Person:Hannah Robinson (30)

Hannah Robinson
b.abt. 1724
m. Abt. 1724
  1. Hannah Robinsonabt 1724 -
  2. Sarah RobinsonBet 1725 - 1740 - Aft 1792
  3. David RobinsonAbt 1725 - 1800
  4. Rebecca RobinsonBet 1725 - 1745 - 1797
  5. John Robinson, Jr.1730 - 1817
  6. Isabella Robinson1736 - Bef 1797
  7. Jean RobinsonAbt 1746 - Bef 1797
  8. Mary RobinsonAbt 1748 -
m. abt. 1741
  1. Rachel RobinsonAbt 1741 - Bef 1812
  2. Hannah Robinsonabt 1741 -
  3. Jane 'Jean' Robinsonabt 1745 -
  4. David Robinsonabt 1749 -
  5. John Robinsonest 1750-1760 -
  6. Isabella Robinsonest 1750-1760 -
  7. Margaret Robinsonest 1750-1760 -
  8. James Robinson, Jr.est 1750-1760 -
  9. Sarah Robinsonest 1755-1765 -
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Robinson
Gender Female
Birth? abt. 1724
Marriage abt. 1741 Prob. Virginiato James Robinson, of the Borden Tract

Clue to the identitiy of the husband of Hannah Robinson:

Subj: Re: Other Robinson family in Augusta County Date: 12/24/2004 2:11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details)

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It dawned on me (duh!) a few weeks ago that Rebecca Robinson Hay's sister, Hannah Robinson, married a Robinson (a cousin, perhaps?)

Upon reading your data on the two Hay families of Augusta, VA, it was obvious that my Charles Hay was not directly connected to those families, yet........lingering questions remained in my mind.

The Chalkley Chronicles referred to a James and Hannah Robinson dated 1769. And I have the record from GreenvilleCo, SC where in 1772 James and Hannah Robinson sell land to Jameston Hatcher, bro-in-law of Charles and Rebecca, who are also there in GreenvilleCo.

When I read your 2nd Robinson file, I was looking for a James who could have been Hannah's husband and there it was!!

4. JAMES3 ROBINSON (JAMES2, JAMES1)6 was born Abt. 1717 in Of Augusta County, Virginia6. He married HANNAH ???.

I'd bet the ranch this is Rebecca Robinson Hay's sister, Hannah.

I have no clue yet where Charles Hay met and married Rebecca, nor do I know where his sister, Sarah, married an unknown Bowling before she married Jameston Hatcher, but I really do believe Charles Hay/Rebecca, James Robinson/Hannah, and Sarah Hay/Bolding were in GreenvilleCo, SC in 1772. For many reasons, our research indicates that it was likely that Sarah Hay Bolding's husband died in SC c1775 and shortly thereafter she married Jameston. I believe Sarah and Jameston had not known each other earlier. By 1780 Charles and Jameston were in WashingtonCo, VA/TN. I don't know if James/Hannah returned with them.