Person:Frank Farr (1)

Frank Rufus Farr
m. Bet 1859 and 1860
  1. Dr. John F. Farr1860 - 1929
  2. Frank Rufus Farr1861 - 1932
  • HFrank Rufus Farr1861 - 1932
m. 4 Mar 1891
Facts and Events
Name Frank Rufus Farr
Gender Male
Birth? Nov 1861 Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, United States
Census? 1880 Page 26B, ED 130, Ward 6, Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI
Graduation? 1889 University of Wisconsin Law School
Marriage 4 Mar 1891 Eau Claire Co., WIto Unknown
Census? 1900 Page 5A, ED 25, Ward 3, Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI
Occupation? Attorney
Other? 1900 1230 Farwell St., Eau Claire, WI
Death? 1932
Burial? Forest Hill Cem., Eau Claire, WI

"Frank Rufus Farr (1860-1932) was born in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, to Rufus and Ellen Farr. In 1879 the family moved to Eau Claire, where two years later, Farr and his brother, Dr. J. F. Farr, opened a drug store on the city's north side. Farr later attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated from the law school in 1889. He returned to Eau Claire and went into practice with James Wickham.. After Wickham's appointment to the bench, Farr went into partnership with L. M. Sturdevant, Wisconsin's attorney general, and later, with Arthur W. MacLeod until 1932. From 1890 to 1894 Farr was a receiver of Land Office, and in 1894 and 1896 was elected Eau Claire County attorney. He died in 1932 and was survived by his wife Irene (nee and sons Donald L., Merrill, and George M. Farr."