Person:George Steele (31)

George Steele
b.Bef 1728
  • F.  Steele (add)
  1. George SteeleBef 1728 -
  2. Samuel Steele1733 - 1823
Facts and Events
Name George Steele
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1728

Land Records

FAIRFAX COUNTY DEED BOOK B P. 404-405: Indenture 8th August 1748 between Charles Tyler of county of Fairfax and GEORGE STEELE of same...for sum of five shillings...doth covenant with said Charles Tyler to serve him...full term of six whole end of term Charles Tyler doth oblige himself to give George Steele one horse not exceeding seven years old and sufficient saddle and bridle and also as much course cloth as will make a Jacket and Breeches and brown linnen to make a shirt also a pair of shoes and stockings....In presence of James Hampton, Joseph Watkins, Arthur Torogh...Indenture recorded 20th September 1748.
Signed George (X) Steele

Records in Virginia

1760......To James Nisbett p. Accot. For keeping & Physicking GEORGE STEELE 1195...Foushee Tebbs Appointed Parish Collector for the ensuing year...James Scott, Minister: Church wardens; John Buchannan, Henry Peyton, William Carr, Lewis Reno, John Baylis, Wm Seal, Vestrymen.
FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1759-1778 PAGES 321-326: 23 MAY 1771. B & S Bet...(same as above).. and John Churchill and Armistead Churchill...178 A...part of Kettle Run Tract..L89..oak in Morris line...cor. to GEORGE STEEL....Signed: as above. Wit. As above..Rec: as above.
FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1759-1778 pages 334-336. 23 May 1771.. B & S. Bet. As above.. and Samuel Steele...192A...Kettle Run Tract..L96.. beg. With Ambrose Barnard in the Hedgers Cor...signed, wit, rec: as above.
FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS.. Pages 336-339. 23 May 1771. B&S. Bet. As above and John Shirley 150 A...175..Cor. to Ambrose Barnard..Order marked AB at end of Neavil's old Meadow in one of the patent GEORGE STEELE'S line...signed, wit, rec: as above.
26 April 1773 B&S Between John Churchill and Sarah his wife, Armistead Churchill and Elizabeth, his wife and James McClanahame ...£150 ... oak on the Carolina or Jersey road ... line of Benjamin Morris ... line of James McClanahame ... crossing Kettle Run ... line of George Steele ... line of John Tomlin ... 178 acres ... Signed: John Churchill, Sarah Churchill, and Armistead Churchill. Recorded 26 April 1772 Acknowledged by John, Sarah and Armistead Churchill. [Note: The "Kettle Run Tract" was part of the estate of Charles Carter, Esq., dec'd, and was being sold by the executors of his estate to pay his debts].

Possible Estate Records

[Some researchers believe this may be the same George Steele]

August 1781 Will of GEORGE STEEL. Administrator: John Steel. Witnesses: Lamuel Willson, John Ratly: John Rhea CC (Vol. 1; p. 64) * [Source: Sulliven County, Tennessee Wills and Administrations. "Early Records of North Carolina" Abstracted and Complied by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Vol. 1 - Vol. 8; Also listed in Vol. V 100-Sullivan County TN Wills and Administrations 1 Jan 1781-1 Jan 1783]
November 1782 Will of GEORGE STEEL. Administrator: James Steel, Wit: Thomas Ramsy, David Steel. John Rhea CC. P.64 100-Sullivan County TN Wills and Administrations 1 Jan 1781- 1 Jan 1783
May 1783 GEORGE STEEL inventory returned to court (Wills and Administration 1 Jan 1783-1 Jan 1784...99- Sullivan County Tennessee John Rhea CC.
847. GEORGE STEEL of Sullivan Co. Tenn. Appraisal of estate by Wm. (x) Beale, John Cooper. Proved 13 Feb 1784 before Mattw. Rhea