Person:George Pickett (11)

Col. George Bible Pickett
  1. Col. George Bible Pickett1832 - 1914
m. 4 Jul 1850
  1. Willis N. Pickettabt 1852 -
  2. Mary F. Pickett1854 - 1911
  3. Thomas Pickett1856 - 1951
  4. Lucille Elizabeth Pickett1859 -
  5. George Pickett, Jr1862 - 1880
  6. America Pickett1865 - 1932
  7. Jessie Pickettabt 1866 -
  8. Augustus Pickett1869 - 1951
  9. Electra Pickettabt 1875 -
Facts and Events
Name Col. George Bible Pickett
Gender Male
Birth? 9 Jul 1832 Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky
Marriage 4 Jul 1850 Red River County, Texasto Cordelia Scarborough
Military? 1861 Wise County, TexasRaised a company of 100 men for Confederate service, of which he was elected captain. Promoted to major, Mar 1862.
Military? 1864 ArkansasPromoted to lieut. col. commanding the 15th Texas Cavalry when the regiment was reorganized at Little Rock. Soon after his promotion, James W. Throckmorton requested that Pickett be transferred to Decatur to recruit more men for service and to assist in negotiating with Indians in the area who had begun attacking farms and ranches. A week before Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered, Throckmorton ordered Pickett to find and return a band of 100 deserters from the Confederate Army who were attempting to escape into New Mexico. Pickett captured the soldiers and returned them to face trial for desertion. This action produced numerous threats on Pickett's life from angry citizens in and around the county. But with the war's end and the remembrance of Pickett's reputation as one of the leading citizens of the county, the anger subsided and was soon forgotten.
Occupation? 1870 TexasOne of the largest stockraisers in north Texas, with herds in several counties, but began to suffer considerable losses from Indian depredations.
Other? 1874-1876 Wise County, TexasServed two terms in the Texas House of Representatives.
Other? 1876-1878 Wise County, TexasServed as county judge.
Other? 1882-1886 TexasServed three more terms in Texas House of Representatives.
Death? 10 Jul 1914 Decatur, Wise County, Texas
Burial? Oak Lawn Cemetery, Decatur, Wise County, Texas