Person:George Adams (6)

George Adams, II
m. 1645
  1. John Adams1645 - 1732
  2. George Adams1647 - 1732/33
  3. Benjamin Adams1650 - 1672
  4. Sergeant Daniel Adamsest 1652 - 1713
  5. Joseph Adams1657 -
  6. Samuel Adams1660 - BEF 1760
  7. Mary Adams1664 - 1715
Facts and Events
Name George Adams, II
Gender Male
Birth? 1620
Marriage 1645 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAto Frances Taylor
Death? 10 Oct 1696 Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Burial? Massachusetts, United States

"The Clover" settled as early as 1645 - King Phillip's War.

From: Charles Adams privately printed genealogy: George Adams d. October 19, 1696 Watertonw, a glover by trade, and his wife Frances d. after 1696. First Adams noted as settled in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1645. Some references indicate this was the date of marriage. This was during the period of great immigration of the Puritans into the Massachusetts Bay Colonies. The great emigration of 1628-40 from England included more that 20,000 people moving to America in no fewer than 1,200 ship voyages with quantities of livestock and stores of furniture. The voyage required six(6) to eight(8) weeks. Ten to twenty percent of the passengers perished enroute. Many sold themselves into bondge for six to eight years to pay for passage. From 1636 on there was a great proliferation of settlements from the earlier Massachusetts Bay Colonies. In 1636 Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut, and a number of other settlements were founded by people looking for religious tolerance and various kinds of freedom.

Watertown of the 17th Centruy was a plantation about 7 miles up the Charles River, Westerly of Boston, which then occupied an island-like peninsula on the south side at the mouth of the River opposite Charlestown on a similar peninsula on the north side at the mouth of the River. Charlestown was the main entry port of the Colonies.

Bond 1860, p. 1 says of George and Frances ADAMS: 4 Nov 1664, sold to John Chinery "my dwellinghouse in Watertown and the land adjoining". They moved to Cambridge Farms (now Lexington) probably about the time of the sale.

Bond 1860, p. 43 states: "It is not improbable that George Adams of Watertown, Cambridge was a nephew of Henry Adams of Braintree, and a brother of John Adams of Cambridge. (see Genealogy Register VII p. 40 and also Cambridge Church Gathering p. 62) George Adams, with wife and 5 children, were living in Watertown in Jan 1660-1 in indigence."

Records of the National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars, 1950 p. 295, show George Adams of Watertown, Massachusetts and England served in Captain Joseph Sills Company King Philip's War, 1675-76. Paige 1877 p. 479 notes that George Adams of Cambridge Farms was killed at Watertown 10 cOct 1696 by the fall of a rock.

Bond 1860, p. 1 notes: "George Adams, Senior, of Cambridge, (Lexington) d. Oct 10 1696. Inventory, L 61-13-8. Son Daniel, Sole Executor (See: Barry, p. 166, Note.)" and mentions that the birth of only two(2) of his children are recorded, but he had at least five(5)

GenCircles: "Killed by the fall of a rock"

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    See the Narrative in his notes for biographical and family information.