Person:Frederick Nicholls (3)

  1. William Abraham Nicholls1857 - 1891
  2. Jesse Nicholls1859 - 1935
  3. Frederick Nicholls1861 - 1892
  4. Mary Ann Nicholls1863 - 1935
  5. Alfred Nicholls1866 - 1910
  6. Sarah Nicholls1868 - 1940
  7. Arthur Daniel Nicholls1871 - 1947
m. 1 Nov 1890
  1. Arthur Nicholls1891 - 1918
Facts and Events
Name Frederick Nicholls
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1861 Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
Christening[2] 27 Oct 1861 Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
Census[3] 2 Apr 1871 Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, EnglandNomansland
Census[4] 3 Apr 1881 Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, EnglandBrewhouse Hill
Emigration[5] 1883 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Marriage 1 Nov 1890 Maryborough, Queensland, AustraliaFerry Lane
to Fanny Prickett
Death[6] 27 Apr 1892 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Frederick Nicholls was born in 1861 at Wheathampstead in in Hertfordshire. He was the son of a straw plaiter called Susan Warner and an agricultural labourer called Daniel William Nicholls. As Susan and Daniel were not married, Frederick's birth was registered as Frederick Nichols Warner, but in all other records he used his father's surname. In some records he gave his first name as Fred, suggesting that is how he was known.

The 1871 census finds Fred living with his parents and siblings at Nomansland in Wheathampstead, and working as an agricultural labourer. Shortly after that census, Fred's mother died. Later that year his father married Susan's half-sister, Maria Hornet, who thus went from being Fred's aunt to also being his stepmother. The 1881 census finds the family living at Brewhouse Hill in Wheathampstead.

In 1883, Fred emigrated to Australia, following in the footsteps of his older brother Jesse who had emigrated in 1881. Fred sailed from Plymouth on 9th May 1883 on the S.S. El Dorado, arriving in Queensland at the end of June.

In 1890, Fred married Fanny Prickett at Maryborough in Queensland. She was also originally from England, having emigrated with her family as a child. They had one son together in 1891.

Fred died in 1892, aged just 30 years old. Fanny outlived him by a remarkable seventy years. She went on to marry Fred's younger brother, Arthur Daniel Nicholls, in 1894.

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    No.When BaptizedChild's Christian NameParent's NameAbodeQuality, Trade, or ProfessionBy whom the Ceremony was performed
    511861 October 27thFrederick NicholsDaniel

    Nomansland, WheathampsteadLaborerOwen W. Davys, Rector

    Baptised same day as his brother William.

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    William Nichols, son, male, 13 [1857/8], Ag Labourer, b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
    Jessie Nichols, son, male, 11 [1859/60], Ag Labourer, b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
    Frederick Nichols, son, male, 9 [1861/2], Ag Labourer, b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
    Mary Ann Nichols, daughter, female, 7 [1863/4], Straw plaiter, b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
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    Maria Nichols, wife, married, female, 48 [1832/3], Straw plaiter, b. Batford Mills, Hertfordshire
    Frederick Nichols, son, unmarried, male, 19 [1861/2], Farm labourer, b. Nomansland, Hertfordshire
    Mary Ann Nichols, daughter, unmarried, female, 17 [1863/4], Straw plaiter, b. Nomansland, Hertfordshire
    Sarah Nichols, daughter, unmarried, female, 12 [1868/9], Scholar, b. Nomansland, Hertfordshire
    Arthur Nichols, son, male, 9 [1871/2], Scholar, b. Nomansland, Hertfordshire
    Clara Nichols, daughter, female, 8 [1872/3], Scholar, b. Nomansland, Hertfordshire
    George Nichols, son, male, 6 [1874/5], Scholar, b. Nomansland, Hertfordshire
    Sarah Wright, daughter, female, 13 [1867/8], Scholar (2nd family), b. Folly, Hertfordshire

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    S.S. El Dorado sailed 9 May 1883 from Plymouth to Brisbane (arrived Cooktown 26 June 1883, continued to other Queensland ports)
    Brisbane / Assisted / Nicholls, Fred, 21

  6. Queensland Government. Queensland Civil Registration.

    Name: Frederick NICHOLLS
    d. 27 Apr 1892
    Reg: 1892/C2841
    Father: Daniel
    Mother: Susan Ward