Person:George Trombley (1)

George Franklin TROMBLEY
b.3 Aug 1880 , , New York, USA
m. Abt 1857
  1. Theophilus Jeremiah Trimble1859 - 1943
  2. Peter TRIMBLE\TROMBLE, Jr1859 -
  3. Sarah Jane TREMBLE1862 - 1923
  4. Florance M TREMBLE1862 - Aft 1943
  5. Rosella TREMBLEAbt 1863 -
  6. Josephine K TRIMBLE1865 - 1948
  7. Louis Alexander Tremble1866 - 1936
  8. Margaret TREMBLE1868 - Abt 1924
  9. Elizabeth TREMBLE1869 -
  10. Lillian May TrimbleAbt 1869 - Aft 1943
  11. Charles TREMBLE1871 -
  12. Harriet TREMBLE1873 - Aft 1943
  13. Theodore William Pompadore TREMBLE1874 -
  14. Francis Roger TREMBLE1875 - 1929
  15. Richard TREMBLE1877 - Bef 1943
  16. John TRIMBLEBet 1877 & 9 - 1948
  17. George Franklin TROMBLEY1880 - 1965
  18. Bessie E Trombley1888 - 1971
  • HGeorge Franklin TROMBLEY1880 - 1965
  • WRose M BECKERAbt 1889 -
m. Apr 1913
  1. Rosemary Jane Trombley1923 - 2003
Facts and Events
Name George Franklin TROMBLEY
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 3 Aug 1880 , , New York, USA
Marriage Apr 1913 Buffalo, Niagra, New York, USAto Rose M BECKER
Death[4] 24 Oct 1965 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA
Burial[5] 27 Oct 1965 Grand Lawn Cemetary, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Lynne Guillot stated that George Franklin Trombley is her grandfather and her great grandfather was Peter Trombley who married Mary Jane Green in 1856. She further states that George had a brother who started a barber shop in Spokane WA and that George had taken the train to visit him in WA probably before 1905. I always thought my grandfather lived in Bay City all his life. However, my Uncle’s adoption papers and places my grandparents living in Buffalo in 1920 and grandfather’s confirmation in Buffalo 3/14/1913. I always thought he was a Lutheran, however, the confirmation book indicates he was confirmed in the “Church of England� (Methodist?). Per Lynne Guillot This is a second letter George wrote to the Square & Compass Club. The first letter he wrote in January of 1958. George and Rose moved back to Detroit in May of 1958 and stayed with my family until they found a place in Detroit. This was a letter written to the club while he was living with us in January of 1959. George was a very strong man. Mother said he used to win money lifting heavy loads. To my knowledge, neither grandparent drove a car. I am not sure if George knew how to drive and I know that Rose did not know how to drive. George loved history and had a terrific memory. He smoked a pipe and if I had an ear ache he would blow smoke in my ear to "relieve the discomfort". He also chewed tobacco. He made terrific pancakes, buckwheat. I never knew the recipe but he would have a crock in the "back room" he would prepare the night before he made breakfast. It took me a lot of years to realize he was making sourdough pancakes with buckwheat. My grandparents were great entertainers with a lot of friends. They had card parties and people over a lot. Everything was quite formal. They were very active church functions and had quite the social life. I remember as a kid I loved Vicks cough drops. George always had a supply. George and Rose attended a large dinner at the Masonic Temple in Detroit and for some reason they took me along (before I was 41/2). When the "speeches" came, George placed me on the floor behind his chair. I remembering somehow getting his box of cough drops from his pocket and I began to eat all of them. DISTRESS!!!!! to the max. George knew I was in trouble and without saying a word slipped a cupped hand behind his chair where I promptly spit out all the cough drops without creating a stir. I never did that again. George and Rose didn't drink. They would on holidays serve concord wine after dinner. That was the only time I ever saw or heard of them drinking. Rosemary said that George did not believe in it and when he worked on the lakers (ships on the great lakes) many men would drink but he never would I, also, know that George survived small pox. I am not sure when that happened but he was young. I am not sure if anyone else in the family got it or not. George died 11 days after I turned 16 and had a stroke about 3-4 years before prior to his death ( I believe I was eleven when he had his stroke-have to think on that one). As a result, I was not old enough to ask questions about his extended family. My grandmother Rose would tell me about her family some and was particularly close to Bessie and Margaret. The organized albums that my grandmother had disappeared, somewhere between my mother moving to Florida (1979) and about ten years ago. George was my best playmate until I was four and 1/2 when Mom Rosemary and Ernest (Dad) Urban moved from Detroit proper to the suburbs (Livonia) in 1954. In June 1955, George and Rose moved to Florida. My grandfather, George, was a great playmate!!!! I believe he retired shortly after I was born (October 1949), since I remember him coming home from work and hiding candy and I would look for it. When he retired, he was my one and only playmate until my sister, Sherry, was born in June, 1953. Of course being a baby, she wasn't too much fun at first so Grandpa filled the gap. We had tea partys, dress-up, played store and "the greatest little dancer in the world" (I was the dancer he was the audience-if I saw someone (imaginary) who didn't clap, grandpa would have me grab them by the neck and bring them to him, he would punch them in the (imaginary) nose and tell me to flush them down the toilet which I immediately did!) I have a lot of good stories and pic of that time. I loved my grandfather

  1. Pg 30 supervisor's Dist
    pg 30 family # 343.
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  3. On grandfather's birthdate............ I believe he:always thought he was born in Michigan since he wasn't very old when they moved, or, didn't know exactly when or where he was born, or, it was easier to claim a different state (one that he was living in and he had verification that his parents lived in), or, to elude some members of the family, or, a combination of the above or some other unknown reason.
    He obviously had contact with several family memebers over the years, but, it is still a mystery.
    As you will note in the attached documentation, he did not apply for a birth certificate until 1940. I don't know if the application at that time had to do with collecting retirement or soc sec. law but he managed to get by without a birth certificate for some time or so it appears.
    In any case, it appears that George was about 4 years old than we previously believed.

    1880 Census Brockport, Monroe, NY</b>
    taken 12 Jun 1880, pg 30, family 343, says George, male, son, 4/12 months, single, b. NY, both parents b. Canada
    Birth date & place from personal information from daughter Lynne Guillot
    <b>1910 Census, Buffalo, Erie, NY</b>, 16 Apr 1910, Sheet 3-B, Dwelling # 45 Family 3 60, says George Tremble, son, male, 26 yrs, single, b. MI, father b. NY, mother b. MI, sawyer in box factory, can read & write (NOT SURE THIS IS THE SAME GEORGE)
    <b>1920 census, Buffalo, Erie, NY</b>, taken 15 Jan 1920, Sheet # 25-A, Dwelling # 522 Family # 588, says George F Trombley, head, rents home, male, 25 yrs, married, can read & write, b. MI, both parents b. Canada, can speak English, Shipping Clerk in auto factory
    <b>1930 Census, Detroit, Wayne, MI,</b> taken 10 Apr 1930, Sheet # 9-A, Dwelling # 131 Family # 5, says, George F Trombley, head, owns home, has radio, doesn't live on farm, male, 45 yrs, male, didn't attent school during yr, can read & write, b. Mi, father b. Canada French, mother b. NY, speaks English, foreman in auto plant</li>
  4. He died in Northwest General Hospital per his death certificate, Lynn hasty has a copy and Lynne guillot has the original, the death certificate says male, white, married, says date of birth 3 aug 1884, was 81 when died, says he was a ret (i believe retired) inspector for the chrysler corporation, said birth place michigan and was us citizen, said his father's name was Peter TROMBLEY and mothers name Mary Jane Green, wife's name ROSE M, said he was never in the US armed forces, informants name Mrs Rose M Trombley, address 10165 AURORA, Detroit MI, no autopsy done, says he was buried 27 Oct 1965 @ GRAND Lawn Cemetery, in Detroit, MI</li>
  5. Per Georges' grandaughter Lynne Guillot, he is buried @ Grand Lawn Cemetary, Detroit, MI, next to his brother Ted</li></ol>