Person:Frances Armistead (3)

Frances Armistead
m. ABT 1635
  1. John ArmisteadABT 1635 - 1698
  2. Frances Armisteadabt 1637 - 1685
  3. William ArmisteadAbt 1637 - Bef 1660
  4. Catherine Armistead1643 -
  5. Anthony Armistead1645 - 1726
m. bef 1666
m. bef 1666
m. abt 1666
  1. William Wormeleyabt 1668 -
  2. Thomas Wormeleyabt 1670 -
  3. Judith Wormeley1683 - bef 1720
Facts and Events
Name Frances Armistead
Married Name Aylmer
Married Name Elliott
Married Name Wormeley
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1637 Elizabeth City, Gloucester County, Virginia
Marriage bef 1666 [she is the widow Aylmer]
to Col. Anthony Elliott
Marriage bef 1666 to Rev. Justinian Aylmer
Marriage abt 1666 Virginia[1st wife - she is the widow Elliott]
to Col. Christopher Wormeley, of Middlesex County
Death[1] 25 May 1685 Middlesex County, Virginia
  1. Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. (Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Historical Society), 7:285.

    ... Colonel Christopher Wormeley, of Middlesex county, appointed to the Council in 1683. How he was related to the other family of Wormeley in Middlesex, that resident at "Rosegill," does not appear. He was a man of prominence and is frequently mentioned in the records of that county. In 1667 he was a justice of Lancaster (before Middlesex was formed from it), in 1674 a justice, and in 1681 high sheriff of Middlesex. On December 2d, 1686 he made a conveyance, recorded in Middlesex, to Maximilian Robinson, which was to be void if his sons William and Thomas Wormeley conveyed to the said Robinson 1,406 acres of land. In April 1684, the court of Middlesex county gave a certificate that Colonel Christopher Wormeley had produced before them 166 lbs. of dressed flax fit for the spindle, 13 pecks of flaxseed, and 3 pecks of hempseed, "which ye said Coll. Wormeley declared on oath it was his own growth or manufacture." This was with a view to a bounty which had been offered.

    Colonel Wormeley appears from various records to have been three times married.
    - First, about 1666, to Frances (died May 25, 1685), widow of Colonel Anthony Elliot, of the Council, and before of Rev. Justinian Aylmer;
    - secondly, to Elizabeth, widow of Colonel John Carter, Jr.; and
    - thirdly, to Margaret _____.

    He had issue,
    - William and
    - Thomas, and
    - a daughter Judith, born May 25, 1683, who married
    (I) Corbin Griffith;
    (II) William Beverley;
    (III) Christopher Robinson of "Hewick," Middlesex.

    The will of Christopher Wormeley, of Middlesex, was proved in the county, July 7, 1701 ; legatees,
    - to son, William Wormeley, all that plantation called Pohetan [Powhatan], and 5 negroes, and all horses, cattle, household stuff, &c., belonging to the said plantation called Phetan, in James City county.
    -To son, Thomas Wormeley, and daughter, Judith Wormeley, all lands and plantations in Middlesex, together with the English servants, and slaves of all sorts, with all plate, linen, woolen, money in England, merchandizing goods, household stuff, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, plows, carts, cart-wheels, or any manner of working tools; the utensils belonging to the kitchen and dairy ; said goods to be equally divided and used during the lives of said son and daughter, and profits of lands also equally divided, and if said son Thos. dies without issue, all his estate to revert to said daughter. And in case she then dies without issue, to son, William.
    - His desire to be buried in his own garden betwixt his first wife, Frances, and "my last wife," Margaret, and that place to be walled in.
    - To friend, Wm. Churchill, 40 shillings for a ring.
    - To son William Wormeley, L50 sterling to buy two negroes.
    - Son Thomas and daughter Judith, executors, and friend Wm. Churchill, desired to assist them.
    [cos1776 Note: when was this will dated?]