Person:Godehilde (1)

Facts and Events
Name[2] Godehilde
Alt Name Godehilde Borrell
Alt Name Godehuit Borell
Alt Name[1] Godehuet BORRELL
Alt Name Godeheut Borrell
Alt Name[3] Godechildis
Alt Name Godenheut
Gender Female
Birth[1] 995 Tosni, France
Alt Birth? 1010 Normandie, France
Marriage bef 1030 Normandie, Franceto Richard d'Evreux, Count of Évreux
Alt Marriage aft 1040 to Richard d'Evreux, Count of Évreux
Alt Death[2] after 1055
Death? 1077 Normandie, France
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    "The careless identification of the two wives of Roger de Tosny as one person has sometimes resulted in the false attribution of Godehilde as a daughter of Ramon Borrell."

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  4.   Here are Baldwin's views on the children of Roger and Godehilde:
    Ralph de Tosny (definitely a child of Roger and Godehilde)
    Adeliza (mother unclear)
    Robert de Stafford (mother unclear)
    Helbert (mother probably Roger's other wife)
    Helinand (mother probably Roger's other wife)
    Vuazo (mother probably Roger's other wife)
    Berengar (not a son of Roger by any wife)
    Bertha (not a child of Roger by any wife)