Person:George Armstrong (12)

b.1759 [[Place:Juniata Co [Sic] PA|Juniata Co [sic] PA]]
  1. Robert Armstrong, (?)Abt 1750 -
  2. Sarah ARMSTRONG1753 - 1841
  3. John N ARMSTRONGBet 1755 & 75 -
  4. George ARMSTRONG1759 - 1842
  5. Alexander ARMSTRONG1763 - 1857
m. 1786
  1. Sarah ARMSTRONGAbt 1791 -
  2. James ARMSTRONG1791 - 1867
  3. John E ARMSTRONG1796 - 1866
  4. Alexander ARMSTRONG1798 - 1820
Facts and Events
Gender Male
Birth? 1759 [[Place:Juniata Co [Sic] PA|Juniata Co [sic] PA]]
Marriage 1786 Lancaster Co PAto Elizabeth ARDERY
Death? 21 MAR 1842 Sandusky, Ohio, United States

He is marked as a veteran in the 1840 census, Sandusky Co OH. From “Earliest Armstrong Ancestors” by Kathy Alvis Patterson: Scotch-Irish Armstrongs from Eastern Pennsylvania In 1987, I corresponded with Carol Anders of Fountain Valley CA. Carol sent a FGS which gave the dates for her George Armstrong as b 1759, d 21 Mar 1842 Sandusky Co OH. His wife, Elizabeth Ardery, died on 17 Aug 1831 and is buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Benton NY. Their children were Sarah (ca 1790), James (ca 1791 PA), John E (1796) and Alexander (1798). Carol wrote, “George Armstrong was drafted into the Revolutionary War at the age of seventeen. He was a resident of the town of Juniata, Cumberland Co PA [Juniata Twp was founded in 1793-KP] when he entered the service on 25 Dec 1776. He served as a sergeant in the company of militia commanded by Capt James Gibson. He marched to Philadelphia and from there to Trenton and Princeton in New Jersey where he was under the command of Gen Israel Putnam. This was about the time that the Hessians were captured at Trenton. George served for two months, fifteen days and was discharged and returned to Juniata. “In 1778, he was again drafted, this time in Capt Matier’s Co, Col Smith’s Regt, Gen Lacy’s Brigade of Militia. He went to Crooked Billet near Philadelphia, served two months and was discharged. “In 1780, George was drafted for the third time, in the Co of Capt Hurl, under Maj Elliot, was on duty principally in Northumberland Co for two months and then was honorably discharged. “After the war ca 1793, George and his family went by boat to Ontario Co NY where he purchased a farm in Benton. He and his wife Elizabeth had at least four children [above]. In 1832 George applied for a pension, which was granted for the amount of $28.33 per annum. “George applied for a transfer of his pension to Sandusky Co OH in 1834, stating that his reason for removing to the State of Ohio was to live with his children. In his will dated Feb 1836 he gives $1000 to his daughter, Sarah Chapman; to his son James all his personal property; and to James and John E all of his real estate to be equally divided. George died on 21 Mar 1842 and is buried in Wickwire cemetery, Bellevue OH.” George was part of a family of probable brothers John and George, with a sister Sarah, all of whom resided in Jerusalem Twp, Ontario Co NY, in 1800 and possibly Benton, Oneida Co NY, in ca 1809 and also 1810. George was born before 1755, John and Sarah between 1755 and 1775. There are clear indications they were siblings of the Alexander Armstrong who moved to MI, including the Chapman family connection. Living within a few miles of each other were, supposedly, two families of Armstrongs, each with these names John, James, George and Alexander. But the men of this family are pretty much the same age as the James and George Armstrong from Somerset Co NJ. And there are no references at all to NJ in this family; they seem to have been in PA as late as the 1790s. Alexander Armstrong, a Revolutionary War veteran from Pennsylvania, with a documented younger, second wife, Grissel Chapman, who died in Washtenaw Co MI, was, if his stated birthdate is correct, not a brother of James Armstrong of Geneva NY, since both were born in 1763. Based on county of origin in PA, it is probable this man was a brother of the Benton NY family. This Alexander has not been identified in 1800 or 1810, although he may have been in Mercer Co PA in 1810, but in 1820 was in the same town where another Alexander Armstrong had resided, with a wife, two sons 16-26, one daughter 10-16, and two new babies, a girl and a boy. Washtenaw Co and Ionia Co MI histories indicate he had a total of seven children, including a probable oldest son, John D Armstrong. Carol Anders wrote that William S Armstrong, of the Armstrong Clan, listed the children of her family’s Alexander as Martin Nailor (1801), Elizabeth (1803), Sarah (1805), George (1807) and Alexander McLean (1809). This does not match the family of Alexander, later of Washtenaw Co MI. These individuals are currently unplaced. 1820 Seneca Twp, Ontario Co NY, 100201/11010 1830 Seneca Twp, Ontario Co NY, 111010001/1010001 1840 Freedom Twp, Washtenaw Co MI, 0011100001/00100001 2 houses away: John D Armstrong: 0100001/211001 1850 Lodi Two, Washtenaw Co MI, 87 b PA, w/Grissel, 60, George, 34 NY, Alexander, 20 NY. Alexander and Grissel had a daughter Elizabeth. From Pioneer Ancestors, Salt Lake City Chapter SUP, at “Elizabeth Armstrong Born 2 Apr. 1819 in Seneca Castle, Ontario County, New York Arrived in Salt Lake Valley in 1851. Elizabeth Armstrong was the daughter of Alexander Armstrong and Grissel Chapman. A number of residents in the Ontario County area of New York state went in a body to Michigan and took up land there. Records of the First Presbyterian Church in Saline, Michigan, show a petition to the New York Church by some of the departing church members for permission to start a branch of the church in Michigan. Alexander and Grissel Armstrong are listed as members of the First Presbyterian Church in Saline, Michigan. The Armstrongs settled in Lodi, Washtenaw Co MI, and Alexander Armstrong is shown as one of the first persons to apply for land there.” Elizabeth and her husband Hiram Mace, became Mormons and moved to Utah. A short biography of son George Armstrong in History of Washtenaw County, Michigan, 1881, page 1187, at, reads: “George Armstrong (deceased) was born near Geneva, N.Y., and in his youth followed agricultural pursuits. He came to this county, and settled in Lodi tp., where he bought a farm of 200 acres, residing on this property until his death, which occurred in 1868. He is buried on Lodi Plains. Mrs Armstrong, who still survives, is a resident of Ypsilanti tp., and the mother of four children—Frank, who was born in 1856, and in 1877 purchased the “McBain farm” of 87 acres; Clara, born in 1859; Emma, born in 1862, and Georgia, who was born in 1868.” Another daughter was Emily J, who married an Armstrong, but not apparently a close family member: Portrait and biographical album of Ionia and Montcalm Counties, Mich, 1891, accessed at, page 771: “The wife of Mr Wurster was born in Ontario county, N.Y., March 22, 1828 [questionable-KP], and is a daughter of Alexander and Grizle (Chapman) Armstrong. He father was a native of Pennsylvania and her mother of Connecticut, and the paternal ancestors were Scotch. Her mother’s father was a Revolutionary War soldier. She remained in her native State until she was eight years old, when she came with her parents to Washnetaw County where Mr. and mrs. Armstrong died. Mr Armstrong had been twice married and was the father of seven children but two of whom are now living: Elizabeth, wife of Hiram Mace, in Utah, and Emily J., wife of our subject. The latter grew to maturity in this State and in 1850 was married to M.M. Armstrong, who died in 1859, leaving her with four children.” Returning to this family in what became Yates Co NY, we find The Centennial Record, First Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, NY lists the three men and their wives as founding members, as does History of Yates Co NY: with illustrations and biographical sketches…, by Lewis Cass Aldrich 1892: “The original members were … John and Susannah Armstrong, … George and Elizabeth Armstrong, John and Sarah McLean….” Since George’s wife was Elizabeth, he is not the George who married Hannah Riggs and settled in Seneca (see Cleveland, 1873). There were clearly two different Georges in 1800. 1800, Ontario Co NY, Jerusalem Twp: George Armstrong, 30001/11010. [b bef 1755] John “McClain,” 02201/11010 John Armstrong, 00010/10010 [b 1755-75] George Armstrong was in the following censuses: 1810, Oneida Co, Benton Twp: Geo Armstrong, 01111/10101 [b bef 1765] Jno Armstrong, 20010/30010 [b 1765-1785] John McLean, 00301/01001 1820, Ontario Co , Benton Twp: George Armstrong, 010112/00401 [2 men b 1780-1790] next door, James Armstrong, 300010/00010 James had four children, as given above, two of whom married Chapmans. 1825, State census, Yates Co NY George Armstrong: 2 [males] 3 [females] 0 [subject to military service] 1 [male voters] 0 [married females under 45] 1 [unmarried females 16-45] 1 [females under 16] 0 [marriages preceding yr] 0 [births preceding yr] 0 [deaths preceding yr] 70 [acres improved land] 12 [cattle] 2 [horses] 25 [sheep] 13 [hogs] 10 [yds cloth manufactured domestically]12 [flannel] 24 [linen, cotton] James Armstrong: 6 [males] 2 [females] 1 [subject to military service] 1 [male voters] 1 [married females under 45] 0 [unmarried females 16-45] 1 [females under 16] 0 [marriages preceding yr] 1 [births preceding yr] 0 [deaths preceding yr] 0 [acres improved land] 5 [cattle] 3 [horses] 20 [sheep] 2 [hogs] 12 [yds cloth manufactured domestically ] 30 [flannel ] 24 [linen, cotton] 1835, State census, Yates Co NY [Who were David and Milton?] George Armstrong: 1 [males] 3 [females] 1 [subject to military service] 1 [male voters] 2 [married females under 45] 1 [unmarried females 16-45] 0 [females under 16] 0 David Armstrong: 3 [males] 3 [females] 1 [subject to military service] 1 [male voters] 0 [married females under 45] 0 [unmarried females 16-45] 0 [females under 16] John Armstrong: 2 [males] 2 [females] 0 [subject to military service] 1 [male voters] 0 [married females under 45] 0 [unmarried females 16-45] 0 [females under 16] 0 Milton Armstrong: 5 [males] 2 [females] 1 [subject to military service] 1 [male voters] 0 [married females under 45] 0 [unmarried females 16-45] 0 [females under 16] Milton Armstrong was in Starkey, Yates Co NY in 1850, b ca 1796 NY, laborer, with the Thomas and Alvira Curtis family. Rebecca, b ca 1795, with Ostin, 18, with Ira and Carolina Naples family. He was also in Reading Twp, Steuben Co NY in 1825. What happened to this John Armstrong after 1810 is not clear. There was a couple named John and Susannah Armstrong in nearby Livonia Twp, Livingston Co NY, from 1830 until her death after 1850. But other evidence indicates this John was a son of Matthew Armstrong of Lycoming Co PA also has a gedcom which lists the children of John and Susanna Armstrong, with the claim that John was born in Bucks Co PA. It is possible that this gedcom is conflating two families into one. Children 1. John ARMSTRONG b 1801 in PA 2. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG b ca 1812 3. Matthew ARMSTRONG b 28 SEP 1812 in NY 4. Maria ARMSTRONG b 1820 5. James ARMSTRONG b 1822 Lima, Livingston Co NY 6. Thomas ARMSTRONG b Livonia, Livingston Co NY [census = b 1822]

1830 John Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 01022/0012201 1840 Anna Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 0001/0000201 image 30 1840 Susannah Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 00002/000020001 image 28 1840 John Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 100011/20001 image 20 1850, Livingston Co NY, Livonia Twp: Susanna Armstrong, 71 PA living in home of Thomas, w/several children and grandchildren; son John was three houses away. also has this: John S MCLEAN, b 11 Jun 1748 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland; d 9 Aug 1841 in Benton, Yates Co NY; Bur West Dresden, Yates Co NY; m Sarah ARMSTRONG, b 15 Jun 1753, m 31 Aug 1779 in Pennsylvania, d 3 Sep 1841 in Benton; 10 children. From Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice, 1883 Tioga County PA History: “Captain James Goodrich… married Deborah Armstrong McLean at Benton Centre, then Ontario County, N.Y., January 24th 1815. Her father was a Scotch-Irishman, born at Antrim, county Antrim, Ireland, about 1748; who, leaving his widowed mother, Elizabeth Fleming McLean, and a sister, came to America, landing at the city of Philadelphia, after a three months' voyage, in the year 1775. His intention was to see the country, and, if satisfied with it, return the following year and bring his mother and sister; but the embargo on commercial intercourse between the two countries, ensuing on the opening of hostilities that intervened, prevented; and, with that instinct that usually arrays Irishmen against the British government--which influenced many prominent men of that nation, residents in this country at that period, for which a lasting gratitude should be due--he joined the patriot forces as a private. He served three years, enduring much hardship and passing through the battles of Long Island, White Plains and Brandywine, the encampments of Valley Forge and White Marsh, the battles of Germantown, Trenton and Monmouth, and was present at the execution of Major Andre, at Tappan. At the close of his service he married Sarah Armstrong, daughter of James Armstrong, likewise of Scotch-Irish descent, but early settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His first place of residence after marriage was at Mifflin, on the Juniata River, where five children were born--James, William, John, Alexander, and Elizabeth. In 1796 the family removed to Geneva, N.Y., the house hold effects and a part of the family ascending the Susquehanna in a bateau while the farm stock was driven by the way of Williamsport and the Williamson road. Settlement was first made at the Castle farm, three miles from Geneva, where was born Red Jacket, the celebrated Indian chief of the Seneca tribe. Here George McLean and his sister Deborah were born. Subsequently the family moved to Benton Centre, three miles from West Dresden and one and a half miles west of Seneca Lake, and settled on a farm purchased of the Pulteney estate. Here John McLean died August 9th 1841, aged 93 years; and Sarah, his wife, September 8th 1841, aged 88 years; and their remains now lie in the Dresden Cemetery, which overlooks the lake.” If this article is corrent, Sarah, John, George and probably Alexander Armstrong were the children of James from Pennsylvania, not Martin from New Jersey. It appears at this time that there were two Armstrong families in Ontario Co [and the part that is now Yates Co] NY, and both of them may have had brothers named Alexander Armstrong.

See also Armstrong Bulletin Board, # 874, p 2. I Re: John Armstrong of PA early 1700's Posted by: Mary Budd Date: December 9, 2000 In Reply to: John Armstrong of PA early 1700's by Jeffrey Bassett Hi Jeffrey-I think we are hunting the same family. My proven ancestor was George, b ca 1748 (I have several dates for this. He served in the Revolution & m Elizabeth Ardery. He died in Ohio near Belleview, Mar 18 1842. Had children James, John, Sarah (m Chapman). He lived in Benton, Yates Co NY, where Elizabeth is buried. He enlisted from Juniata PA. If this rings any bells please let me know. Mary

b. abt 1748 in Juniata, Pa married Elizabeth Ardery b.1756 in Ulster, Ireland. Elizabeth died August 13, 1871 [sic] in Benton NY. They were married in Lancaster County in 1786.