Person:George Hubbard (15)

George Hubbard
b.Cal 1601 England
  • HGeorge HubbardCal 1601 - 1684/85
  • WElizabeth WattsEst 1622 - Est 1702
m. Bef 1642
  1. Mary Hubbard1641/42 - 1721
  2. Joseph Hubbard1643 - 1686
  3. Daniel Hubbard1645 - 1704
  4. Samuel Hubbard1648 - 1732
  5. George Hubbard1650 - Bef 1675/76
  6. Nathaniel Hubbard1652 - 1738
  7. Richard Hubbard1655 - 1732
  8. Elizabeth Hubbard1659 - 1725
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] George Hubbard
Gender Male
Birth[2][6] Cal 1601 England
Emigration[1] 1639
Residence[1][2][3] 1639 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage Bef 1642 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child (Mary).
to Elizabeth Watts
Residence[1][3] 1652 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Will[6] 2 May 1681 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Alt Death[6] 16 Mar 1684/85 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Death[1][2][4] 18 Mar 1684/85 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[6] 13 May 1685 £243-10-00. Taken by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White, William Warde.
Probate[6] 3 Sep 1685 Will proved.
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    No credible evidence connects this George Hubbard with George Hubbard of Wethersfield, Milford and Guilford.

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  5.   George Hubbard, in Find A Grave.

    While George Hubbard may well have been buried in Riverside Cemetery, apparently no gravestone survived when the Hale Collection was created in the 1930's. The monument shown in this memorial is one to the founders of Middletown.

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    Hubbard, George, Middletown. He died 16 March, 1684-5. Invt. £243-10-00. Taken 13 May, 1685, by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White, William Warde. Legatees: the Widow, son Joseph age 42 years, Daniel 41, Samuel 37, Nathaniel 33, Richard 30, Mary (the wife of Thomas Ranny) 44, Elizabeth (the wife of Thomas Wetmore) 25 years of age. Will dated 2 May, 1681.

    I George Hubbard of Middletown, being about 80 years of age, yet in comfortable health of bodie and having the use of my understanding as formerly, do make this my last Will & Testament:

    Imprimis: I give to my Eldest son Joseph Hubbard, besids what I have formerly given him, one Acre of my meadow At a place called pasen chauge on the East sid the Great River, to ly on the North sid the Cricke which Runs through my Land. It. I give to my son Danill Hubard, besids what I gave him formaly, two Acres of Swompe at the west end of my Long meadow swompe Next the bogie meadow. It. I give to my son Samuel, besides what I formerly gave him, the on halfe of my halfe mile Lott on the East sid the great River, divided by the List in 1673. It. I give to my son Nathaniel Hubard my peice of bogie meadow, being about on acre & quarter, Lying Next Mr. Giles Hamlins meadow; more over I give to my sayd son Nathaniel all that my meadow on the South sid of the Crick at pason chag on the East sid the Great River; more over I give to my sayd son the one halfe of my Leaven acre Lott at the South End of the towne; I give allso to my sayd son the on Halfe of my Great Lott at the Long Swamp, as allso the on halfe of my great Lott in the westernmost Rang of Lotts. It. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Hubard All the Rest of my Land on the East sid the Great River, besides what is formerly Desposed of, both which is Layd out & which is Lotted for by the List of Estate in the yeare 1673, only my half mille Lott excepted; It. I give to my Daughter Mary Rany fourty shillings out of my Estate, but on further consideration instead of that fourty shillings I give my sayd daughter the on halfe of my halfe Mille Lott on the East sid the Great River, devided by the List in 1673. I give to my son Richard Hubard my hous I now Dwell in & my barne and all other buildings, with my home Lott they stand on; as also my Long meadow Land & the Rest of my Long meadow swampe besids that I have given to my son Danill, hee allowing my son Daniel a Lamas highway to goe to the Swampe I give him if need Require: more over I give to my sayd son the other halfe of my Leaven Acre Lott at the south end of the towne, as allso the other halfe of my Great Lott at the Long Swampe, & Likewise the other halfe of my great Lott in the Westermost Rang of Lotts. Moreover it is my meaning herein, and my will is, that my sayd son Richard shall be my solle Executor, Injoyning him to provid Comfortably for his mother During her widow hood, And to pay all my Just Debts for my Desent Buriall; more over I give to my Loving wife Elizabeth Hubard all my housould Goods During her Natural Life, and after her Deseas my will is that my houshould Goods be equally Devided between Nathaniel And Richard & Elizabeth, Except the Great Kettle, which I will to my son Richard. And farther it is my will that my Loving wife shall have the South end of my hous To Dwell in by her self if shee see caus, & rome in the seler for her nesesary use During her widow hood. More over on farther Consideration my will is that my wife Shall have halfe my hom Lott & halfe my orchard during her widow hud, as also on Cowe, And soe to provid for her selfe, & that my son Richard shall pay her three pownds pr year of Corent pay of the Country During her natural Life.

    GEORGE X HUBARD, senior.

    Upon farther Consideration I see cause to give the whole eleven acres of Land over the two Sticks brooke by the fulling mill to my Son Nathaniel.


    Signed in presents of us: Sar. Samuel X Ward. John Hall senior, Ebenezer Hubbard.

    I Request my Loving brethren Robert Warner & Deacon John Hall to be the over seers to the performance of my will. 27 February, 1683-4.

    Court Record, Page 112─3d September, 1685: Will Proven."

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  8.   "Bishop's Bible" now in possession of the Ct.State Library, donated by Louis Blossom Hubbard.