Person:Gerrit Smits (2)

Gerrit Smits
  1. Gerrit Smits1806 -
  2. Johanna Smits1809 -
m. 10 Apr 1834
  1. Pieter SmitsAbt 1835 -
  2. Helena Gerrit Smits1837 - 1911
  3. Cornelis SmitsAbt 1841 -
  4. Johannes SmitsAbt 1843 -
m. 15 Feb 1850
Facts and Events
Name Gerrit Smits
Gender Male
Birth? 13 Feb 1806 Klundert, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Marriage 10 Apr 1834 Sommelsdijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Bertha Bremmers
Marriage 15 Feb 1850 Melissant, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Kaatje Touw

Translated copy of militia record for Gerrit Smits:

Gratis Model Litt LL.Service year Art. 200 by Law 1825


The State-Council Governor of Zuid Hollanddeclares that Gerrit Smits, born at Klundert, 13 February 13 1806, occupationassistant painter, son of Pieter, and of Cornelia Koopman,

in themunicipality of Dirksland [text illegible] is registered in the National Militia; [and]to him the [selection] number of 35 is assigned by the drawing of lots, which up to the present has not been called [for] him to do his duty.

Done at The Hague, 20 March 1834.

The State-Council, [and] aforementioned Governor, [Signature of Governor illegible]


Height 1.75 meters Face: oval Forehead: rounded Eyes: brown Nose: normal Mouth: normal Chin: rounded Hair: brown Eyebrows: brown Scars: right cheek Signature: G. Smits

Registration no. 705 [Signature illegible]

Translation of marriage license for Gerrit Smits and Bertha Bremmers:

No. 6 Gerrit Smits and Bertha Bremmers

Inthe year one thousand eight hundred thirty-four, the tenth day of the month ofApril, at the eleventh hour, was shown before Jacob de Graaf, mayor and secretary of the municipality of Sommelsdijk, [and] civil council of this municipality: Gerrit Smits, twenty-eight years old, profession painter, residence Middleharnis, born at Klundert on the thirteenth of February Eighteen hundredand six, as evidenced by [his] birth certificate, and given on the twenty-first of Marchof this year by the mayor of the municipality of Klundert, [being] of age, sonofPieter Smits and Cornelia Koopman, [and] grandson of Gerrit Smits, Johanna de Vries, Jan Koopman, and Johanna de Haas, all deceased at the municipalitiesKatwijk, Rotterdam, and Ooltgensplaats, according to the death certificates given by the mayors of the aforementioned municipalities. And Bertha Bremmers, twenty-eight years old, profession servant, living in this municipality, born at Gronau in the Kingdom of Pruisia on 26 December in the year one thousand eight hundred and six, according to the certificates of her baptism on 10 November last year, given by the clergyman of Gronau as he is also in this position of civil council of the municipality of Gronau, [being] of age, daughter ofLodewijk Bremmers, deceased at Goedereede and Helena Radink, deceased at Lochem, according to[their] death certificates of Goedereede and Lochem. She has declared to [thiscourt] under oath that the names, residencies, and also the places of the deceased grandparents on her father and mother's side are unknown.

They haverequested [this court] to confirm their proposed marriage. The proclamation ofthe purposed marriage has been done here (Sommelsdijk) and in Middleharnis before the door of the town hall on Sunday the 23rd and on the 30th of March, bothat 11 o'clock [in the morning.]

There was no objection to this marriage made. And [this court] also taken note of Gerrit Smits has done his duty in the militia according to the certificate given by the governor of Zuid Holland and also thathe had the permission to marry given by the commanding captain of the first battalion of the fourth regiment of Zuid Holland marksmen. So [this court]has fulfilled their request, after reading out loud all of the certificates mentioned previously, the 6th chapter of the civil law book, and both purpose were asked if they take each other as man and wife, they both gave their affirmation. [This court] declares, according to the law, that Gerrit Smits and Bertha Bremmers are married and that [this court] has made a deed in the presence of Daniel vanZuuren, sixty-six years old, shopkeeper, Jacob Schellevis, fifty-threeyears old, laborer, Petrus van Aerts, forty-three, watchmaker, Frans van Gelder, sixty-seven years old, no profession. They all live in this municipality. They also declare that they all know the