Person:Frances Smith (3)

Frances E. Smith
m. abt 1816
  1. Sam Houston Smith, (undocumented)
  2. Captain Henry Madison Smith1817 - 1882
  3. Sarah Elvina Smith1818 - 1902
  4. Unknown Female Smithbef 1820 - bef 1830
  5. Frances E. Smithabt 1823 - bef 1854
  6. Joseph P. SmithABT 1825 - ABT 1860
  7. Andrew Jackson Smithabt 1826 - bef 1880
  8. Isaac Newton Smithabt 1828 -
  9. James Smith, (undocumented)BEF 1830 -
  10. William Jasper Smith1830 - 1894
  11. Francis Marion SmithABT 1833 - aft 1855
  12. Barsheba H. Smithabt 1834 - 1904
  13. Birt H. SmithABT 1837 - 1863
m. 1 Aug 1837
  1. Mary Ann Timmons1839 - 1861
  2. Hannah Ann TimmonsABT 1847 - 1865
  3. Julia Ann TimmonsABT 1848 - BEF 1855
  4. Barsheba Ann TimmonsABT 1850 - AFT 1864
m. 27 Jan 1853
Facts and Events
Name Frances E. Smith
Alt Name Fannie
Gender Female
Birth[1] abt 1823 Lincoln, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 1 Aug 1837 , Nacogdoches, Texasto Thomas G. Timmons
Marriage 27 Jan 1853 Rusk, Texas, United Statesto Sampson Christie
Death[2][3] bef Sep 1854 Rusk, Texas, United States
Burial[4] bef Sep 1854 Smith Park, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

War of 1812 Veterans in Texas by Mary Smith Fae 1860 census Rusk Texas children with Hannah Smith 1850 Rusk census Texas Nacogdoches Texas marriage records Rusk Marriage records Probate records of Bert Smith Rusk, Texas 1863 Deed of release of Slaves by AJ Smith" dated 12 Dec 1855. He speaks of his deceased sister Francis Christie From information supplied by Rusk County historical Society. Map of graves at General Jame s Smith's tomb in Smith Park, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas From information on grave map supplied by Rusk county historical society.

  1. Census: 1850 USA Federal Census.

    1850 Rusk County, Texas federal census
    Thomas Timmons 35 TN, Frances 27 TN and family--see image

  2. LDS Family History Library film number 1020932 Rusk County Court probate records Rusk County Court probate records Probate. (Probate & Will of Birt Smith: LDS Family History Library film # 1020932 LDS Family History Library film # 1020932), LDS Family History Library film # 1020932.

    Estate of B. H. Smith [Birt H. Smith]
    In the probate Court March Term 1863. To the Hon. A. J. Smith, Chief Justice of said County the petition of A. J. Smith a citizen of said county would represent unto your Honor that one B. H. Smith departed this life in the Month of February 1863 leaving a last will and testament in which he appointed your petitioner the executor of the same.

    Birt SMITH names these persons in his will:
    WJ Smith, Newton Smith, the heirs at law of Joseph Smith deceased and the
    heirs at law of Francis Timmons to wit.

    Barsheba Ann Timmons & Hannah An[n] Timmons being the only heirs I intend to provide for of said Francis Timmons. Also Elizabeth Morehead, daughter of Bersheba Morehead. Also the heirs of Francis M. Smith by him begotten. [Sandra's note: There is no record of him ever being married or having heirs but Birt's will and a deed of Release of Family Slaves refer to the heirs of Francis Smith.]

    LDS Family History Library film # 1020932--see Text
    Rusk County Court probate records
    , Probate & Will of Birt Smith: LDS Family History Library film # 1020932
    LDS Family History Library, 35 N West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA.

  3. Court records: Probate, LDS Family History Library film # 1020932.

    Rusk Probates #407 page 423 [volume number unknown–this is about the middle page]


    [Isaac Newton Smith guardian] of Mary Ann Timmons, Hannah Ann Timmons and Barsheba Ann Timmons, minor heirs of Thomas Timmons & Frances Timmons respectfully submits the following statement as Report of the estate of his said wards that has as yet come to his possession and is now in his control: one tract of land lying & being situate in Rusk County containing about 100 acres, a part of the headright of James Smith worth about $10 per acre [sic–probably should be $1.00 per acre] $100.00. There also comes to his hands 2 land certificates, one the headright of A W. Wells for 320 acres the other the headright of Thomas Timmons for about 1834 acres that he has had both of said certificates located and patented in Cook County for the locating and patenting of which lands he gave one Wm. Hudson 551[?] acres of the same which amount was decreed to said Henderson by the District Court of Rusk County at its Spring Term 1856 which amount was taken off of the survey made by virtue of the headright of said Timmons which when [distributed is crossed out] deducted from said survey leaves about 1283 acres to said minors worth about $1.00 per acre $1283.00. The A. W. Wells tract is worth about $1 per acre $320. That he has received in cash of the Estate of said minors about the sum of $1250. Which sum was recd. From Sampson Christie on a note held by the undersigned as said guardian against said Christie a considerable portion of which money has been expended in paying for the education of and for necessarys fro said minors the exact amount of which expenditures the undersigned is at this time unable to state as he has not his vouchers with him having forgot to bring them with him from his residence in Hopkins County. The undersigned further states that he will fill an additional report in a short time setting forth the amount of said expenditures and the amount of said money still remaining in his hands. He further states that none of said lands reported are in cultivation. Some being ____ wild lands, all of which is respectfully submitted and reported and asked to be confirmed.

    Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 16th day of January 1857. IN Smith
    C.J. Garrison ccc Rusk Co
    By Perry G. Whetstone Dept.
    Filed Jany 26th 1857

    next line:
    Jany Term 1858: Guardianship of Mary Ann Timmons et al.
    The annual report of the guardian of said minors being filed and the same being examined by the court. It is ordered by the court that the same be received affirmed and recorded....

    Rusk Probates #407 page 423 [date & volume number unknown-this is about the middle page]--see Text

  4. Cemetery: Tombstone.

    Delilah Smith b 1862-?
    3 1/2'[Daughter of Burt Smith is written on one source, but that is unverified. Records do not show him as ever being married. HThis could be a daughter of his brother Marion Francis Smith who is listed as having heirs in Birt Smith's will.] The Rusk County, Texas historical society could not verify the name of the child or its parents.28" gapBert Smith b. 1837-d.1863
    7' x 32"28" gapJoe Smith b. 1825 d. 1861
    7' x 32"General's Tomb
    with wifeThomas Timmons b. 1815 - d. 1854
    7' x 32"28" gapFrancis Smith Timmons b. 1823 d. 1859 7' x 32" 28" gapJulia Timmons b. 1848 d. 1850's 3 1/2' Barsheba Timmons b. 1849 d. 1850's 3 1/2'

    Dimensions are from the Rusk County Historical Society:

    Buried in Smith Park cemetery, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas-- The James & Hannah Smith plot--see image