSeal to parents
LDS Event? 12 Apr 2001 Klein, Harris, Texas, United StatesBaptism
LDS Event? 14 Apr 2001 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United StatesBaptism
LDS Event? 4 Apr 2006 Klein, Harris, Texas, United StatesEndowment
LDS Event? 18 Apr 2006 Klein, Harris, Texas, United StatesSeal to parents
Ancestral File Number 4W0X-RS
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1992 Aug Ancestral File 1993 IGI Pfaltz now Germany

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Name: Hans Jacob HELLER 1 Sex: M Birth: ABT 1662 in Pfeddersheim, Rhein-Hesse, Germany Death: BET 1690 AND 1694 in Pfeddersheim, Rhein-Hesse, Germany Note: "Hans Jacob Heller was born about fifteen years after the end of the Thirty Years War. His father, Hans Conrad, was a recent immigrant from Switzerland who had taken advantage of the enticements offered those who would help resettle the devastated Rheinland. Hans Conrad Heller seems to have gotten well connected into the village of Pfeddersheim in the short time before his unfortunate demise. The wedding of the widow Heller in 1667 shows us that Conrad died a few years after the birth of his only son, Jacob... Soon after the marriage of Hans Jacob Heller and his bride, Anna Sara Stricker, the couple conceived their first child. It was a son, who they named Johann Christoph. He was born to the Heller family sometime near the end of the year 1690, and was apparently an only child. About the time of Christoph's birth, his father Jacob Heller died, leaving a second generation to grow up without their natural father. The exact date of Jacob's demise in unknown, but the proximity to the French Army's invasion and sacking of Pfeddersheim in 1689, should not be overlooked as a possible cause. We can be certain that Jacob was deceased prior to 1699, when his wife Anna Sara nee Stricker was remarried. Her second husband being the master blacksmith, Simon Wendel, who had been born in Morstadt in April of 1658. Years later, Simon Wendel would serve on the Pfeddersheim city council." (Michael D. Robinson, The Heller Family of Pfeddersheim, Germany and Northampton, Pennsylvania; Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Christoph Heller and Veronica nee Lavall, Third Edition; 25719 Jeans Road, Veneta, Oregon, May 2000; pages 9-10)