Person:Hance Hamilton (1)

Hance Hamilton
  1. Hance HamiltonAbt 1690 -
  • HHance HamiltonAbt 1690 -
  1. Lt. Col. Hance Hamilton1721 - 1772
Facts and Events
Name Hance Hamilton
Alt Name Hans Hamilton
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1690 Ulster, Republic of Ireland
Immigration[2] 24 Aug 1729 New Castle, Delaware, United States
Occupation[2] Sea Captain
  1.   Gibson, John. History of York County Pennsylvania: From The Earliest Period To The Present Time. Divided Into General, Special, Township and Borough Histories, With A Biographical Department. (Chicago: F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886)

    "'Among the roll of forty-nine officers of Scotland in 1649 was Sir Hance Hamilton who obtained adjudicated lands in the Province to the amount of one thousand acres. From him Colonel Hance Hamilton of York County, Pennsylvania, doubtless descended."

  2. 2.0 2.1 Boyds In America, in Boyd, Scott Lee. The Boyd family : including the allied families of Bell, Bracken, Cullar, Cunningham, Finley, Gaut, Hoover, Hough, Markle, McGrew, Parrish, Perry, Pinkerton, Scholl, Speer, Warfel, Welday, Williams: with special reference to Mercelia Louise Boyd (daughter of the compiler). (Santa Barbara, Calif.: S.L. Boyd, 1935)

    The Boyds with which this book deals came from the north of Ireland with one hundred and forty other families, under the leadership of Hance Hamilton, landing at New Castle, Delaware, August 24, 1729.

  3.   Source needed.
    • Early Settlers of Hamilton ban Township

      :About 1729 the Governor of Pennsylvania, in order to stop further encroachment on the part of Maryland, sent word to the Penn brothers, sons of William Penn, to send him some fighting men.

      :The Penn brothers sent a colony of 140 families from Ulster, Ireland, led by Captain Hance / Hans Hamilton. This colony of Scotch-Irish settlers landed at New Castle, Delaware, August 24, 1729, and went almost immediately to what is now Adams County, where they took up land and began to build their homes. Captain Hance Hamilton had 6 sons and 2 daughters. One of his sons, also named Hance, became Sheriff of York County.

      :In 1735, the proprietor of Maryland, Lord Baltimore, granted 5,000 acres in what is now Hamiltonban Township to Charles Carroll, who named it Carroll's Delight. In 1741 Archibald Beard, John Withrow, James McGinley and Jeremiah Lochery purchased Carroll's Delight. At that time, the purchasers believed that the land was in Maryland, and it was not until the Mason-Dixon line was surveyed in 1767 that it was determined that Carroll's Delight was actually in Pennsylvania.

      :In 1739-40, the Penn brothers laid out, in what is now Adams County, Pennsylvania, a reservation for themselves and family of 43,500 acres which was called The Manor of the Masque. They ordered all settlers to be removed from this tract, but the Scotch-Irish who had settled there refused to leave. This reservation included much of the land that had been settled by the colony led by Capt. Hance Hamilton besides many other colonists' that had moved into this section of the state. The Manor of Masque reservation adjoined Carroll's Delight to the east, and included what is now Gettysburg.
  4.   [Note: I need some help from an expert on the line of Capt Hance Hamilton who immigrated 1729 with 140 Scotch-Irish and eventually settled in York Co, PA. There has been mixing up concerning the 3 Generations of Hance Hamiltons.

    1) (Sea) Capt. Hance Hamilton b. c. 1690 in Ulster Ireland the man who led the fabled 140 families to PA, landing in 1729.

    2) Lt. Col. Hance Hamilton b. 1721 Ulster Ireland, d. 1772 York PA (son of #1) - who became the 1st sheriff, and later went on to have an illustrious, but short, career in the French and Indian Wars.

    3) Col. Hance Hamilton b. c. 1745 (son of #2) - who became prominent in his own right, and became a Colonel about the time of the American Revolution]