Person:Gilbert Wardwell (4)

Gilbert Edward Wardwell
b.16 JUL 1893 Lake County, OR
m. 21 JUL 1880
  1. Elizabeth Wardwell - BEF 1906
  2. Samuel Sargent Wardwell1881 - 1918
  3. Cora A. Wardwell1883 - 1970
  4. Jennie WardwellABT 1886 - BEF 1906
  5. Alice Wardwell1889 - 1975
  6. Gilbert Edward Wardwell1893 - 1978
  • HGilbert Edward Wardwell1893 - 1978
  • WLura R. Stone1897 - 1974
Facts and Events
Name Gilbert Edward Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 16 JUL 1893 Lake County, OR
Death[2] 26 JUL 1978 Fall River Mills, Shasta, CA
Occupation? Bank Cashier in 1920, Taxidermist in 1930

Living in Big Valley, California at 1920 census. Nephews Ernest and James are living with him. Living in Alturas, California at 1930, renting for $30/month. Nephew Ernest is living with them. "Susanville, Cal., Oct. 9-The shortage in the accounts of G.E. Wardwell, former manager of the Bieber branch of the Lassen Industrial Bank here, who has been bound over to the superior court, will total between $46,000 and $48,000, it was announced today by officials of the bank. Wardwell, who resigned recently, was arrested on a complaint sworn to by Jules Alexander, president of the bank. He is at liberty under $20,000 bonds." -Reno Evening Gazette 09 October 1924.

"The Wardwell family, from a distant location, settle one half mile from Silver Lake. Their departure from the area took them to San Francisco, California. Mr. Wardwell worked in a commercial bank. His position there is unknown at this time. Their home in Silver Lake was later purchased by E.G. Graves....A huge amount of money was missing from the San Francisco bank where Burt Wardwell was employed. Yes, embezzled, stolen. The thieves positioned themselves as trustworthy. Conspirators they were, indeed. They place the thievery on Burt Wardwell. Wardwell, well knew, he wasn't involved. However, the jury found him guilty. The stolen money was not to be found. Wardwell was convicted and imprisoned in Alcatraz for fifteen years. During time on the "Island Hotel", he told about many horror stories. One of the more significant ones was the bed-bug paintings on the prison walls. Bed bugs, after sucking fresh blood from sleeping inmates, were found throughout the area. Inmates would place a finger on a full mounded bed bug, squish the blood and draw pictures on the walls opposite their "bug bitten cell mates," who were asleep. The food, at times, consisted of bread and water only. Unsophisticated odors were prevalent and unbearable. Dirty socks and most clothing needed immediate attention. Mr. Wardwell was taught the art of taxidermy while incarcerated. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wardwell was working feverishly to to clear her husband's name and get him home where he belonged. Her dedication was unrelenting during those years. After spending huge amounts of money on attorney fees, her efforts were finally rewarded. Burt Wardwell was released from prison. The real culprits were located through the efforts of Mrs. Wardwell's attorneys. Burt was released from the infamous Alcatraz Island with only a cougar hide rug under his arm. The Wardwells, with the cougar hide, returned to Silver Lake in 1925. The cougar hide rug was eight feet long when spread on the floor at Lone Pine. -The Lone Pine Ranch, Maurice Graves Emery

"County Employee Leaves Race Alturas, Calif. One of five candidates to date to file for two positions on the city council has withdrawn from the race - Gilbert Wardwell. Wardwell announced his withdrawl from from the April 8 election when he learned that if he were elected, he would not be eligible to receive county retirement benefits. He is a deputy sheriff for Modoc county, and is eligible to retire in June." -Reno Evening Gazette 08 March 1958

Listed in 1967 Stockton, California Directory living at 6125 Glenbrook Lane, Retired.

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