Person:Hannah Matthews (12)

HANNAH Jane Matthews
b.Jun 1856 Ontario, Canada
Facts and Events
Name HANNAH Jane Matthews
Gender Female
Birth? Jun 1856 Ontario, Canada
Marriage 2 Jan 1873 Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario, Canadato Hugh Irwin
Death? 25 Jun 1927 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Burial? Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, CanadaSt Paul's Agricola Cemetery

Name and Relationships

Name: HANNAH Jane Matthews. The 1881 census listed her name as Hannah J and the 1891 census listed her name as Hannah Jane? (indistinct). The 1911 census listed her initials as H.J. and the 1921 census as Hannah J. Her marriage registration listed her name only as Hannah Matthews. Her grave marker listed her name only as Hannah Irwin. She used the name Hannah

Parents: William and Hannah Matthews. Source is Hannah's 1873 marriage registration.

Personal History

1856 - Birth: HANNAH Jane Matthews was born in June, 1856 in Ontario. Source is her grave marker in St. Paul's Agricola Cemetery, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and marriage registration. Birth month is listed in 1901 census. HAVE NOT FOUND A BIRTH REGISTRATION.

1873 - Marriage: On January 2, 1873, Hannah Matthews 17 (this infers that she was born in 1856) married Hugh Irwin 23, at Bracebridge, Ontario. Both were listed as Episcopal. The marriage registration listed Hannah's parents as William and Hannah Matthews. Strangely, it listed Hugh's place of birth as Goderich which is incorrect as he was born in Ireland. Source is their 1873 marriage registration. NOTE: Hugh and William were married in the same year, within a month of each other. Interestingly, they were not listed as witnesses at each other's wedding.

1881 - Census: On April 4, 1881, Hannah J. Irwin 23 (infers she was born in 1858), born in Ontario, German origin was living on the farm in Chapman Township with her husband, Hugh Irwin 34, born in Ireland, and Hugh's mother, Mary Irwin 60, born in Ireland, widowed. Source is 1881 Census of Canada, Township of Chapman, Strong and Joly, District of Muskoka. NOTE: It appears that his mother moved in with them after Hugh's brother, William, died in 1878 at the age of 36.

1891 - Census: On April 6, 1891, Hannah Jane? Irwin 35 (infers she was born in 1856), was living on the farm in Chapman Township with her husband, Hugh Irwin 44, Farmer, along with their four children, Margaret 9, Hanna 6, Abraham Johnston 4, Mary 2, his mother, Mary 70, widowed, and two employees: Boland boys aged 16 and 18. NOTE: The image of the census is very indistinct - difficult to determine some of the names of the children. This census lists both of Hannah's parents as coming from Germany. She was born in Ontario. Source is 1891 Census of Canada, Chapman and Croft Township, Muskoka and Parry Sound District, Ontario, page 15.

1901 - Census: On March 31, 1901, Hannah Irwin 40 (born 9 Nov 1860), was living on a farm in Alberta near Fort Saskatchewan with her husband, Hugh Irwin 56 (born 2 Nov 184? illegible), and their seven children: Irnie? 17 (born 22 Jun ?? illegible), Johnstone 14 (born 2 Nov 1886), Mary 12 (born 2 Mar 1888), Arthur 10 (born 28 Apr 1891), William 7 (born 22 Dec ?? illegible), Gladis 5 (born 28 Sept ?? illegible), Laura 2 (born 6 Mar 1899). In addition, the following people were included in the household: Hannah's father, William Matthews 74 (born 6 Jun 1826 in Germany), widowed, John ?? illegible 27 (born 4 July ?? illegible in Ontario from a German background) and Mary Irwin 81 (born 4 Mar 1820 in Ireland), mother, widowed. The record indicated that both Hugh and Mary Irwin immigrated to Canada in 1848. Source is 1901 Census of Canada, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta District, page 4.

1911 - Census: On June 1, 1911, Hannah Irwin (listed as H.J.) 55, (born June 1856) was living on a farm in Alberta near Fort Saskatchewan (Section 3, Township 54, Range 22) with her husband, Hugh Irwin 67, and their five children whose initials only are given in the census: A.J. (Son) 25 (born Nov 1886), M.M. (Dau) 21 (born Mar 1890), A.H. (Son) 19 (born Apr 1892, E.G.? (Dau) 13 (born Sept 1898), L.M. (Dau) 11 born (Mar 1900), and his mother Mary, 98 (in this census, her birthday is listed as Feb 1813). This census listed both Hugh and his mother as immigrating to Canada in 1862. Source is 1911 Census of Canada. NOTE: It is interesting that Mary Irwin is listed in this census because she apparently died a few months earlier on Feb 16, 1911 (as listed on her grave marker).

1921 - Census: On June 6, 1921, H. J. Irwin 64 (infers a birth year of 1857), was living at 8361 Selkirk, Point Grey, Vancouver with her husband, Hugh Irwin 78,and their daughter Lillian M., 20. Source is 1921 Census of Canada.

1927 - Death and Burial: Hannah Irwin died on June 25, 1927 in Edmonton. Source is her death registration Alberta Provincial Archives, Ref. No. 101-401. She was buried in St. Paul's Agricola Cemetery, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Grave Marker: HANNAH IRWIN 1856-1927 Beloved wife of HUGH IRWIN. St Paul's Agricola Cemetery, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.