Person:Griffin Crafts (7)

Lieutenant Griffin Crafts abt 1603
  • HLieutenant Griffin Crafts1603 - 1689
  • WAliceabt 1600 - 1673
m. by abt 1628
  1. Hannah CraftsAbt 1628 - 1692
  2. John Craft1630 -
  3. Mary Crafts1632 - 1653
  4. Abigail Crafts1634 - 1706/07
  5. Samuel Crafts1637 - Abt 1691
  6. Moses Crafts1641 - 1718
  • HLieutenant Griffin Crafts1603 - 1689
  • WUrsula Adams1619 - 1679
m. 15 Jul 1673
  • HLieutenant Griffin Crafts1603 - 1689
  • WDorcas French1614 - 1697
m. aft 20 Feb 1679/80
Facts and Events
Name Lieutenant Griffin Crafts
Gender Male
Birth[1] by abt 1603
Marriage by abt 1628 Englandto Alice
Emigration[4] 1630 with the Winthrop fleet
Marriage 15 Jul 1673 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusettsto Ursula Adams
Marriage aft 20 Feb 1679/80 After death of their prior spouses.
to Dorcas French
Will[1] 18 May 1689
Death[1] 4 Oct 1689 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Estate Inventory[1] 27 Nov 1689 £288-10; £250 in real estate
Probate[1] 9 Nov 1690

Marriage Sequence

Lieutenant Griffin Crafts had three wives: Alice -----; Ursula Adams widow, first, of Samuel Streeter, second, of Samuel Hosier, and, third, of William Robinson; and, third, Dorcas French widow of Christopher Peake.

Vital Date Confusion

Ursula Adams, (death) Feb. 20, 1649 [sic, 1679]; Griffin Crafts, (death) Aug. 21, 1690.[3]

"As a result of the second marriage of Griffin Crafts, to Ursula, the daughter of Henry Adams, several dates for vital events in this family are found in a Streeter family Bible [see immediately above]. In that record the death date for Griffin Crafts is given as 21 August 1690, whereas his death date from his inventory was given as 04 October 1689, and the inventory was taken on 27 November 1689, so the 1690 date must be wrong. The death date for Ursula Adams is recorded in the Bible as 20 February 1649, which is wrong by decades, and the year of death of 1679 is an editorial suggestion. When the date of a vital event is found only in this Bible, then, it should be treated with some skepticism."[1]

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    Origin: Unknown Migration: 1630 First Residence: Roxbury
    Church Membership: "Griffith Crofts" was admitted to Roxbury church as member #45.
    Freeman: 18 May 1631 (as "Griffin Crofte")
    Birth: By about 1603 based on est date of first marriage (1628)
    Death: Roxbury 4 Oct 1689 [SPR 8:224]

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    Griffin Crafts, Roxbury, 1630; came, probably, with wife, Alice, and daughter, Hannah, in the fleet with Winthrop; freeman, 18 May 1631; had John, born 10 July 1630, the earliest birth in town record; Mary, 10 October 1632; Abigail, 28 March 1634; Samuel, 12 December 1637; and Moses, 28 April 1641; was lieutenant; selectman; representative, 1663-1667; artillery company, 1668; and died, 1690, leaving widow Dorcas, his third or fourth wife, who died 30 December 1697; but he had former wife, for he married, 15 July 1673, Ursula, widow of William Robinson of Dorchester, being her fourth husband; and in the record is Alice Crafts, died 26 March 1673, aged 73. In his will, made 18 May 1689, proved 9 November 1690, of which Samuel was executor, he names Abigail, who had first married, 24 January 1651, John Ruggles, as wife of Edward Adams; Hannah, as wife of Nathaniel Wilson; and grandchild Ephraim, son of John. Apostle Eliot spells his name Crofts; in some other records, e is used for s final; and often the first five letters made the name.

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