Person:George Greenway (2)

Lt. George Greenway
m. Bef 1750
  1. Lt. George GreenwayEst 1750 - 1828
  2. Hannah GreenwayAbt 1753 -
  3. William GreenwayAbt 1755 - 1839
  • HLt. George GreenwayEst 1750 - 1828
  • WDinah Kelly1757 - Aft 1830
  1. Joseph GreenwayEst 1775 -
  2. Nancy Greenway1782 - 1869
  3. Elijah Greenway - Bef 1828
  4. Richard Greenway1785 - 1858
  5. Sarah N. GreenwayBef 1801 -
Facts and Events
Name Lt. George Greenway
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1750 Frederick County, Virginia
Marriage Frederick, Virginia, United Statesto Dinah Kelly
Death[1] 7 Nov 1828 Montgomery, Virginia, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 (not a reliable primary source).

    About Lieut. George Greenway

    "George and William Greenway were volunteers under (Capt Daniel) Morgan, Geo. being appointed a lieutenant in the Va. State Line, and William going to Quebec with Morgan, in the same company with....." From: Recollections of William Greenway Russell, page 17

    "Cartmell listed the following as being thought to have been members of the company ((Daniel Morgan's Rifle Company)), who escaped capture at the time of the assault on Quebec and returned to Frederick County, and were accepted as comrades by the prisoners when they returned. He added, however, that they may have been confused with members of the rifle companies recruited in 1777. Robert Anderson, William Ball, George Greenway, Mark Hays, George Heiskell, Frederick Kurtz, Simon Lauck, Seth Stratton. If we include these eight names we have a total of 93, which is very close to the number frequently mentioned as the membership of the company, which is 96. " From: Men and Events of the Revolution in Winchester and Frederick County Virginia, Vol. IX Bicentenial Issue of the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Papers, page 57.

    Name George Greenway Rank Lieut. Line Cont'l No. acres 2666 When warrant obtained - December 17, 1813 Time in Service during war (Source: Revolutionary War Records Virginia, p 98)
    Warranties (A-B) No. 6114-6 Name: George Greenway Rank: Lieut. Service War. (Source: Virginia Military Land Warrant - Virginia Military District of Ohio, granted for Revolutionary War Service. State Continental Line Beginning Aug 8 1782.)
    George Greenway Sargy (sic) in 11th Virginia Regiment, Continental line. January 21, 1777. Ensign May 30, 1777, resigned July 20, 1777, awarded 2,666 acres of land. (Source: Historical Register of Virginians In The Revolution, 1775-1783, John Gwathmey.)

  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Virginia documents pertaining to George Greenway VAS3766
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris.

    [The following is from bounty-land records in the Library of Virginia misfiled as Green, William. The long statement referred to is dated 14 Jan 1812, but is otherwise not legible enough for transcription.]
    The object of the within long detailed statement, [three undeciphered words] the Case of George Greenway before the Legislature; but before his arrival in Richmond, the time for [undeciphered word] Petitions had elapsed. He now Calls upon me to Certify that the facts contained in the statement are correct; and means to address the same in support of his Application to the Executive for a Bounty in Lands. As I was acquainted with George Greenway from his Infancy, and living in the Neighborhood with him, it is perfectly in my recollection that in the month of November or December 1776 he enlisted in the 11th Virginia Regiment on Continental establishment, commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan (I think) for the war, soon after which he was promoted to the rank of Ensign in that Regiment – in the beginning of the year 1777 Congress directed that sixteen additional Regiments shou’d be raised, & authorized the Commander in Chief to appoint the officers. Charles M. Thruston [Charles Mynn Thruston X806] was appointed to the Command of one of these Regiments, in which George Greenway was promoted to the rank of Lieuten’t – some partial enlistments were made, but the Regiment was never compleated.
    [undeciphered word] the officers were disposed of by Congress, [several undeciphered words]; but my impressions are, that such of them as did not accept of a year’s pay were considered supernumerary, but of this I am unable to Certify with any degree of certainty. I can only add that I always considered him a brave soldier & respectable Citizen; I perfectly remember him on an Expedition against the upper Shawnee Towns in the spring of the year 1774, & likewise on Lord Dunmore’s Campaign against the Indians in the fall of the same year; on these expeditions he distinguished himself as a brave & orderly soldier
    26th January 1812.
    James Wood [BLWt2419-500] formerly B. Gen’l
    Continental Army

  3.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of George Greenway R20376 VA
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris.

    For the purpose of obtaining the benefits of an act, entitled “An act for the relief of certain surviving Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution,” approved on the 15th of May, 1828, I, Samuel Henderson administrator of George Greenway deceased, in the county of Montgomery, in the State of Virginia do hereby declare that I verily believe that the said George Greenway was an officer in the continental line of the army of the Revolution and served as such during the war, part of which he was supernumerary [with insufficient troops for a command] at which period he was a Lieutenant in the sixteenth regiment of the Virginia line commanded by Colo Charles M Thruston [Charles Mynn
    Witness my hand, this 6th day of March, in the year 1830 Sam’l Henderson Adm’r. of
    George Greenway Dec’d.

    Montgomery County Virginia Court
    BEFORE ME, Henry Edmundson a Justice of the peace for the County of Montgomery in the
    State of Virginia personally appeared, this day, Sally Greenway and Rachel Franklin of the said County, who did severally make oath, that George Greenway mentioned in the foregoing application deceased, on the seventh day of November 1828
    Witness my hand, this 27th day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty –
    The Revolutionary records in this Office furnish no information whatever in relation to the
    services of Lieutenant George Greenway of the Virginia line.
    War Dept. Bounty Land Office/ April 20th 1830
    The name of George Greenway cannot be found on the list of Officers of the Virginia line, among those, returned at the Close of the War, as entitled to Bounty Lands from the U States – nor has a Land Warrant ever issued in his name Wm. Gordon
    General Land Office/ 21 April 1830.
    It appears from the List of Warrants issued by the Register of the Land Office Rich’d. Va that George Greenway is stated to have been a Lieutenant for the War.
    Auditors Office [Richmond VA] May 13 1830

    Dear Sir, I duly received your’s of the 7 inst, and should have answered it sooner, but for
    the difficulty of obtaining the information which you requested concerning Geo. Greenway. The Records of this office shew that he received a Certificate for his depreciation as an officer in the Virginia line on Continental establishment, and the Land office furnishes proof of his having drawn warrants for land bounty amounting to 2666b acres. I have had to search the Executive Chamber for proof of the period of time he served as an officer and by his own affidavit which is filed there it appears that he became Supernumerary as early as 1777.
    If you wish I can have a copy of the affidavit certified by the clerk of the council
    Yours with much esteem and respect
    / Jas E. Heath

  4.   An American Family History - Greenway Family.

    George Greenway was born about 1750.

    He married Dinah Kelly.

    Joseph Greenway (1775, married Nelly Webb).
    Sarah Greenway (1780),
    George Greenway (1784, married Rachel Webb)
    Richard Greenway (1793).

    Nelly and Rachel were daughters of John Webb. When he died, they inherited 5,000 acres in Greene County, Tennessee.