Person:Godfrey Fowler (3)

Godfrey Fowler, I
m. 1 Feb 1662
  1. John Fowler
  2. Mark Fowler
  3. Martha Fowler
  4. Godfrey Fowler, I1670 - 1743
m. Bef 1694
  1. Thomas Fowler
  2. Martha Fowler1696 - Bef 1747
  3. John Fowler1698 -
  4. Mark Fowler1703 -
  5. Godfrey Fowler, II1710 -
  6. Joseph Fowler1715 -
  7. Ann Fowler1723 -
Facts and Events
Name Godfrey Fowler, I
Gender Male
Birth? 1670 Henrico County, Virginia
Marriage Bef 1694 Henrico County, Virginiato Susannah Wilson
Death? Apr 1743 Henrico County, Virginia
Will[1] 29 Jun 1743 Henrico County, Virginia

Quote from House of Fowler: "TO GODFREY FOWLER THE FIRST, OF HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINIA, MOST OF THE FOWLERS IN THE SOUTH AND WEST CAN CLAIM PARENTHOOD." The descendants of Godfrey Fowler, the only one of the sons of John Fowler the first to leave any descendants, have spread to every state in the Southland, and have played a very important part in the founding and growth of this nation. Through the years they have been known for their honest industry, moral strength, piety and courage.

GODFREY FOWLER was born in 1670 in Henrico County, Virginia.

Godfrey inherited land from his father in several different places the last of which was the Fowler Homestead at Old Town Creek between Richmond and Petersburg. This was the scene of Horrible carnage in the war between the States, when Petersburg and Richmond fell.

Godfrey was a member of the Society of Friends (Quaker).

June 1, 1691, from John Fowler will, Godfrey I declared only heir alive, 2 bros. no issue. Godfrey won suit against Thomas Batt, who was ordered to be ejected from the land.

February 1, 1695 Henrico Deeds, p 379 a convey of 50 acres from Godfrey Fowler to John Wilson, both of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA, w/consent of wife, Susannah. No money or transportation of persons was mentioned in this conveyance of land. Book H, Page 34.

January 22, 1717, Godfrey I had a land grant with Geo. Archer of 50 acres in Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Virginia volume 10 page 347, for transport of 10 persons to Virginia. John Ironmonger, Phillip donalson, Wm. Stiles, Matthew Ford, John Ellington, Margaret Brook, Sue Fowler, Frances Merryman, Sarah Green, Flionoy Dawson. 500 acres borders Col. Epps & Co., Wm Taylor. Signed A. Spotswood. "H" p 38-39 & See for other land pat. George Archer, Jr.

May 1743, Will of Godfrey Fowler I, died April 1747 Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Virginia. Wit: John Parkenson and Henry Dance.

Godfrey died in April 1747 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, Virginia.

    "In the name of God, Amen! I, Godfrey Fowler of Henrico County, Va., being of perfect health and sound memory-thanks be to God!- but knowing this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following:
    "First, I desire that my son John Fowler may have the whole use and benefit and advantage of the plantation on which he now lives, with all the Land on the north side of the Spring Branch, during his natural life, or his abode upon said plantation. After his death or removal I give and bequeath the aforesaid plantation and Tract of Land to my Grandson Godfrey Fowler, son of Mark Fowler" (the second Mark) "to his heirs forever.
    Then I give my son Godfrey Fowler the plantation and tract of Land whereon he now lives, lying on the south side of the aforesaid Spring Branch, crossing Cattail creek to William Dunifents Spring Branch, thence keeping that Branch to the line, to him and his heirs forever.
    "Then I desire that my daughter (in law) Phebe, widow of my deceased son, Thomas Fowler, may have the whole use and benefit and advantage of the Tract of Land and Plantation whereon my deceased son dwelt containing two hundred acres, the same more or less, as it is already laid off by Mark't Trees &c during her natural life or widowhood and after her death or marriage I give the aforesaid Plantation and Tract of Land to my two Grandsons William and Josiah Fowler, sons of my aforesaid son Thomas Fowler, to them and their heirs forever, to be equally divided between them.
    "Then I give and bequeath to my son Mark Fowler the Tract of Land and Plantation on which he now lives containing 200 acres as is now laid off by Mark't Trees &c to him and his heirs forever.
    "Then I give and bequeath unto Thomas Ellis the Plantation and Tract of Land whereon he lately dwelt containing 200 acres more or less as laid off my mart trees &c to him and his heirs forever, it being the Tract of land weh he bought of my son JOSEPH FOWLER and the right not yet conveyed.
    "Then I give and bequeath unto John Smith 100 acres of Land or be the same more or less joining upon the Land which I have given to Thomas Ellis to him and his heirs forever, he having fully satisfied me for the said land and the right not conveyed before.
    "Then I give my son JOSEPH FOWLER One Shilling Sterling.
    "Then I give my Daughter Anne Hill one Sealskin Trunk.
    "Then I give my son Mark Fowler all the Cattle he has of mine in his possession and the Debt he owes me.
    Then I give my Daughter Martha Vadin one Leather Chair which she has now in her possession.
    "I desire that my Estate may not be appraised. All of the rest of my estate of (what) nature or kind soever I give unto my Son Godfrey Fowler my whole and Sold Executor of my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand and affixed my Seal this 29 Day of June 1743.
    "Godfrey Fowler"
    "Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the ssd Godfrey Fowler to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us John Parkenson, Henry Dance, Allick Moore."

    "At Court held in Henrico County the first Monday in May 1747, this will was presented by the Ex'r and upon his Solem affirmation (he being a Quaker) and proved by John Parkenson and Henry Dance, two of the witnesses thereto, was admitted to record. Test: Bowler Cocke, C. C."
    Therefore Godfrey Fowler the First was dead by May, 1747 as inventory of his estate was presented to the court held August 1747, by William Blacky on behalf of Godfrey Fowler Exec. Joseph Fowler.