Person:George Frazier (10)

Lt. George Frazier, Merchant
b.Bef 1734
  • HLt. George Frazier, MerchantBef 1734 - Bef 1773
  1. Esther FrazierBef 1755 -
  2. Mary FrazierEst 1757 -
Facts and Events
Name Lt. George Frazier, Merchant
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1734
Marriage to Unknown
Military[1] 5 Dec 1755 To LIEUTENANT GEORGE FRAZIER Alexandria, December 5, 1755
Military[1] 27 Jan 1756 To LIEUTENANT GEORGE FRAZIER January 27, 1756.
Death? Bef 3 Apr 1773 Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Estate Records

£2000 Michael Robinson, guard[ian], to Mary Fraser, orph. of George Eraser [sic, s/b Frazier], with Thomas James, sec. Apr. 3, 1773.

Records in Spotsylvania County, VA

June 9, 1760. Alexander Wright of Fredksbg., Mercht., to James Hunter and George Frazier of Fredksbg., Merchts. yz interest in Lots 23 and 24 in Fredksbg. Anthony Strother, Eichard Holt, William Knox, William Strachen. Augt. 4, 1760.

Other Frazier Records in Spotsylvania

Sept. 6, 1733. Henry Fitzhugh of Stafford Co., Esqr., to Susannah Livingston of Spts. Co., widow, lease of 100 a. in Spts. Co. "To Susannah Livingston, Thomas Matthews, her servant, and James Frazier, son of William Frazier, taylor," etc.; on Fest. of St. Luke, Oct. 18th, 500 lbs. of tobacco, etc., yearly rental, etc. Witnesses: Sarah Fitzhugh, Lettice Lee. Eecd. March 5, 1733-4.
£100 Frances Frazier, admx. of William Frazier', deed.[sic, s/b dec'd], with John Gordon and Susannah Livingston, sec. Apr. 2, 1734. (Note: possible father?)
Jany. 7, 1755. Anthony Foster of Spts. Co. to James Frazier and Betty, his wife, the daughter of sd. Anthony Foster. Deed of Gift. 234 a. in Spts. Co. No witnesses. April 1, 1755.
Septr. 7, 1761. Roger Dixon of Fredksbg, Mercht., and Lucy, his wife, to Andrew Frazier of sd. town, Mason. £25 curr. Lot 227 in Fredksbg. No witnesses. Sept. 7, 1761.
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    To LIEUTENANT GEORGE FRAZIER Alexandria, December 5, 1755.
    As a quantity of Salt is wanted at Fort Cumberland for curing the provisions, you must endeavour to purchase it upon the best terms you can; and I shall fulfil any contract you may enter into. What I have engaged here has been at 2/ per bushel. You may procure six or eight hundred bushels at that rate, and see that they are forwarded to Winchester as expeditiously as possible: in order to do this, you must hire and impress Waggons; those Horses which were send round from Williamsburgh, are also to go up; and a Military Chest which Mr. Allen 55 made for me, is to receive the first conveyance. You are to remain in Fredericksburgh and Falmouth, seeing these things done, until further Orders.
    All the Recruits which now are, and shall arrive at Fredericksburgh, between this and the 25th. Instant, must immediately proceed to the Rendezvous at Winchester.
    N.B. Enquire of Mr. Dick and other Merchants, whether Commissary Walker has engaged Salt of them: if he has, you have then only to forward it up.

    To LIEUTENANT GEORGE FRAZIER January 27, 1756.
    Sir: You are really appointed to Captain Hoggs Company as Captain Peachy told you; and I am sorry to say, as it is disagreeable to you, that you must abide by this regulation; and repair to the Company with all convenient dispatch.
    If it is absolutely necessary for you to go by Fort Cumberland; I must recommend diligence, as your presence may be wanting. As to your having Fort Duty this year, it is no other than what I expect we all shall have (I see no prospect of taking the Field:) and if I judge right, you may have as good and opportunity to reap Laurels on Jackson's River, as at any other Station on our Frontiers; along which I expect the Troops will all be posted.
    Since you mention how much Captain Hogg and Son are addicted to disputation; I think it my duty to caution you against it. For if any difference arises, by which the Public Service is in the least retarded; the Offender shall certainly answer it to a General Court Martial; and undergo the utmost rigour of the Sentence.
    It is possible, Captain Hogg's Company may be marched on a certain expedition, Ordered by the Governor; should this be the case, you are to remain at the Garrison until his return; and as soon as that happens, relieve Lieutenant McNeil, and order him to join his Troop.