Person:Francis Michel (1)

Francis Michel
b.bef. 1675
Facts and Events
Name Francis Michel
Alt Name Franz Ludwig Michael
Alt Name Francis Michael
Alt Name Francis Mycall
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1675

Franz Ludwig Michael was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Immigration to Germanna Colony

Franz Ludwig Michael is listed amoung the settlers that migrated from Germany to Germanna Colony in Virginia abt. 1720.

Germanna Notes: Franz Ludwig Michael, may not have been German. May have been a friend of Christopher de Graffenried and come from New Berne, North Carolina to Virginia.

Land Records in Virginia

  • Page 231. 4 September 1731. Francis Michael of St. Marks to Samuel Wright of same. 500 acres, beginning at a poplar, white oak and gum on the head of Michaels Branch, Corner to Augustine Smith, Corner John Finlason. Witnesses: William Russell, John Cristopher, Pierce Conely. Marrey Michael acknowledges right of dower. Test: John Waller. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds, 1730-1738 Book B].
  • Page 120 - Septr. 5, 1731. Francis (X) Michael of St. Mark's Par., Spts. Co., to Samuel Wright of same Par. and county. £15 curr., 400 a. in St. Mark's Par., Spts. Co.—granted sd. Michael by pat. Sept. 28, 1728. W. Russell, John Christopher, Pierce x Cowdey. Octr. 5, 1731. Mary, wife of Francis Michael, acknowledged her dower. [Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800, DEEDS, DEED BOOK B 1729-1734].
  • Pages 267-69. 15 July 1735. William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to Francis Mycall of Orange County, planter. Lease for lives of said Francis, Marey his wife and George his son. 100 acres, part of Stockwell in St. Mark's Parish, saving always liberty of making a path thro' the said land where it shall be necessary for and desired by one or more tenants of William Beverley. Paying yearly quit rentes on 26 November and in 1740, 730 pounds of tobacco at any convenient [place] on the south side of Rappahannock and every year afterward 365 pounds of tobacco. Francis agrees to plant 64 apple trees and 100 peach trees, the apple trees to be planted 24 feet asunder and the peach trees 18 foot asunder. (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: W. Russell, Charles Duett junr., John Mickell. 18 May 1736. Proved by William Russell, Charles Duett junr., and John Mickell. [Orange County, Virginie Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 20].

Records in Virginia

  • 18 April 1722 Deed of sale, Robert Farish, St. Stephen’s Parish (King and Queen), “conveyed to Edward Herndon, of the same County and parish, a certain parcel of Land containing fourty-six acres Scituate lying and being in King Wm County and upon the South… Baylor and Francis Michael Lands being part of a Patent the 18th day of Aprill… with all messuages, houses, Stables… standing or belonging together with all orchards, garden ways waters. Profits priviledges Commodities advantages wt soever to the same belonging…” (Herndons of Virginia, Ibid. p. 7)
  • 2 June 1729 - Page 385. Deed: John Hadocks to Francis Thornton. Witnesses: Robert Green, Francis Mycall, John Pendergras. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds].
  • 2 June 1729 - Page 386. Deed: John Kilgore to John Hadocks. Witnesses: Francis Thornton, Robert Green, Francis Mycall. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds].
  • 2 June 1729 - Page 389. Deed: John Kilgore to John Haddocks. To the line of Joseph Coopers tract. Witnesses: Francis Thornton, Robert Green, Francis Mycall. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds].
  • 1 November 1731 - Page 245. Deed: Richard & Isabella Thomas of Drysdale Parish in King and Queen County to William Briant. 300 acres. part of a 1000 acre patent granted to Thomas. Witnesses: Joseph Hawkins, John Young, Francis Mycall. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds].
  • Jany. 28, 1733-4. Thomas Wright of Spts. Co., planter, to William Hackney of Prince William Co. 2000 lbs. tob., 400 a. in St. Mark's Par., Spts. Co. Francis x Michael, Thomas x Wright, Junr., James McDonald, Feby. 5, 1733-4. Frances, wife of Thomas Wright, acknowledged her dower, etc.
  • 1735 - Orange County, Virginia - Fras. Michael served on Jury in "Henderson vs. Bohannon". [Orange County, Virginia Judgements, 1735, Dorman, pg. 66].
  • 17 February 1735, O.S. p. 55. Orange County, Virginia Road Orders - Ordered that a road be cleared from the Chappell in the Little fork to Capt: Bellfields Quarter and that Francis Michael be Surveyor thereof and it is further ordered that the tithables in the little fork do clear from the Chappell to the River and that the tithables at the thoroughfare do clear the rest.
  • Pages 33-37. 19-20 May 1735. Samuel Wright of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, to Nicholas George of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County. Lease and release; for 1,200 weight of tobacco. 200 acres in the great fork of Rappahannock River... on the head of Michaells Branch corner to Augustine Smith... corner to John Finlason... along Mr. Findlason's line to the German Road... part of 400 acres granted to Samuel Wright by Francis Michael of said county, granted to Francis Michael by pattent 28 Sept. 1728. (signed) Samuel Wright. Wit: Antho. Strother, John (X) McCoy, Jonathan (X) Fennell. 20 May 1735. Acknowledged by Samuell Wright. Elizabeth wife of Samuel Wright relinquishes here right of dower. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 3].
  • 20 May 1735, O.S. p. 14. Orange County, Virginia Road Orders - On the Petition of Christopher Zimmerman to have Sufficient force appointed him to help to clear & keep in repair the Highways from the German Road to Potatoe Run it is ordered that all Male labouring tithables of Mr: Finlassons, Francis Michaels, John Bonds, Thomas Burns and William Grays be added to the said Zimmermans gang.
  • Pages 110-14. 14 June 1735. Alexander Spotswood, Esq., to John Bond, planter. Lease for lives of John Bond and Mary Bond his wife. 110 acres on north side of River Rapidanne, part of 40,000 acres granted to Alexander Spotswood and called the Spotsylvania Tract. Yeaarly rent for first four years, one ear of Indian corn; afterward 630 pounds of tobacco, first due 25 Dec. 1735. {Other agreements as in lease of Spotswood to Charles Duett, above.} Memorandum: The four rent free years were past before this date, John Bond having been so long settled on the Premises. (Signed) A. Spotswood. Wit: Elliott Benger, John Blackaly, Thomas Pitcher. Survey: by Geo. Home, Surveyor of Spotsylvania County. ... lower corner of Lott Nor. 18 of the German tenements on the REppidanne River in the great fork... at Brooks Run... [plat shows two houses]. 14 July 1735. Possession granted by James Chissum, attorney of Alexander Spotswoodd. Wit: John Mickell, Francis (F) Mickell. 15 July 1735. Acknowledged by Alexander Spotswood, Esq. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 10].
  • Pages 137-38. 29 Aug. 1735. Francis Thornton, Junr., of Spotsylvania County, Gent., to Thomas Pollard of Lancaster County, for £40. 400 acres... corner to Francis Mical in Col. Alexander Spotswood's line... formerly granted to James Hornsnail 27 Sept. 1729. (signed) Francis Thornton Junr. Wit: Robt. Slaughter, James Pollard, William Nash. 16 Sept. 1735. Acknowledged by Francis Thornton, Gent. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 12].
  • Pages 306-11. 19-21 July 1736. George Home of St. Mark's Parish, Orange county, to James Pollard of same. Lease and release; for £17 current mondy. 350 acres in the great fork of Rappahannock... on the road that goes from Germanna to the Mountain Run bridge in a line of a pattent granted to Peter Russell... corner to a line of a pattent granted James Horsnail... to Francis Michael's line... in John Finlasson's line... to Peter Russell's line... part of a pattent granted to Charles Steuart 28 Jan. 1733 and by Steuart transferred to George Home by deeds in Spotsylvania County Court 4 June 1734... being in the tenure or occupation of James Pollard. (signed) G. Home. Wit: Edwd. Herndon junr., Francis (P) Kirklet. 20 July 1736. Acknowledged by George Home. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 22].
  • 22 May 1737, O.S. p. 168. Orange County, Virginia Road Orders - Ordered that ffrancis Michael be overseer of ye road in the room of John Michael & it is further ordered that he keep ye same in repair according to Law.
  • Pages 304-08. 25-26 April 1738. Jost Hite, Gent., of Orange County to James Wood, Gent., of same. Lease and release; for £10 current money. 100 acres... on the west side of Opeckon Run... part of 5,018 acres granted to Jost Hyte 3 Oct. 1734. (signed) Just Hite. Wit: Thos. Rutherford, Francis (F) Michael. 27 April 1738. Acknowledged by Just Hite, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 50].
  • Pages 153-54. Bond of Martin Duett, Francis Mical and Mathew Stanton unto Thomas Chew, justice. For £50. 29 May 1741. Martin Duett is admr. of Charles Duett, dec. (signed) Martin (X) Duett, Frans (F) Mical, Mathew Stanton. Wit: E. Pendleton. 29 May 1741. Ack. and admitted to record. [Orange County, Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 31].
  • Pages 232-33. Conrat Amburger. Inventory. Total valuation £34.5.-. (signed) Matt Staunton, Francis Mickele, Timothy Holdway. 26 Aug. 1742. Returned into Court. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 45].
  • Page 88. Michael Willhite. Inventory. Total valuation £20.3.6. (signed) Ambrose Powell, Stockley Towles, Fras. (F) Mikel. 24 July 1746. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, Dorman, pg. 15].
  • Page 103. Michael Wilheit. Additional inventory. Total valuation £2.15.6. (signed) Stokly Towles, Frances Mikill, Ambrose Powell. 26 Feb. 1746 [1747]. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, Dorman, pg. 20].
  • Pages 118-119. William Carpinter. Inventory. 15 Jan. 1745 [1746]. Made in obedience to order of 28 Nov. 1745. Total valuation £188.2.0, including eight Negroes valued at £130. (signed) Michael Smith, Peter (H) Fleshman, Francis (F) Michael. 27 Aug. 1747. Returned. [Orange County, Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 23].