Person:Gaius Caesar (1)

Gaius Caesar _____
b.Bet 14 Aug 20 BC and 13 Sep 20 BC
  1. Julia the Younger _____19 BC - Abt 29
  2. Gaius Caesar _____20 BC - 4
  3. Vipsani Agrippina _____14 BC - 33
  4. Agrippa Postumus _____12 BC - 14
  5. Lucius Caesar _____17 BC - 2
Facts and Events
Name Gaius Caesar _____
Gender Male
Marriage to Livilla _____
Birth[1] Bet 14 Aug 20 BC and 13 Sep 20 BC
Death[1] 4
Reference Number? Q298162?

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Gaius Caesar (; 20 BC – 21 February 4 AD) was the grandson and heir to the throne of Roman emperor Augustus, alongside his younger brother Lucius Caesar. Although he was born to Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Julia, Augustus' only daughter, Gaius and his younger brother, Lucius Caesar, were raised by their grandfather as his adopted sons and joint-heirs to the empire. He would experience an accelerated political career befitting a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, with the Roman Senate allowing him to advance his career without first holding a quaestorship or praetorship, offices that ordinary senators were required to hold as part of the cursus honorum.

In 1 BC, Gaius was given command of the eastern provinces, after which he concluded a peace treaty with King Phraates V of Parthia on an island in the Euphrates. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed to the office of consul for the following year, 1 AD. The year after Gaius' consulship, Lucius died at Massilia in the month of August. Approximately eighteen months later, Gaius died of an illness in Lycia. He was married to his second cousin Livilla but they did not have children. In 4 AD, following the deaths of Gaius and Lucius, Augustus adopted his stepson, Tiberius, as well as his sole-surviving grandson, Agrippa Postumus.

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