Person:Freeman Walker (2)

Freeman Walker
Facts and Events
Name Freeman Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 23 SEP 1734 Prince George County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1756 Poss. Virginiato Frances Belfield
Death? ABT 1766 Brunswick County, Virginia

Information on Freeman Walker

ID: I20905 1 Name: Freeman WALKER 2 Sex: M 3 Birth: 23 SEP 1734 in Prince George County, Virginia Death: ABT 1766 in Brunswick County, Virginia 4 Change Date: 15 FEB 2008

Father: Alexander WALKER

Marriage 1 Frances BELFIELD b: 23 Mar 1735/6 in "Manor House", Richmond County, Virginia Married: ABT 1756 Note: Between 1750-1757 Children

Alexander WALKER b: ABT 1758
Thomas Belfield WALKER b: ABT 1760
Mary WALKER b: ABT 1762 in Virginia
Frances Belfield WALKER b: 1764 in Brunswich County, Virginia
Elizabeth WALKER b: ABT 1765

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